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    Can Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR Change The Whole Eco-System?

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Apr 22, 2024 | Updated On: 22 April, 2024 | 2 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 2 min read - Apr 22, 2024

    Updated On: 22 April, 2024

    Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • A greener Earth sounds fantastic! Indeed, an actionable SMART objective integrating plans to transform the Eco-System for present survival and for future generations to thrive is quintessential.

    A promising initiative is the Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR, aiming to augment Eco-system better and a healthier living while chopping down bio-diversity extinction bit by bit.

    Let’s get to know Tokyo’s marvelous invention!

  • Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR: The Good Plastic

    Its news! In fact, it is a really positive one as researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed a novel and eco-friendly plastic with limited characters that resonate with daily plastics.

    The name has been celebrated as VPR, integrating enormous strength and elasticity compared to regular plastic.

    This new plastic is brilliant, hailing shape memory, auto-healing potion, and partial biodegradability, adding to the best the world needs regarding sustainability, like the Ergonomic Maven e-bike.

    Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR

    Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR. Image Credit: Social Media.

    This Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR can also be broken down into its basic building blocks when radiated with heat and a solvent.

  • Adding to the never-seen cupboard of pros, this plastic undergoes 25% biodegradation in weight when submerged for 1 month in seawater.

    With its polyrotaxane molecules becoming potential food sources for marine life, wastage and pollution is nullified.

    Tokyo’s List Of Exemplary Contributions To Eco-sustainability

    Tokyo is a great example and inspiration for the world regarding cleanliness and environmental care.

    Tokyo has advanced in meticulous waste separation and recycling activities, keeping the city and the nation clean and healthy.

  • The city’s streets remain litter-free, and tourists are motivated to mimic healthy approaches to public transport systems.

    What makes Japan a remarkable nation is its in-depth choices, such as collaborating with organizations affiliated with environmental preservation and opting for carbon offsetting for flights.

    Regarding carbon offsetting, German Cozero is also adding to the sustainability contribution through its carbon management software, which won the 15th German Sustainability Award in December 2022.

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  • What Exactly Is This Revolutionary VPR?

    Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR is basically made up of vitrimers, which is a category of plastics enveloped with immense strength at claimable low temperatures.

    The VPR boasts a spectacular ability to reshape multiple amounts of times when a high-temperature situation is pressurized.

    The component built is epoxy resin vitrimer, which is a type of plastic capable of solidifying at lower temperature settings.

    Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR

    Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR. Image Credit: Social Media.

    As vitrimer is fragile and shatters to pieces when it is significantly stretched, polyrotaxane is introduced to balance the component and eradicate the brittleness.

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    The Unique Self-Healing Nature Of VPR

    The plastic incorporating some distinct qualities that set it apart from the regular plastic inequalities in self-healing aspects is truly remarkable, isn’t it?

    VPR is over five times more resistant to breaking than a regular epoxy resin vitrimer, as Project Assistant Professor Shota Ando claimed, encompassing aspects of strength at a noble environmental cause.

    Magical as it might sound, the plastic also self-repairs 15 times faster and can mold itself into the original remembrance shape twice as fast.

  • Potentials expanding to aspects where the Tokyo Eco Sustainability VPR can be chemically recycled 10 times faster than the average vitrimer.

    With praisable scientific effort installed, the strong and eco-friendly plastic even biodegrades in a marine environment, which has never been seen before.

    This course of action by Tokyo for the sustainable Eco-system is very remarkable, and the world must learn from it. Signing off on the note that the VPR plastic replacing regular plastic would definitely ensure a greener earth in no time.

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