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    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons You Need To Know: Showcasing The Best Ones

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Jun 23, 2024 | Updated On: 05 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 4 min read - Jun 23, 2024

    Updated On: 05 July, 2024

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Elden Ring provokes the combatant instinct in players, making them feel the adrenaline while winning battles and slaughtering enemies. As fantastic as the name “Elden Ring” goes, weapons are vital in navigating the terrain to repair the ring.

    Today, through this article,  we will be giving you a feast on the best 8 Elden Ring weapons to exploit so that every battle is victorious.

    The ultimate theme of the game is to become the Elden Lord, having the best armory of razor-shaped weapons. Without a moment of delay, let’s barge into today’s discussion.

  • 8. Beast Claw: Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons

    The Beast Claw is a sharp talon-like claw weapon in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Its aesthetics resemble a paw glued with sharp blades at the fingers.

    Savage Claws, the weapon skill of beast claw, throws a merciless strike, continuously tearing the flesh of enemies as the movement goes right and left.

    Defeating a hostile NPC named Logur, The Beast Claw, by entering the Shadow Realm’s gravesite of grace’s jungle is the brave way to make beast claw yours.

    7. Backhand Blade

    The backhand blade is a curved blade with a slick black backhand grip perfect for assassinating enemies in the game Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, which is an FPS game like Tarkov, Valorant, Xdefiant, and Battlefield 2042.

  • If your playing niche surrounds one hand-built, this backhand weapon is the perfect armory to fall in our best 8 Elden Ring weapons list!

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons. Image Credit: Social Media.

    In the game, the backhand blade weapon skill, Blid Spot, enables dashing close to enemies and slicing them. You can find this powerful blade at a small mausoleum northeast of the scorched ruins.

    6. Milady

    Milady, what an elegant name, isn’t it? Nicknamed after the ladies of noble status, this weapon is visually appealing.

    Milady deals strength damage upon impact, and the light feel of the weapon allows massive pacy attacks, making it one of the best greatsword weapons in Elden Ring.

  • This noble artillery’s weapons skill, Impaling Thrust, authorizes functionality similar to the Backhand Blade, as a fast dash at the opponent and stab is performed.

    You can find this entrant in our best 8 Elden Ring weapons list inside Castle Ensis after killing the giant, climbing the tower, and finding a chest where the weapon awaits your touch.

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    5. Firespark Perfume Bottle

    Judging from the looks, Firespark Perfume looks like some grenade, but the reality is far from just the golden brown and lustrous metal.

  • Infact, how this perfume bottle is used as a weapon is that it allows the players to spread the fire around the general vicinity and kill enemies.

    The weapon skill kick enables you to kick at enemies. This fire weapon is located inside a perfumer camp just before entering the Castle Ensis.

    4. Great Katana

    War adventure video games without a katana would sound like a garden without flowers, barren! Wouldn’t it?

    Well, you wouldn’t need to break a sweat since Elden Ring features a lot of katanas, and the Great Katana is one of them.

  • This katana is a long weapon that pierces and slices bodies in a swift with its fast and powerful striking ability. This weapon helps with passive blood loss build-up per hit.

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The signature ability, Overhead Stance, makes you raise the Katana above your head and plow a dynamic blow at your enemies making this our choice for best 8 Elden Ring weapons.

    This black katana can be found in the middle of a lake situated immediately to the abandoned ailing village in gravesite plain.

    3. Anvil Hammer

    Hammers pow a boulder-cracking hit, powerful and lethal towards any subject. Well, the Anvil Hammer is one of the hard-hitting hammers in the Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree.

  • Anvil is a colossal weapon; when rattled to the ground with a monstrous strike, it released firey spears from the ground quickly enough to disappear.

    Players can track down this Anvil Hammer, which resembles Minecraft’s mace weapon, inside the ruined forge lava intake dungeon.

    2. Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana

    Hurrah! Is this your reaction now that you know another spectacular katana roams around the game?

    Let us introduce the Dragon-hunter’s Great Katana, having a gravel stone blade that is rugged and rough yet sharp enough to slice a paper.

  • This weapon helps you defeat and hunt the dragons, as the name suggests!

    This spectacular blade’s weapon skill, Dragonwound Slash, attaches the blade with gravel stones, emitting an air slash, leaving no mercy to the enemies!

    Challenging and defeating the boss in Dragon’s Pit dungeon rewards you with this overpowered itinerary.

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  • 1. Smithscrpit Dagger

    The Smithscript dagger is a little dagger thrown at enemies from a distance, just like the modern-day javelin throw mechanism.

    A pointy tip and streamlined build represent this weapon, which utilizes all four stats in the game.

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons

    Best 8 Elden Ring Weapons. Image Credit: Social Media.

    This dagger’s primary weapon function is the Piercing Throwwhich allows for throwing the dagger toward enemies, incubating sharp insertion in their bodies.

    A strong contender in today’s best 8 Elden Ring weapons discussion, this short dagger is located inside the ruined forge lava intakeon a foul deceased body shielded by one of the blacksmith’s enemies.

  • Now that we have scrolled down in today’s best 8 Elden Ring weapons conference, it is time for you to collect these majestic weapons. Signing Off!


    Q: What is the very best weapon in the Elden Ring?

    A: Thrusting Shields are considered the best weapons in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree due to their versatility and high attack and defense stats.

    Q: What is the highest-hitting weapon in the Elden Ring?

  • A: Giant-Crusher: An exceptional Strength-oriented Colossal Weapon with some of the most damaging and poise-breaking heavy and jumping attacks in Elden Ring.

    Q: What is the fastest weapon in the Elden Ring?

    A: Katanas are extremely fast and agile swords that can inflict blood loss damage on all types of enemies.

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