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    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs: UltraCompact And Ultraportable Device

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - Jun 6, 2024 | Updated On: 12 July, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - Jun 6, 2024

    Updated On: 12 July, 2024

    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Asus has been the pioneer in manufacturing world-class laptops over the past years. To compete with the current trend, Asus announced a new era of Copilot+ personal computers. Along with ProArt P16 and PX13, the new ProArt PZ13 laptop features advanced AI capabilities.

    Therefore, we will look closely at Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 specs. In addition, we will also divulge information regarding its unique features, price, and availability date.

    A Short Info About the ProArt PZ13

    On June 3, 2024, Asus announced new laptops with advanced AI capabilities. The announcement occurred during its Always Incredible virtual event at the 2024 Computex.

  • Along with the ProArt series, brand-new models across the Vivobook and Zenbook series were also launched.

    The new ProArt PZ13 suits creators as it delivers a fantastic combination of power and portability. It has three form factors that empower creativity in any setting or surrounding.

    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs

    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    PZ13 is a member of the Copilot+ PCs. It has the ASUS-exclusive StoryCube and MuseTree apps. These features enable more intelligent creative workflows, which is only possible with entirely local artificial intelligence.

    Similarly, this particular laptop is a two-in-one laptop cum tablet. It is an IP52-rated and military-graded tested detachable laptop. It features an OLED touchscreen that gives the creators an incomparable viewing experience.

  • Features of the New Asus Laptop Cum Tablet

    The ultra-compact and ultraportable ProArt PZ13 detachable laptop gives users the utmost portability without losing performance.

    Weighing only 0.85 kg, this device packs a punch with its AI-enabled Snapdragon X Series processor, 3K ASUS Lumina OLED screen, and Copilot+ PC AI features.

    Moreover, as mentioned before, the PZ13 provides dual functionality as a tablet or a laptop. This is possible because of the magnetically attached full-size detachable keyboard.

    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs

    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Furthermore, this ProArt laptop offers long-lasting battery life with a 70Wh battery. Also, it provides durability for dust and water resistance.

  • Also called the Surface-esque device, it features a 13-inch 3k OLED screen. Unsurprisingly, the power ceiling is lower, and no discrete GPU is available.

    It has a maximum total TDP of 20 watts but, like the others, qualifies as a Copilot+PC and can support up to 45 TOPs.

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    Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 Specs

    With an amazing comprehensive accessory that covers the stand, backpack, and ASUS stylus 2.0, the PZ13 also offers full Input/Output ports with 2x USB 4.0 Type C and 1x SD Card reader with microSD adapter.

  • Specifications Info
    SKU HT5306QA-LX002W
    Brand ASUS
    Color Nano Black
    Operating System Windows 11 Home (64-bit)
    Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus X1P 42 100 Processor 3.4GHz
    Graphics Qualcomm Adreno GPU
    Display 13.3″ 3K OLED WQXGA+ (2880 x 1800) Bend Glare Touch, 400 nits (HDR), DCI-P3:100%
    Touchscreen Yes
    OLED Yes
    Storage 16GB LPDDR5X
    Web Camera 5.0-megapixel camera with IR function to support Windows Hello
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.4 (Dual Band)
    Weight 0.85 kg
    Dimensions 20.29 x 0.9 x 29.75
    What’s in the Box Backpack + Micro SD adapter + Stand Stylus (ASUS Pen SA203H-MPP 2.0 support) + Charging Adaptor
    Warranty Two years of international + Pickup and Return Service worth $95.78

    Table Source: Asus store

    The above table summarises the primary Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 specs.

    While the laptop is not totally waterproof, it has been tested between -30 and 70 degrees Celsius, at 15,000 feet, and in direct sunshine, making it an excellent choice for anyone who spends a significant amount of time outside.

    Similarly, the Asus ProArt PZ13 has rubber dust/splash covers. It provides extra protection for exploring and creating in any environment. Also, it has a soft keyboard with a Copilot key.

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    Availability And Price

    PZ13 is available to pre-order at the moment. Similarly, it will also include a free three-month Adobe Creative Suite subscription. A free six-month CapCut Pro subscription is also one of the offers.

    Let’s talk about the starting price. It will be available for $1537.73. So, if you want to make this fantastic laptop yours, pre-order now.

    We hope this article on Asus Go Anywhere Tablet ProArt PZ13 specs has cleared your enthusiasm about the product. See you soon.

  • FAQs

    Q: Is the Asus ProArt laptop good for gaming?

    A: Yes, the laptop is amazing for gaming, and gamers can play at 4k.

    Q: What is the refresh rate of the Asus ProArt laptop?

  • A: The refresh rate is 120 Hz/0.2 ms for exceptional motion clarity.

    Q: What is the resolution of Asus ProArt 4k?

    A: The resolution is 3840 x 2160.

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