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    Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani: While Johan Pilestedt Demotes Himself

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - May 26, 2024 | Updated On: 27 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 3 min read - May 26, 2024

    Updated On: 27 May, 2024

    Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani. Image Credit: Bluesky.

  • Arrowhead has planned for and implemented its leadership in the fresh hands of its new CEO, Shams Jorjani. For the future of Helldivers developers, this move sounds essential.

    In this article, we will learn about Arrowhead Studios new CEO Shams Jorjani, while the former CEO, Johan Pilestedt, is stepping down to work closely with the developers himself.

    Let’s get to learn more about Shams Jorjani in this article.

  • Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani

    Shams Jorjani (b: 1983) is the currently appointed Arrowhead Studios CEO, active since the 22nd of May 2024.

    Previously, Jorjani’s expertise shone radiantly at Paradox Interactive for over 12 years, undertaking major roles such as chief business development officer, vice president of business development and products.

    Shams is also the chairman of the board of investors in independent publisher Hooded Horse and an investor in CULT games.

    Arrowhead Studios new CEO Shams Jorjani, completed his graduation from Stockholm University, securing a degree in English language and Literature General.

  • Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani

    Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani. Image Credit: Linkedin.

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology provided grounds for pursuing a B.Sc in Media Technology to Shams.

    As the newly appointed CEO at Arrowhead, Jorjani’s initial carvings at the social portal X, Twitter was a GIF that said: “I love democracy.”

    After a tough PSN Link hell divers scandal, the game manufactured by Arrowhead, and the recent warbond disappointing players, we hope the New CEO swirls Arrowhead back to affluence.

    Johan Pilestedt Demotes Himself As The CCO

    Johan Pilestedt, once the main man at Arrowhead, has now stepped down from the fascinating role as CEO, transitioning into a new responsibility as Chief Creative Officer.

  • This decision was made as ex-CEO Johan wanted to tap into the creative aspects he loved, a break from the administrative and business dealings that were his daily tasks.

    Johan Pilestedt exclaimed, “When the topic of discussion is regarding the organization, he is still the chairman; hence, frequent top-level decisions and conversations would still follow between the two main men.

    Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani added that “he sees his new role as a job to enable him and other creative people to be able to do more games.”

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  • Other Interesting Information On Shams Jorjanji

    Jorjani is a pretty cool individual with arms extended to praiseworthy activities.

    Firstly, Shams is a vivid podcast host and owns his podcast, “The Business of Video Games,” which has several episodes explaining his love for deep-driven business communication.

    On the app and social media platform Bluesky, he shared his free time animation passion through various animations made using Blender.

    Some animations are that of vegetables, while others include breakfast sets, french fries, and soda. Creative work is all over the place, we must admit!

  • Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani

    Arrowhead Studios New CEO Shams Jorjani. Image Credit: Instagram.

    A nobleman, too! Jorjani also provides loans at kiva.org, which is a helping hand to help people improve their lifestyles, and 5 months ago, the CEO crossed his 1000th microloan distributed.

    Let’s not forget the promotion of the search engine Altavista on Arrowhead Studios new CEO Shams Jorjani Twitter, which, for some interesting reason, is posted there.

    Likewise, you might also be interested in learning about  Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke.

    The New CEO Jorjani’s Responsibilities Towards Arrowhead Empire

    Jorjani is considerate and determined to set Johan, the COO, and the team up more in terms of uniformness rather than skill plus luck plus happenstance. And an interesting selection of words!

  • Shams knows that what he offers the game-developing firm is organizing and leadership.

    At Paradox, when joining as the 23rd person in the squad and then upscaling and upsizing the company into the behemoth it was, Shams went a long developmental path of over 12 years, learning things to implement now at Arrowhead.

    Arrowhead Studios new CEO Shams Jorjani is committed to striking chords, designing business administration strategies and the chairman’s duties, and amalgamating creative directors’ work.

    We wish Shams a marvelous journey as the new Arrowhead CEO.

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