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    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review, Specs, And Features

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Apr 1, 2024 | Updated On: 01 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - Apr 1, 2024

    Updated On: 01 April, 2024

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The Phiaton Chord MS 530 M-Series is one of the headphones that definitely deserves more attention. But why?

    Let’s learn more about these headphones and dive into Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review.

    In a market dominated by sleek, portable headphones, Ms 530 stands out with its futuristic design and clean aesthetic.

  • Aesthetics

    One of the main features that makes this headphone stand out is its design. A combo of retro yet futuristic design, the Phiaton MS 530 has bulky ear cups and a hefty build, which some users might feel is too big.

    It is made of good leather and machined aluminum, which definitely makes it feel premium and classic.

    Balanced Sound Quality For just $89.99, this headphone delivers crisp audio with clear mids and good bass.

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    However, people who are used to high-end headphones and detailed sounds might find this a bit disappointing since MS 530 lacks a bit of detail in their sound.

  • MS 530 can also be a bit disappointing in terms of the full spectrum of sound, but it makes up for it form its other features.

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    Active Noise Cancellation: Is It Good?

    MS 530 makes up for all of its setbacks with its Active Noise Cancellation, which blocks about 98 percent of noise.

    With its comfy build, battery life, and wired connection, you will be able to enjoy your peace wherever you are.

  • Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The noise cancellation blocks out most of the noise, but still, it’s not complete isolation; you might still be bothered by some minor external noise.

    Battery Life

    Another thing that makes it shine is its battery life. With around 18 hours of battery, ANC is extremely good and will last you two days if you are a casual user.

    If you turn off the active noise canceling, the headphones will last around 30 hours.

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    For travelers and those who want headphones with noise canceling and long-lasting battery life, this is definitely a good headphone for you.

  • Why should you buy these headphones?

    Lovers of Retro Design: Those who are fans of the retro, sleek design will definitely love the look and feel of these headphones.

    Travelers and adventurers: Those who constantly travel will definitely love these headphones. It has nearly 30 hours of battery life and is perfect for long journeys.

    Value Seekers: If you want long battery life and a durable and comfortable build, this headphone offers a good value proposition.

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  • Full Specs of Phiaton Chord MS 530 M-Series

    A good piece of headphones is exhibited by its unique specs. So, take a look at Phiaton’s M-Series headphones’ framing.

    Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 20,000 Hz
    Sensitivity 100dB at 1 kHz
    Weight 0.64 lb / 290 g
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
    Music Play Time 18 hrs / 30 hrs (NC on / off)
    Standby Time: 49 hrs / 980 hrs (NC on / off)
    Full Charging Time 2.5 hrs
    Call Time 17 hrs / 29 hrs (NC on / off)
    Max. Input Power 1,000 mW
    Price $89.99

    Table Source: Walmart 

    Above are all the main specifications of the headphones that make them stand out.

    Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review: Pros and Cons


    • Clean audio
    • Crisp highs and deep lows
    • Detachable Cable
    • Powerful battery life
    • Active Noise Cancelling
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Amazing performance in wireless mode


    • Average Noise cancelling
    • expensive
    • might heat up in some environment
    • Wired mode is not as good as wireless

    The Phiaton Chord MS 530 M-Series appeals to small and specific groups of people.

    It has a retro design and decent but not outstanding sound quality, and ANC performance might not appeal to everyone.

    However, this should be considered by those who want comfy headphones with good battery life; this is a tempting offer.

  • Ultimately, the Phiaton Chord MS 530 M-Series is a worthwhile headphone. People who enjoy top-notch noise canceling and need top performance might not like this one.

    It is definitely a good blend of aesthetics, is comfortable, has a long battery life, and is perfect for those who appreciate its specific qualities.

    This ends our Phiaton MS 530 M-Series Review. We hope you might have gotten some grasp about these stunning headphones.

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