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    Using Robots And AI: Edward Mehr Machina Labs Is Transforming Roboforming

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jun 13, 2024 | Updated On: 16 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 4 min read - Jun 13, 2024

    Updated On: 16 June, 2024

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The manufacturing industry has gone too advanced, and one company stands out due to its quick production cycles and flexibility.

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs can rapidly produce to accelerate design, engineering, and innovation.

    This is possible due to Edward Mehr, the co-founder and CEO of Machina Labs, which has revolutionized metal works by merging cutting-edge robots with artificial intelligence.

  • Let’s learn everything about Machina Labs, which recently raised 32 million in funds from NVIDIA.

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs

    With a combination of AI and robotics, Edward Mehr Machina Labs is building the foundation of future factories and technologies,

    They call themself the robotic blacksmith, and it is on point with their robots and AI perfectly optimizes workflow, and their robots are a symphony of metalworking.

    Their ability to turn a concept project into reality in matter is truly amazing, and this helps them have an advantage over the market due to their shorter production time.

  • Edward Mehr Machina Labs

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Unlike traditional manufacturing, Machina Labs’ creations are reimagined for sustainability, electrification, reusability, reality, and flexibility.

    Mehr’s qualification is perfect for leading Machina Labs. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at SpaceX.

    Edward also played a very important role as a program manager in Relativity Space, developing metal 3D printers.

    All of this experience helped Edward build Machina labs and get into the manufacturing realm.

  • Edward Mehr Machina Labs

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Traditional manufacturing of complex metal parts was a slow and labor-intensive process, but how did machina labs change this?

    How can they create a robotic blacksmith army that gets results like never before? Let’s find out.

    Robotic Blacksmith

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs uses a manufacturing platform with 7-axis robots. Then, they use autonomous sheet loading and fixturing. Once this is done, AI will process the models and prepare the project for manufacturing.

    The robots first roboform, scan, and then trim materials while manufacturing. Let’s get to know about the whole process from the start.

  • Forming:

    Instead of using giant machines and expensive molds for bigger projects, Machina labs use their high-end robots and AI to bend and fold metal sheets into any shape and size.

    This combination of AI and machines allows them to quickly create complex parts and makes them cheaper. They can make parts as big as 12 feet tall and 4 feet deep with extreme precision.


  • The robots that the Machina labs use have laser scanners, which help them create a 3D map of the surface of the part they need.

    This image is then taken to their software to compare it to the CAD model for accuracy and detail of the creation.

    Any inaccuracies and other issues are easily fixed with their AI, which processes and optimizes the manufacturing.

    Trimming and Drilling:

  • The 7-axis robots are precise and accurate when cutting, drilling, or trimming the material.

    They take the data from the scan provided in the previous step and then create the most accurate and detailed result for manufacturing.


    Once the parts are formed, scanned, and trimmed, they are automated to finish. This process removes toolpath lines and brushes the parts to create a smooth and polished finished product.

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    What Sets Machina Labs Apart?

    One of the main things that makes Edward Mehr Machina Labs so different and innovative is that they can form sheet metal into complex shapes without the need for labor or custom tools.

    Their amazing combination of robots and AI bridges this gap, and they can create anything with metal.

    Currently, they work with Aluminum, steel, Titanium, Invars, Inconels, and refractory alloys.  But they also take custom orders, so they can work with any metal. Since Machina Labs says that if it bends, they can form it.

  • Additionally, their lack of dependency on tooling makes them much faster and ahead of traditional manufacturing companies.

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Machina Labs claims that they can produce any part in days without giving up on detail or quality.

    All of this is possible due to their data-driven manufacturing process. Their process of forming, scanning, trimming, and finishing is the perfect way to make a perfect product in less time.

    Meanwhile, traditional manufacturing takes months to do.

  • This also allows machine labs to get a detailed view of their project, which definitely helps them get valuable feedback and become even better in the future.

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    Applications across industries

    Machina Labs technology is used in many industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, and machinery.

    Their ability to make complex shapes has qualified them to work with companies like NASA, US Air Force, and Yamaha.

  • Edward Mehr Machina Labs

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The innovative tech of Machina Labs is used by NASA for structural hardware, enclosures, instruments, and robotics.

    Machina Labs mainly helps NASA with robotic micro-forging for their current and future projects.

    The United States Government also takes help from Machina labs to stay ahead of time to generate the next generations of aircraft, ships, and other defense equipment.

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  • Future of RoboForming

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs has changed the way of manufacturing so much that they are working with top companies like NASA and even the US government.

    Their robotics combined with AI is able to create a flexible, efficient, and data-driven industry, which is changing the way we look at manufacturing.

    It will be fun to watch Machina Lab change the way of designing, producing, and metal forming.


  • What do Machina Labs do?

    Machina Labs is the first commercially available robotic sheet-forming technology. They are able to make shape and form metal with accuracy and detail like never before.

    Who is the CEO of Machina Labs?

    Edward Mehr is the CEO and Co-founder of Machina Labs.

  • Who are Machina Labs’ competitors?

    Vention, Gongye Technology, and Nauticus Robotics are Machina Labs competitors, but looking at machine labs projects, they are ahead in every way.

    What is Machina Labs’ mission statement?

    Edward Mehr Machina Labs mission statement is to unlock manufacturing and unconstrain innovation for all. They are trying to make manufacturing much easier and faster than ever.

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