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    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review: How Helpful Is This Device For Your Kids?

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jun 5, 2024 | Updated On: 09 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 4 min read - Jun 5, 2024

    Updated On: 09 June, 2024

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Are you looking for a way to introduce your kids to the world of tech and computers? The Lexibook bilingual educational laptop might be a good choice.

    Lexibook Kids educational laptop review offers a thorough understanding of this product. Inspired by real laptops, the Lexibook bilingual laptop has 124 activities where your children can learn words, math, music, and logic.

    Parents who want to improve their children’s knowledge should choose the Lexibook educational laptop. Meanwhile, this device is ranked seventh in Amazon’s Electronic Learning Systems.

  • Taking A First Look: What We See?

    Lexibook Educational laptop is mostly built for children aged 5-8. Ergonomics inspired by real laptops, Lexibook has a realistic mouse, keyboard, and a convenient size for an easy grip.

    Unlike the smart Contixo V8-2 Kids Tablet, Lexibook’s kid-friendly laptop has a limited 124 activities that help children learn mathematics, words, and music.

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The 124 activities are further divided into five themes:

    • Learning words
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Knowledge
    • Logic and Games

    Children will be presented with a mix of multiple-choice questions, matching exercises, and interactive games, ensuring your kid is engaged in learning all kinds of styles.

  • Overall, Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review appeals to serious buyers. Moreover, your little ones will learn in the best way possible at their own pace.

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    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review: Early Learning Exposure

    Should you buy Lexibook’s educational laptop? Here are some major takeaways.

    First of all, the price is economical, and although it’s a laptop, the design is toy-inspired. The laptop uses bright colors, sounds, and a simple interface to appeal to kids and entertain them while they learn.

  • As every child has a different learning pace and style, this inexpensive laptop will help them develop basic mathematical concepts with ease. Additionally, they will learn language skills and logical thinking.

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    It’s also bilingual and available in Spanish and English, so it’s perfect if you are in a bilingual family or want your kid to spark interest in learning another language.

    This laptop is a great way for your kids to explore their own interests and get used to learning.

    A New Way Of Learning: Math, Games, Music, and Words

    It is easy to browse 124 activities (62 in each language), which are further divided into five categories: Learning words, Mathematics, Music, Knowledge, Logic, and Games.

  • Lexibook’s educational laptop includes 5 musical activities to learn musical notes. Thus, it is a good choice for your kids as the first step in music while composing melodies.

    From learning the alphabet and word construction and discovering math equations, your child will be able to crack basic calculations easily. Thus, a Lexibook laptop might be one of the best options out there!

    Limitations to Consider While Buying!

    Although this is a great piece of tech, at the end of the day, this is made for kids, and all of the activities are designed as introductory.

    All of the activities might help you learn basics and introduction to topics, but they will not provide a strong foundation for core subjects.

  • Meanwhile, this toy laptop is suitable for parents who are concerned about their children’s excessive screen time on digital devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review

    Lexibook Kids Educational Laptop Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    You might need to be extra cautious and set some rules since this laptop might get them used and dependent on screens. However, Lexibook educational laptop features will mostly do good for your children.

    The Lexibook is typically made for kids around 4 to 8 years old. So, if your kids are older, they might find this laptop to be too basic and not suitable for them.

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  • Lexibook Educational Laptop Specifications

    As a part of the Lexibook Kids educational laptop review, let’s look at the product’s specifications.

    Specifications Info
    Product Dimensions 9.45 x 7.09 x 1.42 inches
    Item Weight 1.41 pounds
    Item Model Number JC598i2
    Manufacturer recommended age 4 years and up
    Batteries 4 AA batteries are required
    Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars
    Price $39.99

    Table Source: Amazon

    Lexibook educational laptop comes in seven different styles, including Disney Stich, Spider-Man, Unicorn, Paw-Patrol, etc. Thus, pricing also differs, ranging from $39.99-$44.99.

    See The Reviews Directly From the Customers

    The Lexibook Kids educational laptop review has been mostly positive on multiple reseller websites, with a few mixed reactions.

  • One user wrote:

    I love the educational games it comes with, but I wish it read aloud the directions/problems, as it is advertised to be used for ages that likely cannot read yet. My own kids are 5 and 6, and they like them. They can do quite a few of the games independently.

    Another user was impressed with the laptop and wrote:

    My toddler (2 years) loves her laptop toy. It can keep her busy and entertained for a while; while it’s a bit early for her to understand the math and educational content, it’s coming, and I’m sure we’ll use it later. I would recommend it!

  • However, not all of the reviews and ratings are positive. One of the users was disappointed and wrote:

    They are not reliable. The Paw Patrol one I received shuts off randomly and sometimes will not turn on. I wish it read everything aloud so my kids could use them more independently.

    As per the customers, the most common issue with this device was the keys being stuck and the delivery of a damaged item. Meanwhile, 55% of customers out of 2,500 gave this toy laptop a solid 5-star rating.

    Overall, A Fun Learning Laptop

    The Lexibook educational Laptop is one of the best and most engaging ways for your kid to learn math, music, and the alphabet. Despite its simple design and limited activities, the product will help set the foundation for basic learning.

  • Overall, the Lexibook Kids educational laptop review is a testament to the fact that learning can be quite fun. You should definitely check out Lexibook’s other products and see if they are suitable for your child’s learning process.

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