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    Best 10+ Things To Do/See At July 2024 Anime Expo LACC

    William Jones

    By William Jones - Jul 1, 2024 | Updated On: 11 July, 2024 | 7 min read

    By William Jones , 7 min read - Jul 1, 2024

    Updated On: 11 July, 2024

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • It has been over thirty years since the first Anime Expo (AX) took place in July 1992 in California. The expo started in 1991 as ‘Anime Con,’ organized by the dedicated members of UC Berkeley’s anime club, Cal Animage Alpha.

    It’s a time for toast as the July 2024 Anime Expo LACC is again bringing the fans and industry so everyone can celebrate Japanese pop culture.

    Anime Expo, organized by SPJA, showcases Nihon entertainment, music, fashion, and video games. For years, the expo’s sole purpose has been promoting Japanese animation and culture worldwide.

  • Experience the Vibrant and Versatile FUN

    Embrace yourself because the upcoming July 2024 Anime Expo promises a wide, fun-filled variety of events. From cosplays, concerts, and gaming to charity, fashion, and shows, this event will have never-ending lineups of activities.

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC. Image Credit: Social Media.

    So, here are the July 2024 Anime Expo LACC activities that you need to be a part of. But will you be able to participate in all these events?

    So, let’s check out the best 10+ things to do/see at the 2024 Anime Expo, which will be held from July 4 to 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    Anime Music Video (AMV) Competition

    This competition features music videos created by fans. They select the best drama, action, sentimental, fun, rhythm, and comedy videos for a three-hour event.

  • Tickets will be available at the ticketing booth in Gilbert Lindsey Plaza.

    • Time: 6 Pm
    • Seating: 5:45 pm
    • AMV Competition Finals Main-Events: Hall-B
    • AMV Awards – 403AB
    • July 7, 2024 – 1:45 PM-3:35 PM

    They also accept submissions from anybody and everybody, local or foreign, beginner or professional, attending or non-attending at the AMV competition. Don’t forget to take your chances!

    AX Dance

    It features local DJs and headliners from Japan playing popular genres like J-pop house music and anime song remixes.

    Attendees can also participate in dance workshops and competitions. Some of his event features are:

    • Workshops and Competitions
    • All Ages Dance

    Everyone can attend AX Dance from 8 PM to 10 PM. Afterward, only people over 18 with proper AX badges can enter.


    Every year, Anime Expo features top Japanese music artists, from J-pop to J-rock to Anisong. To enter the concert, you need a ticket and a badge.

    Lounge21 is an intimate lounge for those 21 and over, and the Community Stage features local bands. Other performances in Lounge21 or on the Community Stage are free of charge.

    Excited To See Cosplays Around?

    Cosplay shows will be one of the most beloved events at the July 2024 Anime Expo LACC.

  • The new generation’s best entertainment wouldn’t be so exciting without these events at the upcoming expo. Check it out.

    Cosplay Gathering

    Cosplay gatherings are a great place to meet people from the same fandom. Attendees organize all of the cosplay gatherings.

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC. Image Credit: Flickr.

    There are  seven approved cosplay gatherings located provided:

    • Site 1 location: Small stair area in the outdoor area of Concourse Hall.
    • Site 2 location: peacock place.
    • Site 3 location: Gilbert Lindsay Plaza near the corner of Pico Blvd and Figueroa St, between South Hall and West Hall.
    • Site 4 location: Gilbert Lindsay Plaza at the center of the Plaza.
    • Site 5 location: Outside West Hall Lobby, in front of the horseshoe statue.
    • Site 6 location: Stone art sculpture display.
    • Site 7 location: Stairs under the awning on the corner of 15th Dr and Figueroa St.

    The areas you have been provided with are self-managed places for the event, and you are kindly expected to maintain professionalism and be respectful to others as per the guidelines.

  • Cosplay Repair Center

    The July 2024 Anime Expo LACC’s cosplay repair center has everything attendees need to touch up and mend their cosplay. The AX  cosplay center provides everything you need to maintain free of cost. You are kindly requested not to try to make your cosplay in the repair center.

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Changing and dressing isn’t a problem to be concerned about as changing rooms would be available at the Cosplay repair center.

    Cosplay Senpai

    The Cosplay Senpai Program selects cosplayers who have positively contributed to the community and invites them to further influence it through panels and discussions.

    If you have questions or concerns, they can always be found in the entertainment hall, if not at a workshop or panel.

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    About Lounges and info

    A place to be refreshed, entertain yourself, and know others in a way you would get to know each other. Who won’t love a place to relax and enjoy? Let’s move into the places where you can relax in the July 2024 Anime Expo LACC.

    Lounge 21

    Lounge 21, where you can have a sip of beverages while enjoying live entertainment with various bands and musicians performing. This place also features parties hosted by industry partners with giveaways and special guests.

    Lounge 21 is strictly not for attendees aged 21 or over; they must identify themselves. The process of identifying themselves according to California state law:

    • A governmental agency should issue it.
    • It should contain the name of the person.
    • It should contain the date of birth of the person.
    • It should contain a description of the person.
    • It should contain a photograph of the person.
    • It must be currently valid.

    A person must follow the mentioned. If they want to be included and participate.

    Manga Lounge

    Manga Lounge is the perfect place to break from the crowd or rest your feet. There’s something for everyone, no matter the age and preference.

    Guidelines mentioned for the attendees:

    • All large bags and purses must be checked in upon entry.
    • The Manga Lounge won’t be responsible for any damaged or lost items.
    • It’s important to note that beverages are permitted, but it’s essential to be careful.
    • Please ensure the manga is returned to the appropriate shelf based on its age rating.
    • Photography is prohibited unless the Manga Lounge staff grants permission.

    You can have the best experience possible at the shows and events. But remember to follow the guidelines carefully to enjoy the entertainment.

  • Quiet Lounge

    The quiet lounge provides a peaceful environment for rest. You can take a power nap if necessary or if you are willing to. It gives you space to rest appropriately without any disturbances or programs.

    Gaming and Insights

    Everyone comes to gaming places to enjoy themselves; respecting everyone participating is mandatory. Entertainment based on games is allowed, not on violations that occur. Any inappropriate language or insulting isn’t permitted. Let’s move into the exclusive part to mention.


    In the Entertainment Hall, Anime Expo’s gaming area has 60+ free-to-play gaming stations with various single- and multiplayer games. You can connect with other gamers, make new friends, and explore familiar and unfamiliar titles there.

    The following game’s schedule, rules, and settings required are also mentioned on the same list to be checked.

    • Guilty Gear Strive
    • Street Fighter 6
    • Tekken 8
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    The gaming environment should be one place to see and experience what it feels like to be around gamers of different nations and have fun.

    Tabletop Gaming

    The Tabletop Gaming area is a one-stop shop for games that need nothing more than a table and some fellow attendees to play with. You can play the latest and classic board, card, dice, and RPG games in the July 2024 Anime Expo LACC Entertainment Hall.

    The following game schedule has been mentioned to be checked out:

    • one piece
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Digimon
    • Dragon Ball Super
    • Yugioh
    • Pokemon

    The July 2024 Anime Expo LACC Tabletop Gaming events are open to all badge holders, including off-duty Anime Expo staff volunteers.

  • Game Shows

    From the Late Comedy Showdown to Cosplay Chess, everyone gets the chance to shine and win prizes at the Game Shows. Join in or enjoy the fun.

    Watch out for the awesome cafeterias and laughter to visit

    The cafe here provides an interactive experience that offers you the entertainment you desire as a fan. With dances and music here, it would be a complete package.

    Butler Cafe

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC Butler Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a snack, enjoy a drink, and make new friends. Butlers will also be available to chat with attendees and play games.

    Experience the world of Anime Expo’s Butler Cafe, featuring mesmerizing musical performances, enchanting dances, and more. An unforgettable interactive experience awaits guests of all ages.

  • Maid Cafe

    Anime Expo’s Maid Cafe is an event where charming maids entertain guests with singing, dancing, games, and interactive shows.

    Experience a truly unique experience at this cafe. There will be an interactive show with dances, music, laughter, and maids.

    Late Comedy Showdown

    In the late comedy showdown, contestants will be grouped, and based on audience reaction, one person will be chosen from each group for the finals.

    Get ready for an exhilarating event where Participants will deliver impromptu stand-up routines on various topics, and the audience will choose the champion based on their reactions.

  • Karaoke

    The karaoke show features contests, open mic sessions, anime and gaming soundtracks, J-pop, and more. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy various music and programs.

    Beer Garden

    Here, you can enjoy live entertainment and libations. You can enjoy drinks under paper lanterns in a traditional Japanese beer garden while listening to live music. Beer Garden welcomes guests of all ages until 10 PM.

    What’s There For The Community?

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC will have a community stage and charity auction so that attendees can experience the community program.

    Community Stage

    This stage features performances from local singers and bands. From martial arts demos to dance performances, community-based singers would entertain you on the community stage. You could also participate by sharing the stage.

  • Charity Auction

    Anime Expo collaborates with industry special guests to curate unique items for the annual Charity Auction. By participating in auctions for original sketches, autographed scripts, limited edition swag, and other signed items, you can make a meaningful difference and support charitable causes.

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    Won’t You Like To Have Photos And Autographs From Your Favorite Character?

    If you would love to meet your favorite character or star and have some photos and autographs for the memories of the event and yourself, you shouldn’t miss the following shows:

    Industry Autographs

    Participating in an Industry Appearance is an excellent opportunity for voice actors, content creators, and industry members to connect with fans at Anime Expo. A company host can support an appearance, which can also be done independently.

  • Photo Sets

    Everyone wants to find the perfect location for their cosplay photos but can’t find the time or place to take them. The perfect backdrop for your cosplay is among the 10+ sets. These professionally built sets were introduced in 2013.

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC. Image Credit: Social Media.

    They offer a unique photo-taking experience found only at Anime Expo, sets to be mentioned:

    • Japanese tatami room
    • Rooftop
    • Train car
    • Classroom
    • Sci-fi
    • Sakura
    • Gym
    • Forest
    • Gothic and Apocalyptic.

    Fashion Shows

    Japan is known for its cutting-edge fashion trends, and the Anime Expo showcases a variety of Japanese fashion items each year.

    Since 2012, AX has featured over ten authentic Japanese clothing brands and new models. Attendees can shop at the Kentia Hall and meet the designers and guest models for autographs and photos.

  • The July 2024 Anime Expo LACC Show Thrill Begins With The End

    Do you ever wonder why you are left with such a strong impression at the end of any show? It’s because every show keeps its most significant event for the last to leave a memory benchmark.

    AX Masquerade & World Cosplay Summit USA Finals

    The AX Masquerade is a cosplay competition with cash prizes. It’s a 25-year tradition where cosplayers entertain and impress judges with their performances and craftsmanship.

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC

    July 2024 Anime Expo LACC. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Anime Expo has featured top cosplayers competing since 2017 at the USA Finals of the World Cosplay Summit to represent the United States at the World Cosplay Championships in Nagoya, Japan.

    Get ready to see an amazing experience as two incredible cosplay events take the stage at Anime Expo.

  • Opening And Closing Ceremony

    The opening ceremony is the most awaited event for the July 2024 Anime Expo LACC team; they have almost waited for the event for an entire year. Hosts will reconnect with attendees, introduce guests, and present exclusive music performances.

    They offer a taste of the interactive experiences unique to the Anime Expo. Previous welcome ceremonies have showcased incredible performances by renowned guests like Lia, Maidreamin, Jennifer Cihi, and many others.

    The closing ceremony at Anime Expo marks the end of the event after a tiring weekend at the convention. It’s a bittersweet time as attendees bid farewell and eagerly await the return of AX next year.

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