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    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents: Everyone Is Awesome?

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jul 4, 2024 | Updated On: 05 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 4 min read - Jul 4, 2024

    Updated On: 05 July, 2024

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Zenless Zone Zero takes you to the vibrant, chaotic metropolis of New Eridu, where you need the perfect team of support, attack, and good abilities to survive.

    So, look into the Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents. Although skill is the main thing that will make you win, potent agents will help you win more easily.

    When it comes to pure raw damage, Attack Agents are some of the best characters to play offensively.

  • Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents

    The game has a diverse cast of characters, and most gamers pick according to their preference or liking. But there are many attack players who enjoy the overwhelming power of the Agents.

    Here is our list of the Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents:

    Ellen (Ice)

    Ellen sits on the S rank with her excellent defense and attack abilities. Ellen is very agile in attacks, and her ice abilities are perfect for creating openings in team fights.

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Also, Ellen’s unique abilities, Glacial Onslaught, and Arctic Ambush are OP in fights. Her ability is perfect for creating chaos in team fights or while killing someone solo. This character is also fun to play, and you will have a competitive advantage.

  • Nekomata (Physical)

    Although Nekomata looks adorable, this character has severe abilities in the game.

    Nekomata is an agility hero, so you don’t have to worry about being slow. The best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ attack agents will never be complete with Nekomata.

    This character is one of the best damage-per-second heroes, with fast attacks and high critical rates.

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Neko’s Elemental Burst ability, Nine Lives Onslaught, also gives you buff and invincibility. This is perfect for playing offensive and even more perfect if you mess up and want to escape.

  • Nekomata is in the A tier for her escape, immunity, damage, agility, and low complexity attributes.

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    Soldier 11 (Fire)

    Soldier was the only fire-based character, so we will get tons of fans of her no matter what. But it’s not only about the looks; Soldier 11 has serious attack damage.

    Although the hero is not fast-paced like Nekomata and Ellen, the damage is commendable. The fire abilities are also very useful for team fights. However, the hero is decent at solo kills.

  • Zhu Yuan (Ether)

    This character can compete with any hero and be helpful in any situation. Zhu Yuan is part of New Eridu Public Security.

    Yuan has a ton of speed, and her enhanced shotshell abilities can blast enemies for massive ether damage.

    With her buff or support from other heroes, Zhu is very good for solo kills and offensive plays.

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  • Billy Kid (Physical)

    Billy Kid is one of the most fun heroes to play if you love sharpshooters with a ton of agility.

    Billy Kid’s place among the best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ attack agents is arguable, but the character is too fun not to be included on this list.

    Billy is in the A rank because of his quick draw attacks and fantastic range, which allows him to take down enemies from far away.

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents

    Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Although this character is not rigid, he got the punch, and with support, Billy can take a lot of other characters with agility and damage.

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    Corin (Physical)

    Corin is another strong attack character with many damage and damage reduction buffs. This makes her the perfect initiator for team fights or to create openings in opponent teams.

    Regarding solo kill capability, Corin can easily take down enemies and deal much damage, even against the team.

    Anton (Electric)

    To end our list of the best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ attack agents, we have Anton. Anton is fun to play but lacks in some areas compared to another electric character.

  • Anton needs to build energy to use his special attack, which can be annoying for players who love fast-paced heroes.

    But if you are patient with this hero, you can deal good damage to enemies when you are playing in a team.

    Anton has decent solo kill ability and works better with a team.

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  • Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

    Let’s look at how well all of these heroes sit in the tier list:

    Tier Character
    S Ellen, Nekomata, Zhu Yuan
    A Soldier 11, Corin
    B Billy Kid, Anton

    Table Source: PC Gamer

    These are their list of only attack heroes.

    Also, we need to consider that the ranks of some heroes, like Billy Kid and Soldier, depend on whether they are solo or with a team. Since some heroes are best supported by a backup team.

  • Birthday, Height, and Other Info

    Let’s look at the info of these amazing characters:

    Name Birthday Height
    Nekomiya Mana Jul. 30 1.48m
    Zhu Yuan Sep. 1 1.75m
    Soldier 11 Redacted 1.60m
    Ellen Joe Jan. 4 1.61m
    Corin Wickes Jun. 2 1.41m
    Billy Kid Nov. 25 1.88m
    Anton Ivanov May 2 1.90m

    Table Source: VideoGames

    This is all the current info that has been given. Once the game developers add more lore behind characters, we are sure we will get a deeper look into these characters.


    This is our Best 7 Zenless Zone Zero ZZZ Attack Agents; although these characters are very good, the outcome depends largely on your teamwork, patience, and skill.

  • If you pair these attack agents with support characters, there is a reasonable probability that you will win. It will be best to try all the characters and choose which works best for you.

    Also, it would be best to keep a close eye on patch notes, updates, and hero changes to look out for nerf and buffs. Playing a meta hero is also one of the best tactics to win.


    Is Zenless Zone Zero available now?

  • Zenless Zone Zero was released on July 4, 2024, at 10:00 AM. The game is available on most platforms, including PC, Playstation, and iOS.

    How many GB is Zenless Zone Zero?

    Zenless Zone Zero is about 20 GB on Android and 26 GB on iOS.

    Will Zenless Zone Zero be an open world?

  • While the game is not truly open-world, gamers will definitely get a lot of explorable maps.

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