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    Samsung EMDX Model TV Is The 1st Color E-Paper TV: 32 Inch Color Digital Display

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Jun 13, 2024 | Updated On: 16 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 3 min read - Jun 13, 2024

    Updated On: 16 June, 2024

    Samsung EMDX Model TV. Image Credit: X formerly Twitter.

  • Samsung will soon unveil its newest groundbreaking product, the world’s 1st Color E-Paper TV, which consumes little to no power! Isn’t that a revolutionary and never-before-seen element of surprise?

    This Color E-Paper technology infused Samsung EMDX model TV is today’s topic of discussion, having unique properties that contrast significantly with the traditional Samsung TV dynamics.

    Official release concepts haven’t been announced yet, so let’s discover what has been revealed!

  • Samsung EMDX Model TV: Color E-Paper (EMDX model)

    All set to make a grand entrance at the InfoComm commencing from June 12- June 16, Samsung’s ultra-low power-consuming Color E-Paper is the world’s first of its kind.

    This EMDX model is an amalgamation of digital ink with innovative full-color e-paper technology, powerful enough to hold paper promotional materials to a halt.

    Physically built, being a 32-inch screen equipped with QHD (2,560X1440) resolution and a 60,000-color gamut, this paper weighs a feather at just 2.9kg. Isn’t that crazy?

    Samsung EMDX Model TV

    Samsung EMDX Model TV. Image Credit: X formerly Twitter.

    Interestingly, this Samsung EMDX model TV charges limited energy for showing changing images while needing just 0.00w1 of energy to showcase static ones!

  • Conversely, managers will have the superpower to control the Color E-Paper, such as prompt scheduling to conserve energy and tapping into modes such as automatic wake-up and sleep times.

    Regarding charging and data transmission, the TV’s system attributes 2 USB-C ports while supporting the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

    Why Should You Ingraine Your Eyes On This E-Paper Post Release?

    Samsung’s E-paper offers a greater eco-conscious alternative to the standard methods opted for by traditional promotional efforts.

    The element of fitting and delivering bettered signage to businesses is also achieved.

  • Also, this feather-weight device can easily fitted into numerous locations, may it be fixated on a wall or kept as a friend for plushly painted ceilings. Without extra mounts, seamless integration of this device is possible.

    Thinking from a long-term business approach, operational costs will significantly be reduced without the need to scratch a beard with the Color E-Paper employed.

    Samsung EMDX model TV also comes with its mobile app, just like Fitbit Ace LTE, which has its own mobile app, and Spotify has an AI DJ App, allowing users room for tweaking content and customizability options.

    The E-Paper TV also supports Samsung’s VXT solution, carving roads for real-time overseeing and remote integrated management of multiple displays concurrently.

  • Coating to the impressive scoop of features is the VTX CMS Canvas, which provides various templates for the E-Paper, securing the production of content beyond diverse verticals.

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    The Ethereal E Ink Spectra 6 Technology: Samsung’s Promising Partnership Plunge!

    E-Ink Holdings President Dr. FY Gan recently opened up, saying that the company is thrilled to announce its fruitful partnership with Samsung to unveil the 32-inch Hybrid E Ink Spectra 6 for the signage market.

    This partnership product, the Samsung EMDX model TV, comprises 8GB of flash memory and an interchangeable bezel that ignites user control, such as changing the colors of the frame4.

  • Samsung EMDX Model TV

    Samsung EMDX Model TV. Image Credit: X formerly Twitter.

    Likewise, VESA5 standard wall mount compatibility 6 assures magnified connectivity, customization freedom, and flexible mounting measures.

    The groundbreaking E Ink Spectra 6 technology basically speaks for unique color solutions adopted by in-store advertising, indoor signage, and replacing paper posters.

    Likewise, you might be interested in reading about LG Evo G4 vs Samsung S95D.

    What Exactly Is The E Ink Spectra 6 Technology? Alluring Samsung Towards Cracking A Partnership!

    E Ink Spectra 6 is a modern-day technology that provides an improved color spectrum and an advanced color imaging algorithm so that businesses can exploit finesse in their respective marketing games.

  • Also, the technology is available in many different sizes, allowing customers to deploy the correct sizes for suitable projects.

    This Samsung deal cracker technology also excels in developing a partial image flash effect, E Ink Sparkle, which boosts overall advertising through motion!

    Specifications regarding the Samsung EMDX model TV aren’t our cuisine as of now, but rather a dessert being served, probably after the 2024 InfoComm. Stay tuned!

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