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    5 Details About Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth


    By Rayan - May 22, 2024 | Updated On: 24 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Rayan , 3 min read - May 22, 2024

    Updated On: 24 May, 2024

    Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • One of the prolific investors, Matt Huang, has worked in the crypto industry for years. He and Fred Ehrsam are the co-founders of the Crypto Venture Capital Firm ‘Paradigm.’

    Being involved in several companies, we will take a detailed look at ex Sequoia partner Matt Huang net worth. Yes, he is a former partner at Sequoia Capital.

    A former Twitter ad analytics staff member, Huang is an angel investor in companies such as Instacart and Teespring.

  • 5. Former CEO Of Hotspot

    Matt joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2008. He did a three-month internship as a summer analyst. Likewise, he also worked at MIT’s economics department as a researcher in 2009. He holds a mathematics degree from MIT.

    In April 2010, Matt founded Hotspot Inc., which specialized in real-time trend prediction of the social firehose. Backed by YCombinator and Angels in 2012, Hotspot Inc. was later acquired by X (formerly Twitter).

    Matt served as the founder and CEO of the company till April 2012. The same year, he purchased his first Bitcoin from MtGox.

    4. Ex-Partner Of Sequoia Capital

    Matt was a partner at Sequoia Capital from February 2014 to June 2018. He focused on early-stage venture investment in mobile companies and the Internet while leading the company’s cryptocurrency initiatives.

  • Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth

    Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The Sequoia team helps a small number of founders to build legendary companies. While partnering with Sequoia, companies benefit from the unmatched network.

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    3. Managing Partner At Paradigm

    Paradigm is a research-driven investment firm focused on crypto and frontier-related technologies. It invests in building and contributing to protocols and companies with $1 million to $100+ million.

    Huang and Ehrsam have been leading Paradigm as co-founders since June 2018. As per reports, Matt has invested in over 23 record projects worth hundreds of billions.

  • Matt’s current fund size is $2.5 billion. Let’s have a look at Matt’s investments on record without any further ado.

    Company Stage/Date/Size Total Raised
    Limit Break Series Unknown/ August 2022/ $200 million $200 million
    Argent Series B/ April 2022/ $40 million

    Series A/ March 2022/ $12 million

    $60 million
    Fractal Seed/ April 2022/ $35 million $35 million
    FTX US Derivatives Series A/ January 2022/ $400 million $400 million
    FTX Series C/ January 2022/ $400 million $1.8 billion
    Citadel Securities Series Unknown/ January 2022/ $1.2 billion $1.2 billion
    Parallel Series Unknown/ October 2021/ $50 million $140 million
    Series C/ October 2021/ $260M
    Series A/ January 2021/ $15M
    $300 million
    GDA Private Equity/ September 2021/ $430 million $430 million
    Series B/ August 2021/ $130M
    Series A/ January 2021/ $100M
    $240 million

    Table Source: signal.nfx.com

    These are some of Matt Huang’s investments on record, most of which are in the Web3/blockchain sector.

  • 2. Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth

    Besides crypto, Huang is a personal investor in technology startups, including Instacart, ByteDance, Amplitude, LangChain AI, PlanGrid, and Benchling.

    Huang purchased the first Bitcoin in 2012 from MtGox. However, ex Sequoia partner Matt Huang net worth is not estimated, but it is indeed in millions.

    Matt joined Twitter as a part of the Ads team in San Francisco in April 2012. There, he worked under the supervision of teams led by Jack Dorsey.

    1. Paradigm Raising Largest Ever Fund of $750 Million To $850 Million

    Paradigm looks to raise between $750 million and $850 million in new funding.

  • The venture capital ranks as a well-known firm backing crypto alongside Digital Currency Group, Andreessen Horowitz, and Pantera Capital, among others.

    Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth

    Ex Sequoia Partner Matt Huang Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The proposed amount of up to $850 million in funding is the largest in the crypto industry since 2022. If Paradigm completes the raise, it will surpass its $2.5 billion fund in November 2021.


    Q: Who is the CEO of Paradigm?

  • A: Matt Huang is the current CEO of Paradigm.

    Q: What is Paradigm Crypto?

    A: It is a research-driven tech firm.

    Q: Where is Paradigm Headquarters?

  • A: Paradigm’s headquarters is located in San Franciso, California.

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