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    Know Everything About Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - May 10, 2024 | Updated On: 10 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - May 10, 2024

    Updated On: 10 May, 2024

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • After Sony retracted their decision to link the PSN account, Helldivers 2 players felt a sign of relief. And with their Premium warbond on board, the game has become more exciting now.

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond has a ton of exclusive content. Arrowhead Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt has been constantly listening to fans. The recent premium warbond results from a voting poll on X (formerly Twitter).

    What is Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond?

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond is a tiered progression system with many exclusive rewards.

  • By playing the game and completing objectives, you can earn medals and in-game currency, which you can use to unlock tires within Warbond.

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Each Tier will have new cosmetic items, weapons, gear, and many other rewards, so it’s best for gamers to start grinding.

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    Paid vs. Free? Which One Is Better?

    There are some Medals and some rewards even if you don’t pay for the Warbond, but many good items and rewards are included in the premium warbond.

  • You must purchase Super Credits, so gamers must purchase some Super Credits for their account.

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond. Image Credit: Social Media.

    All of the exciting things are included in the Premium Warbond! Some new weapons are rare and exclusive and will only be available in Warbond.

    Also, gamers will be able to get their hands on enhanced gear and armor, which has good stats and looks cool.

    With all the cosmetic customization available in this Warbond, the gamers are into personalization and customization options.

  • The premium war bond is a good purchase.

    Everything Included in the Premium Warbond

    Specs Info Details
    Weapons AR-61 Tenderiser – Assault Rifle

    SMG-72 Pummeller – Submachine Gun

    G-13 Incendiary Impact – Grenade

  • Plas-101 Purifier – Energy-Based Weapon

    P-113 Verdict – Pistol

    20 Medals. A small magazine AR with a high fire rate

    60 Medals. A one-handed weapon lowers the fire rate and the damage

    25 Medals. A grenade that does both explosive damage and AOE fire damage

  • 80 Medals. Energy weapon with explosive rounds and armor penetration

    60 Medals. A semiautomatic pistol with high-power rounds.

    Armor/Helmets CW-36 Winter Warrior – Heavy Body Armor

    CW-36 Winter Warrior – Helmet

    CW-22 Kodiak – Heavy Body Armor

  • CW-22 Kodiak – Helmet

    CW-4 Arctic Ranger – Lightbody Armor

    CW-4 Arctic Ranger – Helmet

    18 Medals. Increases throwing range by 30%. Provides +50% limb health

    12 Medals. Standard helmet stats

  • 45 Medals. 95% resistance to arc damage

    35 Medals. Standard helmet stats

    64 Medals. Markers generate radar scans and reduce enemy detection range

    48 Medals. Standard helmet stats

    Boosters Motivational Shocks 15 Medals. recovery faster after being slowed by an attack, such as acid
    Cosmetics/Capes/Emotes Mime Instrumentation – Victory Pose

  • Dissident’s Nightmare – Cape

    Dissident’s Nightmare – Player Card

    Call the Helldivers – Victory Pose

    Pinions of Everlasting Glory – Cape

  • Pinions of Everlasting Glory – Player Card

    Distribute Ballots – Victory Pose

    Order of the Venerated Ballot – Cape

    Order of the Venerated Ballot – Player Card

    8 Medals

  • 8 Medals

    2 Medals

    15 Medals

    20 Medals

  • 5 Medals

    32 Medals

    30 Medals

    16 Medals

    Table Source: GamesRadar

  • These are all the cosmetics, weapons, and armor available in the Warbond. All the cosmetics look good, and the weapons have a lot of variety.

    Is the Premium Warbond Pay-to-Win?

    The developers have ensured that the premium Warbond doesn’t provide an unfair advantage, and it’s not pay-to-win in any way.

    Although exclusive weapons might offer some interesting options and look cool, they are not noticeably powerful and buffed compared to the base game.

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond

    Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The Warbond update focuses more on variety and cosmetic customization, so those who are worried about missing out on good gear can rest assured.

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    Making an Informed Decision

    If you are confused about investing in the Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warbond. It’s just about whether you like having multiple options or enjoy playing games on a base level.

    If you are a fan of cosmetic customization and want more options, it’s worth the purchase.

    However, if you are happy with the base game and don’t care about customization, you can still have a good Helldivers 2 experience without buying the warbond.

  • Also, since the Helldivers community is pretty solid nowadays, it’s best to stay updated with their community.

    Even the CEO of Helldiver 2 is quite active in the community and often lets the community decide before releasing any major updates.

    Staying updated will be best to be fully informed about the decision and new updates being added to the game.

    That’s all the info you need about the Helldivers 2 Premium Paid Warband.

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