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    How Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin Uses AI To Create New Materials?

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - Jul 4, 2024 | Updated On: 05 July, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - Jul 4, 2024

    Updated On: 05 July, 2024

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin. Image Credit: LinkedIn.

  • We live in the age of artificial intelligence and technology. Every year, more startups open worldwide. One such company is Altrove, which was co-founded by Thibaud Martin in February 2024. The company focuses on creating tomorrow’s materials using AI models and lab automation.

    Therefore, this article will focus on Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin. We will divulge information regarding his education, career highlights, and Altrove’s growth under his leadership. So, stay tuned until the end.

    Altrove uses its AI model to generate potential recipes for creating sustainable, domestically sourced materials for the energy transition. Want to know more? Stay with us!

  • Educational Status – What Are His Credentials?

    Martin was born in France and completed his education there. He joined Lycee Chaptal in 2004 to study mathematics. In 2007, he obtained an A-level with honors.

    Similarly, the French national went to Lycee Michelet in 2007. He enrolled in a preparation class at the institution.

    Thibaud wanted to attend an elite business school, and this course worked as a pre-business administration for competitive exams to get a ticket to Frech elite schools.

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin. Image Credit: LinkedIn.

    Thus, after completing his education at Michelet, Martin enrolled at EDHEC Business School in 2009.

  • It is one of the best business schools in France. He studied for a Master of Science in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and graduated in 2013.

    Furthermore, Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin was involved in activities and societies as an EDHEC student, such as composing, writing, singing, and recording.

    Career Highlights Before Founding Altrove

    The Frenchman began his career in technology as an IT Intern at COFELY GDF-SUEZ in July 2008. He set up computers and provided phoning assistance throughout the UK until August 2008.

    After two years, Thibaud joined Lowe Strateus as an Assistant Project Manager in June 2010. He only worked for three months at the company before switching to Multiposting Group in June 2011 as a Business Developer.

  • Furthermore, Martin moved to Beijing, China, in February 2012 to work for Suez Environment – Degremont China. He was employed as a Finance Assistant for Southeast Asia until July 2012.

    The French national again relocated to the United States of America in July 2013 and began working as a Purchasing Coordinator for Moet Hennessy USA.

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin. Image Credit: LinkedIn.

    After working for over 1.5 years, Thibaud joined fifty-five as a Senior Data Analyst in Pairs, France. His two years at the company were highly fruitful.

    Afterward, the EDHEC graduate, along with co-founders Victor Mustar and Antoine Bellion, founded Jubiwee, a leading people analytics company. But in 2021, they sold their enterprise to Haiilo, a business that provides communication platforms like Workrex software.

  • Also, did you know Martin was a lecturer at ESSEC Business School for over a year? This was before his brief stint as a recording artist and songwriter in 2022-2023. He also bagged a founder-in-residence role at Entrepreneur First for six months.

    So, the Frenchmen made quite a vast career leap before beginning the journey as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Altrove.

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    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin Uses AI To Create New Materials – How?

    Before we discuss Altrove’s working process, we should mention that the company doesn’t invent new materials from scratch. Instead, it works to substitute rare-earth compounds used in transition technologies, electric vehicles, and advanced electronics.

  • Altrove focuses on finding alternative materials. It chooses promising candidates from among all the newly anticipated materials and creates possible recipes for these materials using its own AI models.

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin. Image Credit: X.

    According to multiple sources, Martin and his company tested the recipes and created a small sample of each material. The test is performed one by one on the recipes.

    Similarly, using an X-ray diffractometer, the company’s patented characterization technology determines if the produced material functions as intended.

    Regarding the process, Martin mentioned,

  • It sounds trivial but it’s actually very complicated to check what you’ve made and understand why. In most cases, what you’ve made isn’t exactly what you were looking for in the first place

    Defining itself as a hardware-enabled artificial intelligence company, the company has set a goal to sell licenses for its materials.

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    Funding Raised Worth 3.7 Million Euros

    Altrov was founded in February 2024. It has only been in business for six months.

  • Despite that, the French deep tech startup has raised around $4 million, or 3.7 million euros, in funding. Contrarian Ventures and Emblem led the round.

    Some other investors include Julien Chaumond, Thomas Clozel, and Nikolaj Deichmann. However, one question remains. Is Martin a millionaire? Well, to be honest, there are little-known facts about his net worth.

    Altrove CEO Thibaud Martin is on his way to building its automated lab and making its first assets available in 2026. We wish him all the very best.


  • Q: Who is Thibaud Martin?

    A: He is the CEO of Altrove, a company that synthesizes and materializes materials.

    Q: Is Thibaud Martin married?

    A: Well, the entrepreneur hasn’t shared any personal information. So, it’s difficult to tell what his relationship status is.

  • Q: What is Thibaud Martin’s net worth?

    A: Being the CEO of an advanced tech company, Martin’s fortune must be decent. However, the exact number is a mystery.

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