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    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube: British Inventor’s Unique Products

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Apr 24, 2024 | Updated On: 30 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 3 min read - Apr 24, 2024

    Updated On: 30 April, 2024

    10 Best James Brutons Inventions On YouTube. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • An inventor is like a little kid, so magnetic and productive when it comes to offering new creations to benefit the science and technology scene as a whole! Don’t you think so?

    In this writing episode, we are presenting “10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube.” so you can acknowledge the marvels this mechanical engineer has cooked up so far.

    Without any intervention, let’s dive right in!

  • 10. Robot Dog: Open Dog V1

    One of James’s most fantastic inventions is a robotic dog for all the dog lovers out there.

    This robot is fully functional, 800m long, and built with the inclusion of 3D printed attachments, mainly the yellow part.

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Aluminum CNC is incorporated along aluminum extrusion and 12 motors to power up.

    The former toy designer built 7 robot dogs, including test logs, and is a fantastic invention in robotics, such as Sphero Bolt.

  • 9. Iron Man Power Suit: One Of The 10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube

    James’s tribute, or as well may be perceived as a fan’s wish to put on an Iron Man Suit, was made a reality.

    The suit is a product integrated with plastazote foams, also known as EVA foam or closed-cell foam, LD45 being one of those.

    Paper-crafted templates, known as pepakura, which is a Japanese form of paper craft, were also used by James.

    8. Inline Balancing Robots

    This robot is a gyroscope mounted vertically, based on the axis science.

  • Bruton wants to level up his game by using brake discs from cars and placing them on bicycles, enabling a 2 wheel-self-standing, radio-controlled product.

    This lavishes the movement of the bicycle in all directions, with a start-stop function steering around feasibly.

    7. Omni Wheel

    Omni wheel definition is a type of wheel characterized by the amalgamation of a lot of little wheels outside the main wheel.

    When 3 of these wheels are assembled in a 120-degree configuration, movement in any direction is executed. Brilliant, isn’t it?

  • 10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Rotating on the same spot is a strong point that fascinates us about Omni Wheel making it to our  10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube list.

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    6. Hemispheres

    The concept of hemispheres having joystick control is similar to the Omni Wheel, which was developed by Osaka University and has contrasts of its own.

    Instead of a passive wheels lineup, hemispheres are brought to action, inviting free-to-rotate activities.

  • Putting 3 of these hemispheres on a 120-degree rotation would produce an Omni Wheel.

    5. Auto-strike Bowling Ball

    Bowling resides in the heart of everyone, a fun game whatsoever, yet attaining strike is hectic and exhausting, isn’t it?

    Well, James, in partnership with one of his enthusiastic friends, developed bowling balls by working with a measurement unit on the back, a radio link, and a pendulum that swings.

    This allows the bowling ball to get controlled by the baller, leading to a potential strike every time.

  • 4. Iron Man Hulk-Buster

    The Iron Man Hulk-buster suit is achieved with animatronics and mechatronics.

    The body is a boon of wooden frame incorporation, concluding the final stature being around 7 to 8 feet tall.

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The inventor, James, exclaims that some of the parts, such as arms, will be controlled by joysticks.

    3. World’s First Self-Balancing Mecanum E-Bike: Or Say Screw Bike!

    Bruton has managed to build the world’s 1st self-balancing e-bike that uses Mecanum wheels. He calls it the Screw Bike. The electric bike is pretty cool and is amongst the 10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube, as mechanism wheels are incorporated, and most of the parts configured on the stem are 3D printed.

  • Each of the 4 mechanism wheels (360 degrees in diameter) incorporates 12 smaller wheels around the circumference, rounding the total wheel count to 48.

    The bike glides side to side glossily and rotates around the axis effortlessly.

    2. Star Wars R2-D2 R6 Droid

    This Star Wars-themed invention was created by the British inventor who printed hybrids and dual extruders on Lulzbot TAZ to make wheels with rubber tires and drive belts.

    The concept is simplified; this droid is skinless, with small spaces for gadgets to be placed that flip out, and Ninjaflex wheels and drive trains are also annexed.

  • LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander, a toy for kids, is also a fun invention for kids, as the R2-D2 R6 is for us.

    1. Star Wars GNK Power Droid

    One of James Bruton’s praiseworthy inventions is the Star Wars GNK Power Droid.

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube

    10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube. Image Credit: Social Media.

    This droid’s moving parts are fabricated with 3D printing, while Arduino and other auxiliary fragments inspire its electronics.

    Have you identified your personal favorite from 10 Best James Bruton Inventions On YouTube? Signing off on this note!

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