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    TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review, Specs, Features, And More!

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jul 2, 2024 | Updated On: 02 July, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Peter Ray , 3 min read - Jul 2, 2024

    Updated On: 02 July, 2024

    TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Say goodbye to poor frame rates, tearing, and welcome to high-quality and completely fluid action at nearly any rate. Whether on a PC or console, TCL delivers an unmatched gaming experience.

    Feel proud of the TCL C855 premium QD-Mini LED TV review, where a masterpiece is combined with advanced technology that brings reality to the screen, enhancing details and colors to the limit.

    Get the most out of your games with TCL game master. Now, let’s proceed to the specifications and features of the TCL C855 premium QD-Mini LED TV.

  • Display details of TCL C855

    TCL C855 is equipped with a peal 2304 local dimming zones, and this TV has individual light control per pixel for realistic pictures.

    The amazing aspect of the TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV review is that its peak brightness is 3500 nits, higher than that of its QM7 class but less than that of its QM8 class.

    Thus, every scene, ranging from water reflections to direct sunlight, becomes bright and realistic.

    This television has a six-crystal light-emitting chip that enhances brightness and screen performance to the next level, guaranteeing superb picture quality in bright or dark scenes.

  • TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review

    TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review. Image credit: Social Media.

    TCL’s wide-angle even-light lens, implemented with a double-layer arch bridge, greatly enhances backlight uniformity and stability. 

    C855 television utilizes quantum technology to produce more than 1 billion bright and accurate colors, with 97% coverage of DCI-P3.

    Light glare reduces the quality of your viewable screen, especially when watching TV. However, the TCL screen has an ultra-low reflection, which makes it easy to view at any time and in complex lighting.

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  • Features of TCL C855 QD-Mini LED TV

    C885 is slim in build and uses a magnet to stick to the wall, transforming your living room into a gallery.

    The TCL AiPQ Processor is like a wise brain performing various real-time analyses. It recognizes multiple objects in the image, achieving a peak brightness of 3500 nits and a contrast ratio of up to 35,000,000:1. It also includes 2304 local dimming zones.

    The TCL C855 also boasts a perfect audio solution. Its ONKYO 2. 2. 2 120W Hi-Fi system has integrated speakers that up-fir and bounce sound off the ceiling for a surround-sound experience.

    TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review

    TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review. Image credit: Social Media.

    Dolby Atmos on this television gives the best surround sound that envelopes you and brings out the hidden depth, detail, and clarity.

  • Similarly, while going through the TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV review, we found that the DTS virtual technology allows users to surround themselves with sound, making them suitable for any environment.

    The TCL C855 is also said to be a dream for gamers because it offers 144Hz, improving the image’s quality and making it more transparent. Likewise, it has AMD FreeSync technology, which allows users to play any game.

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    Specification: TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV Review

    Here are all the technical specifications for the television.

  • Features Specification
    Brand TCL
    Category TV
    Family C
    Series C885
    Customer Model 98C855
    Year 2024
    Screen Type LCD
    Technology Type Mini LED, QLED
    Panel Type VA
    Operation System Google TV
    Audio Power 60W (2*10W main channel+2*10W subwoofer+2*10W up-firing)
    DTS Premium Sound DTS-HD+DTS Virtual X
    Sound Channel 2.2.2
    Resolution 4K UHD
    Panel Resolution 3840×2160
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Refresh Rate 144Hz VRR
    HDR 10+ Yes, Including HDR10+ Adaptive
    Contrast Ratio 6000:1
    System Brightness (cd/m2) 3500 nits (peak) 650 nits (typ);
    Local Dimming Zones 2160 Zones
    Wi-Fi WIFI6
    HDMI Input 2 x HDMI2.1+2 x HDMI2.0
    AMD FreeSync FreeSync Premium Pro
    Bluetooth BT5.2
    VESA Wall-mounting (mm) 600*600
    Set Size with Stand (mm) 2178mm*418mm*1287mm
    Set Size without Stand (mm) 2178mm*41mm*1250mm
    Package Dimensions (mm) 2395mm*255mm*1555mm
    Gross Weight With Packaging(Kg) 91.2kg

    Table Source: TCL

    After studying all the technical specifications, buying a television according to your budget will be easier.

    Pros and Cons

    Some of the advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

    Pros Cons
    • Imax enhanced
    • Superior contrast and brightness
    • Superior performance
    • Tear Free Visuals
    • Limited Availability

    Table Source: Yahoo News

  • The TCL C855 Premium QD-Mini LED TV comes in various sizes, and every size comes at a different price.

    TCL C855 vs C845

    TCL C845 TCL C855
    65inch  576 dimming zones 2160 dimming zones
    77 inch 720 dimming zones 2304 dimming zones
    85 inch 896 dimming zones 2160 dimming zones

    Table Source: what hifi

    Television adds dimming zones that will increase picture accuracy and contrast, thus separating halo and blooming light from scenes mainly in the dark.

    Final Verdict

    TCL is a brand of technology where you will never get bored with the products.  TCL has more to offer every time it launches something new.

  • The TCL C855 premium QD-Mini LED TV review reinvents the way to view and game, complete with innovative technology and top-notch features,

    This television brings cutting-edge innovation into the living room, making each scene alive and lifelike. Considering its capability, consider its range of sizes and prices to find one that will suit your wallet and your house.


    Q: What is the brightness of TCL c855?

  • A: The peak brightness of C855 is 3500 nits.

    Q: Are TCL TVs worth the price?

    A: Yes, TCL TVs are definitely worth the price.

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