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    Shark AI XL RV2502AE Review, Price, Specs, And More!

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - Apr 3, 2024 | Updated On: 27 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - Apr 3, 2024

    Updated On: 27 April, 2024

    Shark AI XL RV2502AE Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Vacuum cleaners have become critical essentials for our daily lives. Similarly, with huge advancements in the technology sector, Shark developed a robot vacuum called Shark AI XL RV2502AE. It is smarter and has a longer battery life.

    This article will focus on the Shark AI XL RV2502AE review. We will also cover the product’s specifications, features, price, and details as usual. Thus, stay tuned.

    A Short Overview About the Shark AI XL?

    Shark AI XL RV2502AE is the successor of Shark IQ XL 2101AE. It features a larger dustbin, a longer battery life, and a new UltraClean Mode for pet hair and carpeting. It also includes AI-powered laser navigation technology, albeit in testing, this function did not provide the expected faultless obstacle avoidance.

  • Shark AI XL RV250AE Review

    Shark AI XL RV250AE Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Unlike any other robot, the Shark AI Robot Self-Empty combines cutting-edge technology to provide a whole-home cleaning experience. Shark’s patented suction power, AI Laser Navigation for precise cleaning and object avoidance, and a HEPA 60-day capacity keep your home’s air dust and allergen-free with each clean.

    Shark’s self-emptying robot vacuums use a bagless method, whereas most rival models transfer the contents of their bins to an allergen-sealed bag. Instead, Shark’s robots feature two dustbins: one in the robot and one larger in the base station. When the robot returns to its dock after cleaning, it sends the contents of its bin to the base station.

    Shark AI XL RV2502AE Review

    As the name implies, this model employs artificial intelligence (AI) laser navigation technology to detect and avoid objects four inches or taller.

    Like a self-driving car, the Shark AI employs an elevated, 360-degree Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor. Further, it incorporates AI algorithms to scan the ground for impediments and reroute itself around it to avoid becoming stuck or causing a mess.

  • Furthermore, the vacuum is one of the biggest robot vacuums in the market today. So, it might be difficult for you if you are looking for a shorter vacuum to pass under furniture and other low-ground places.

    Shark AI XL RV2502AE Review

    Shark AI XL RV2502AE Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Still, the Shark AI is easy to set up. The base arrives fully completed; the most challenging aspect of the procedure is finding a place for it. Shark suggests placing it up at least three feet apart from anything on either side and five feet across from anything.

    Shark AI XL RV2502AE review is mostly positive. Amazon has received an overall global rating of 4.1 out of five from verified customers. Furthermore, some reputed tech reviewers have also spoken positively about this vacuum.

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  • Full Specifications And Features

    This section will cover the primary features of the XL vacuum. We will cover everything from brand and form factor to batteries and price.

    Brand Shark
    Model Name AI Ultra
    Special Feature LiDAR Navigation, Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Edge Cleaning, Obstacle Avoidance, Bagless, Self-Emptying
    Color Black
    Product Dimensions 39.4 x 29.4 x 43.1 cm
    Included Components XL HEPA Self-Empty Base, Shark AI Robot Vacuum, Side Brushes
    Filter Type Non-Washable Filter
    Battery Life 120 minutes
    Power Source Battery Powered
    Batteries Included Yes
    Control Method Yes
    Compatible Devices Amazon Alexa, Google Home
    Form Factor Robotic
    Item Weight 15.25 pounds
    Manufacturer SharkNinja
    Item Model Number RV2502AE
    Batteries One Lithium-ion battery required
    Finish Types Silver
    Number of Pieces Five
    Batteries Required Yes
    Price $599.99 (Amazon)

    Table Source: Shark

    With the information provided in the above table, we are sure that you will be able to distinguish the characteristics of Shark from those of its competitors.

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  • Why Buy This Product? Pros And Cons


    • New UltraClean mode for pet hair and carpeting
    • Two-hour battery life
    • Supports scheduling
    • No-go zones
    • Excellent cleaning performance
    • Large base
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


    • It can get stuck occasionally
    • It might be difficult to use under low types of furniture
    • Loud

    This much is for the Shark AI XL RV2502AE review. See you again in our next article. Until then, sayonara.

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