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    4K QD-OLED Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review, Specs, And More!

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jun 27, 2024 | Updated On: 27 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Peter Ray , 3 min read - Jun 27, 2024

    Updated On: 27 June, 2024

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review. Image Credit: Social Media

  • A few years ago, gaming QD-OLED monitors were a dream. And here we are in 2024 with innovative visual perfections from Acer Predator, AOC monitor, and many others. Now it’s time for Gigabyte’s AORUS FO32U2P.

    Let’s find out about the Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P review and see if this amazing monitor can survive in a market with so many competitors.

    The Gigabyte has launched a new gaming monitor in their lineup; this monitor seems impressive, has top-notch performance, and is drawing significant attention.

  • Feature of gaming monitor

    The Aorus FO32U2P is a stylish gaming monitor with a minimalist look and feel and a hidden RGB strip at the back. This is very simple to assemble, with just a clip and a single screw at the base.

    Gaming Monitor has a variety of ports, including the new DisplayPort 2. 1 UHBR20, which allows for up to 80Gbps for a 240Hz UHD image. Whereas this feature is cutting edge for most gamers, it is also future-proof for when appropriate and compatible graphics cards are released.

    The monitor has other connectivity options, such as two HDMI 2. 1 ports, a USB C port with 65W PD charging, and multiple display ports, including one mini DP.

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review. Image Credit: Social Media

    Gigabyte also has a DisplayPort out for the daisy chain. Dual 3.5mm audio jacks are incorporated into the design for the headset users

  • The joystick button 9 in the monitor brings up the OSD with the pre-set display settings. Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture modes are available; Game Assist has crosshairs on the screen, a timer, and an Eagle Eye zoom feature.

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review Dashboard shows system performance (CPU, GPU, frame rate) on screen, and the Resolution Switch mode can turn the display into a 24-inch virtual e-sports screen.

    In a monitor, the Tactical Button can be set as a shortcut for reducing resolution, using crosshair, launching a clean-up process, or turning off a speaker.

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  • Advantages of Gaming in this monitor

    The monitor provides the most comfortable gaming experience with the help of QD-OLED technology, which provides the highest refresh rate and the most colorful image.

    Gamers can enjoy peak competition with a 0.03ms response time, ten times faster for the best performance.

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review has a 240Hz refresh rate here that will provide you with no ghosting, plus you have the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support that will provide you with no screen tearing or stuttering.

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review

    Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review. Image Credit: Social Media

    The CleaMR 13000 features on the monitor give gamers superior motion clarity, and gamers’ games will improve.

  • GIGABYTE AORUS FO32U2P wins the Ultimate Product Award from the Dutch media Tweakers.

    Specifications: Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P

    some of the technical specifications of the gaming monitor are listed below:

    Features Specifications
    Brand Gigabyte
    Product Dimensions 15.86 x 71.83 x 61.36 cm
    Manufacturer ‎Gigabyte
    Max brightness 250 nits
    Refresh rate 240Hz
    Response time 0.03ms
    Viewing angle 178/178
    Contrast ratio 1,500,000:1
    Color coverage 99% DCI-P3
    Color ‎Black
    Standing screen display size 31.5 Inches
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixels
    Number of HDMI Ports ‎2
    Item Weight 8.53 kg
    Release Date 30 April. 2024

    Table Source: gigabyte

    The Aorus FO32U2P’s OLED Care menu is equipped with tools to prevent burn-in, and Gigabyte’s three-year burn-in warranty provides an extra layer of security, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • Pros and Cons

    some of the merits and demerits of  the product are:

    Pros Cons
    Fast 240Hz refresh rate Very expensive
    UHD, QD-OLED panel Potential burn-in risk
    Great colors and HDR contrast Can’t embrace DisplayPort 2.1 potential yet
    Built-in speakers

    Table Source: Techradar

    This is not a cheap monitor, and it’s hard to get it elsewhere outside the Asian markets now. It is available for US citizens at $1,299 and Australians at $ AU$2,199.

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  • Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review: Experts Tested Result

    Other tech reviewers have not reviewed the product properly because it is unavailable in any store or site. According to some sources, it may be available in limited pieces starting at the end of June.

    However, I found one of the reviews on YouTube that was done by tech reviewer ShortCircuit.

    ShortCircuit said he regretted purchasing, but Gigabyte said hold my beer. He loves the monitor too much because it has been upgraded to a new technology. He said the monitor has many new features that give the gamer a pleasant gaming experience.

    We hope this article on Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P Review has matched your expectations. We will be back with another review soon.

  • FAQs

    Q: What is the price of Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P?

    A: The price of Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P is $1,299 for the US and $2,199 for Australia.

    Q: When was Gigabyte Aorus FO32U2P released?

  • A: Aorus FO32U2P was released on April 30, 2024.

    Q: Who makes Aorus monitors?

    A: Gigabyte makes Aorus monitors.

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