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    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar Is Now Zafran Security CEO

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Apr 11, 2024 | Updated On: 31 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 3 min read - Apr 11, 2024

    Updated On: 31 May, 2024

    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar. Image Credit: Instagram

  • An immigrant and a spy by profession’s journey to a well-reputed position in the security line of expertise is empowering and insists on tons of hard work. Kudos! We all must speak loudly.

    The talk of this article is about Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar, now Zafran Security CEO, who delivers wonders to solidify and magnify the riches of data security.

    Let’s leap to a splash on the discussion!

  • Sanaz Yashar Raised $30million For Start-Up

    Cyber security startup Zafran, led by CEO Sanaz Yashar, famous for inventing risk and mitigation solutions, raised a $25 million dollar Series A round, supposedly on March 28, 2024.

    Guided by the CEO, Sanaz herself, the funding was led by Sequoia Capital, Cyberstartups in efforts of involvement by Cerca Partners and Perry Jar. Zafran also amassed a $ 5 million seeding.

    Notable investment to the $30 million collection merits Sequoia Capital, Cyberstarts, and basketball star Stephen Curry’s VC firm.

    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar

    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar. Image Credit: Ecole polytechnique.

    As of date, the solution developing is engrossed on hyper-growth, with Yashar confirming they have booked clients, essentially in the health and sanitation industry.

  • As for the investment in that bank, Zafran will now have to earn and resonate trust grounds with clients just like Tesla Cybertruck did.

    Sanaz Yashir’s Story: Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar

    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar was born in Tehran and immigrated to Israel during her young time working in the IDF Intelligence Cops Unit 8200 for a timelapse of 15 concrete years, exiting with the rank of a major.

    The empowering woman was responsible for conducting research and analysis tasks at FireEye – Madiant while qualifying expertise in geopolitical investigations.

    During her period in the investigation, a central hospital in Israel fell in her research radius, lending her meet-up chances with Snir Havdala and Ben Seri, her current Zafran partners.

  • Sanaz, thanks to her Chemistry Olympiad reputation at the age of 16, was considered a genius back in Iran.

    Sanaz even published an article in the school newspaper criticizing the revolution, hinting at her bold nature.

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    Sanaz’s Line Of Work As The CEO At Zafran

    Like Wiz and Mandiant, Zafran’s work is dedicated to tackling significant challenges and aiding companies in utilizing their existing security controls to identify and nullify weak and system vulnerabilities.

  • Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar company achieves this mission by scanning networks, tapping into the feeble aspects, and simplifying saturated technical data into accessible data for non-technical executives.

    Yashar has a name for this operation as a “self-healing platform”, which marks the most heavy threats for every client in their work.

    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar

    Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar. Image Credit: Flickr

    The company’s expertise is drafted to work feasibly with EDR, firewall, cloud tools, and more to identify the type and levels of risk.

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  • What Potentially Encouraged The Investors For A $30 Million Dollar Move At Zarfan?

    Since its initial entrance to the crowded cybersecurity market, Zafran has introduced groundbreaking solutions and ultimate protection, which attracts visitors to the surrounding area.

    Experts like Eric Knost of Forrester exclaimed that the available array of solution providers in the market hasn’t completely eradicated breaches and existing.

    This called for Zafran to be an impeccable firm, and innovative approaches like Israeli Cyber Spy Sanaz Yashar’s Zafran are what transform these unsolved breaches into justice.

    Combining Sanaz’s Unit 8200 expertise and risk-mitigating strategies, controls against evolving threats, security gaps, and blind spots is the USP.

  • On the journey from a spy to starting a successful company dealing with security and raising a sound investment like Bitkraft, we wish Zafran Heights to achieve solutions for essential problems.

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