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    What Do We Know About Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones?

    Olivia Maria

    By Olivia Maria - Jul 2, 2024 | Updated On: 02 July, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Olivia Maria , 3 min read - Jul 2, 2024

    Updated On: 02 July, 2024

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones. Image Credit: Social Media

  • In today’s fast-paced world, the growing prevalence of heart attacks can be attributed to our busy lifestyles and unhealthy habits. Meanwhile, the monitoring of our health seems to be a mammoth task.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones introduced a remote blood pressure management system that can give accurate readings with a finger touch on your smartphone camera.

    As minor as it may sound, Jones’ company, Biospectal, works to enhance global heart health like Compugen Ltd. To learn more, stay with us until the end of the article.

  • How does Biospectal Work?

    Biospectal is a software company specializing in remote monitoring and biosensing. It aims to make clinical monitoring accessible globally.

    Established in July 2017, Biospectal is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, but its origins are in Europe and Silicon Valley. The company aims to bring an optical revolution in remote blood pressure management.

    Their OptiBP smartphone app and platform eliminate the need for traditional blood pressure cuffs, allowing for convenient blood pressure measurement using smartphone cameras.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones. Image Credit: Twitter

    By converting light data into blood pressure readings, OptiBP enables smartphone users worldwide always to have a portable blood pressure monitor.

  • The Biospectal OptiBP app, with its CE Mark certification, introduces the first software-only blood pressure monitoring solution for smartphones.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones: Life at Harvard

    Specifically, Jones hasn’t revealed much about his family background, so there is only a little information about his early life. However, we know that he grew up in Kansas with two older brothers. Likewise, he was always interested in technology.

    Eliott completed his schooling in Kansas but wanted to explore new places. Thus, he also studied foreign languages as a hobby. Jones has a passion for linguistics, especially German Language history and Proto-Indo-European.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones. Image Credit: Linkedin.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones initially wanted to be a government concentrator, but fate had a different plan. After high school, Jones went to Harvard University, and thus, a new chapter began.

  • Interestingly, his first year at Harvard coincided with the launch of the Macintosh computer. Eliott was captivated by the world where creativity and technology came together and wanted to be part of it.

    Jones graduated Magna Cum laude in Design and architecture from Harvard. Afterward, he went to do an internship at a publishing company in Hanover, Germany.

    Although the work bored him, Eliott’s experience in Germany led to work in Boston, which, in turn, led to Silicon Valley.

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    Rise In Professional Career

    In the early 1990s, Jones worked in interactive multimedia and began working on web consulting when the World Wide Web emerged. He worked as a graphic designer, enhancing his skills in User Experience design.

  • In 1996, Jones moved to Silicon Valley and spent a few works in insulting roles and later in startups. Until 2015, the Harvard alum was the senior design director at high-profile companies like Intuit, Yahoo, Rambus, etc.

    From October 2001 until April 2006, Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones was senior manager of web channel marketing at Intuit, where he developed and oversaw the company’s web commerce channel.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones. Image Credit: Social Media

    In this role, he played a pivotal role in crafting and executing strategies that enhanced Intuit’s online presence and drove significant growth in its digital commerce initiatives.

    Eliott Jones joined Yahoo as its director of User Experience design from March 2007 to August 2011. He led global teams across various web properties. His tenure at Rambus was marked by pioneering strategies that elevated user engagement and set new standards in UX innovation within the technology industry.

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    The Birth of Biospectal

    In 2017, a lifelong friend from Switzerland and professor at the University of Lausanne Hospital told him about the research he had been doing in non-invasive optical biosensing in his operating room.

    Jones, with his knowledge of smartphones, realized that he could utilize the phone’s optical lens and software to enable easy, instantaneous access to blood pressure measurement and monitoring.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones. Image Credit: Social Media

    Thus, they found Biospectal to democratize medical-grade blood pressure monitoring and management globally. Jones has been Biospectal’s CEO since June 2017.

  • Self-determination is what drives people to create a startup and and that means the freedom of creating something unique.

    Biospectal CEO Eliott Jones, with his progressive career, is focused on transforming healthcare and other sectors through advanced technologies. Most importantly, he wishes to make a tremendous impact in combating the global hypertension epidemic.


    Q: Who is the CEO of Biospectal?

  • A: Eliott Jones is the CEO of Biospectal.

    Q: Which college did Eliott Jones graduate?

    A: Jones graduated from Harvard University.

    Q. Where is the headquarters of Biospectal?

  • A: Biospectal headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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