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    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024: What To Expect And When?

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - May 30, 2024 | Updated On: 05 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 4 min read - May 30, 2024

    Updated On: 05 June, 2024

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Computex is just around the corner in the month of June, all set to mark its commencement. Be ready to see the newest tech innovations from the biggest players.

    Taking place between June 4-7 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan, here are 7 highly awaited bulletin at Computex 2024.

    With detailed notification regarding what to expect, let’s dive into the article without further delay!

  • 7. Intel’s Advanced Lunak Lake And Arrow Lake Desktop Chips

    Intel’s next-generation innovations have been ruling the market, and with its new additions, the pattern will repeat.

    The newest additions we are referring to are the upcoming Lunar Lake laptop CPUs and the Arrow Lake desktop chips, which will receive an honorable mention at Computex.

    Most probably, Intel will put Lunar Lake as the top priority in this tech festival over Arrow Lake chips, but it’s up to the viewers to decide what interests them more.

    As claimed by the company, the Lunar Lake neural processing unit (NPU) yields the power of being four times as fast as last-gen Meteor Lake CPUs.

  • Complementary to the rapidity, next-gen graphics architecture sugarcoates even more AI horsepower to the NPU.

    As a major highlight of the 7 highly awaited bulletin at Computex 2024, Intel may notify you that Lunar Lake will incorporate fresh architecture built using Lion Cove performance and Skymont efficient cores.

    6. Zen 5, AMD’s New Powerhouse Chip: One Of 7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024

    AMD is all geared up to educate the audience on its next-gen architecture, called Zen 5. The Keynote is scheduled on June 3, 9:30 AM Tapei TIME.

    The code name for the Zen 5 mobile chips is Strix Point, as reported by AMD CEO Lisa Su.

  • This powerhouse chip will be introduced to desktop and mobile, a rather unique move by AMD. As per reports, AMD’s Zen5 is 19% faster than the Ryzen 7000 In Single-Thread Performance.

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024. Image Credit: Trusted Reviews.

    Like Intel’s decisiveness, AMD has also vocalized about the chips being a subject of release in the second half of the year, potentially during the time of autumn.

    AMD could also dip its hands, taking it onto Copilot+ and adding a new PC category in its name.

    5. What Is Nvidia Bringing To The Table?

    Firstly, Nvidia isn’t showing up at Computex, but it would rather host a virtual keynote a few days before the show, which is scheduled for the 2nd of June.

  • Billionaire and CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang is expected to share updates regarding AI’s future and the roadmaps the company has planned to secure.

    What we, as the consumers of Nvdia, can manifest is the launch of next-gen Blackwell GPUs this very dragon year.

    In the virtual keynote, apart from AI’s future projections in general, Nvidia’s ACE platform for AI-powered characters in video games will probably be announced.

    Even minor upgrades to the GeForce will enlist Nvidia as one of the strongest in the 7 highly awaited bulletin at Computex 2024.

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    4. Intel’s Next Gen-GPU Architecture, Codename Assigned As Battlemage

    Intel’s Battlemage is the company’s latest generation of desktop graphic cards, confirmed earlier this year.

    As Battlemages’s release dates aren’t discussed much, Computex should just run fine. All Intel will have to offer are soothing details and insights on the product.

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Tested, approved, and labeled 50% faster than previous-generation Alchemist architecture, Battlemage is a boon by Intel.

  • Integrating graphics is what Intel beats the world in. Still, at Computex, Intel will have fun integrating talks about Lunar Lake and Battlemage since the graphics architecture is ultimately the fuel for these chips.

    Battlemage will likely secure the spot as one of the most intriguing accounts for the event attendees.

    Recently, Intel’s Xeon chips were a part of The 2024 Summer Olympics live streaming.

    3. Asus ROG Ally X Packed With Massive Pump! Does The Pump Come With A Price Effect?

    Amongst the other 7 highly awaited bulletin At Computex 2024, Asus has some news to unfold.

  • June 2, 2024! Mark the date as Asus officially reveals stirring details about ROG Ally 2 X’s handheld, although the console hasn’t received a release!

    The handheld has a 40% larger battery, remodified sticks, and worked-up buttons and triggers. Similarly, expanded memory and higher storage will also be seen once ROG officially launches.

    There is a massive likelihood that Asus still had its eyes locked on the Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip for handheld. But there could be a new upgraded chip for the work to be done.

    With every expansion comes a price, and rumors claim that the ROG Ally X will come at a heightened price of $800, $700 more than the OG model. Yet this info probably won’t be spilled at Computex.

  • 2. Qualcomm’s Dominant Reveal: Snapdragon X-Series Processors

    Electrifying as the news is, Qualcomm is securing headlines with the Snapdragon X-series non-X86 CPU.

    A presentation on how Qualcomm’s new product delivers impressive power consumption should be presented at Computex.

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024

    7 Highly Awaited Bulletin At Computex 2024. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Collaborative launches to be seen soon: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft have all expressed interest in being announced Qualcomm chip-equipped laptops.

    We will have a knack for exploring how these laptops might turn out ASAP! As for now, we are concluding Qualcomm Snapdragon’s praises here.

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    1. Laptops And Their New CPU Boosts!

    Laptop pitchers are expected to cease the limelight, opening up about how their laptops will obtain certain boosts with new chips in town!

    As Lunar Lake confirmed and Strix Point a positive probability, it would be a smart move for laptops to comment on how these chip integrations would give their brands a competitive edge.

    At Computex, the refreshes are unlikely to occur as most laptop brands will, at the very best, swap the hardware.

  • With Intel and AMD’s chips gracing the markets soon, laptops incorporating these chips will be a rare possibility for a couple of months from now, but it could be a reality nearing the year’s end.

    We hope these 7 highly awaited bulletin at Computex 2024 will make this event super-successful and educative!

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