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    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti Has Big Plans To Take On Nvidia

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Jun 27, 2024 | Updated On: 27 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 3 min read - Jun 27, 2024

    Updated On: 27 June, 2024

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • A new AI startup has stunned the market with its promising funding round, raising a considerable amount! Etched is the company we are talking about, and this young team is on to some amazing AI chip-developing visions.

    With just two years into the industry, Etched CEO Gavin Uberti has big plans to take on Nvidia, tapping into transformers and deploying AI models.

    How will this company, with raw computing power comprising chips, stand out among the giants? Well, let time answer this while we get straight into the article!

  • A Brief Introduction To Etched

    Etched is a 2-year-old startup founded by Harvard dropouts Gavin Uberti and Chris Zu, having raised $120 million in venture funding.

    The ultimate aim of this company is to develop competitive chips that emit a head-on competition with Nvidia in artificial intelligence.

    Speaking in precision, Etched is building a chip named Sohu that derives the power to train and deploy AI models using “transformers,” an AI architecture like ChatGPT.

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti explained that as AI develops, a vast chunk of the technology’s computing requirements will be satisfied through custom-crafted, hard-wired chips known as ASICs.

  • Etched aims to run AI models faster and cheaper than GPUs by opting for a grandeur benefit through a transformer.

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti: Let’s Get To Know About Him In Detail

    Gavin Uberti is the proud co-founder and CEO of the emerging company Etched, leading his expertise in building ASICs for Transformer architecture.

    Before Uberti plunged into entrepreneurship as a CEO, he worked for OctoML building compliers, where he would write manual kernels as his expertise for the Apache TVM compiler.

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Sharpening skillsets, Uberti rewrote the Cortex-M convolution kernel, achieved state-of-the-art results on MLPerf Tiny, and pulled off a guest lecture experience at Columbia University and TinyML.

  • While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in math and a Master’s in computer science, Etched’s mastermind, Gavin, dropped out of Harvard University to pursue his heights.

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    Etched’s Boiling Competition With AI Shark NVIDIA

    Uberti and his team of excellent people know the ocean depth they are diving in, challenging the industry leader NVIDIA.

    While Etched pulled off a $120 million showstopping funding in a series A, this figure is pretty much the amount NVIDIA earns in half a day’s work!

  • Adding more to NVIDIA’s praise, the company revenue started at a whopping $26 billion in the latest quarter.-

    Given NVIDIA’s dominance in chip manufacturing, gulping a share of about 80% market captivity, Etched CEO Gavin Uberti believes in his firm’s ability to seize opportunities in its favor.

    Etched believes that despite their short existence in the market, the impact of their transformer chips will boost the company.

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  • What Visions Has The Company Mapped?

    As of now, Etched is bulking up to introduce Sohu to the market, and hopefully, the company will be ready to show something later this year.

    The 2-year-old company is also in the works to bag quality customers as they believe that companies are more than ready to explore new AI chips.

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti

    Etched CEO Gavin Uberti. Image Credit: Linkedin

    Likewise, Etched believes that companies that are spending billions of dollars on GPUs will need to see significant savings in building custom chips designed for their specific AI model and be willing to make trade-offs in flexibility.

    What Gavin’s firm emphasizes the most is building transformers that travel data in trackable paths from the chip to memory, emitting the raw computing power of their AI chips.

  • Etched CEO Gavin Uberti is a bright talent, and we wish his company the best in achieving the highest of pedestals!


    Q: Who is the founder of Etched?

    A: Gavin Uberti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Etched.

  • Q: How did Etched’s series A go?

    A: Etched raised $120 million in funding.

    Q: Is Uberti’s Company Planning To Compete With NVIDIA?

    A: Yes, Uberti’s company plans to give a neck to neck competition to the tech giant NVIDIA.

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