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    WTH? Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test, Launch Delay And Updates!


    By Rayan - Apr 9, 2024 | Updated On: 09 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Rayan , 3 min read - Apr 9, 2024

    Updated On: 09 April, 2024

    Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Often, it is rational and not an apprehensible conclusion when updates in games with higher GBs get delayed. But how often? Is the question, and why so many times?

    In our table today, Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test, Launch Delay, And Updates Delays will be discussed along with the significant reason for these user experience ruining obstructions!

    Let’s move right into the podium!

  • Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test And Delay

    According to Ubisoft’s Q3 2024 earnings report, XDefiant was to be released by the end of the fourth quarter, i.e., 31st of March, but here we are alive and breathing, yet no release is vigoured.

    In the timeline, XDefiant has submerged many targets that should have been addressed, including significant updates and release dates, resulting in a dull briefing regarding the company’s effigy.

    Apparently, this time, the delay to the 31st March release was due to major technical issues that popped up in the game’s net code.

    Shrugging off all dissatisfaction, the Devs have opened up that, while their hopes lathered up a splendid release by March, improvement areas were identified and are put into immediate tests.

  • After Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test and server test that will run for approximately 12 hours on PC followers by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|SM, the game would deemed ready for release.

    A Brief Introduction To The Game

    XDefiant is a free-to-play FPS video game like Tarkov, ownership being entitled by Ubisoft San Francisco and published by Ubisoft.

    At the same time, gaming mice like Steelseries Aerox enhance the shooting and overall player experience even more in XDefiant.

    This action-packed game is set to be released on platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

  • Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test.

    Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The core concept of this action game is that it assembles a section of factions and clashes amongst online players and an inventory equipped with unique abilities, weapons, and armory.

    XDefiant’s setting is that of the near-future version of the United States, with battlegrounds for players to nurture their skills and occupy realistic speedy chases, with different modes on the multiplayer guidelines across variant maps.

    Marking April 17, 2023, as the game closed beta release, XDefiant occupied the record of being one of the top games to be streamed on Twitch, even surpassing giants like Warzone 2.0 and Mordewn WarefareII.

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  • “The Boys Club,” Reason Behind The Unihinged Delays

    The reason for the “net code” issues, as signified above, is in the hands of what XDefiant likes to address as “The Boys Club.”

    The club is a humorous name provided to many employees who caused constant game development problems, including even the executives.

    Eventually, these sinister grew so large with problematic individuals helter-skelter that the term has now manifested bitter grounds in the organization.

    But why are these constant development problems being created? Are these intentional? Will Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test resolve the problems created by the club? Time will reveal!

  • As project development catered to liberty in decisions, The Boys Club started investing in unnecessary tap-ins, which was somewhat a lunatic move that was harming even the pros!

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    Is XDefiant An Imitation To Call Of Duty? Is It A Gimmicy Attempt?

    While developers constantly prioritize the notion that the game excels in its own fair sheet of advantages untouched by mimicry, the audience has something else to say.

    It is, in fact, confirmed that this game poses threats to the OG, “Call Of Duty,” as a potential competitor, but the votes are somewhat 50/50.

  • One source claims that the never-ending attempt by The Boys Club to add elements in an attempt to achieve what COD has, is plainly a dumb move, breaking the game’s reputation.

    Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test

    Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test. Image Credit: Instagram.

    However, the game still differs from Call Of Duty by amending the operator’s abilities rather than killstreaks, which COD abides by.

    Similarly, XDefiant is a free treat compared to the $70 dollar COD and has access to all modes and maps without a single penny out of pocket.

    We hope the game gets its release locked soon after the Ubisoft XDefiant Stress Test and that the future update arrives on time, leaving no room for complaints. Signing Off on this very note.

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