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    Striden Gameplay Review: Adrenaline Boosting Experience Like No Other

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jun 30, 2024 | Updated On: 01 July, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - Jun 30, 2024

    Updated On: 01 July, 2024

    STRIDEN Gameplay Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Striden is one of the most recent games, and it is perfect for those who love looter shooter genre games. Sure, the game looks too much fun and some are even saying it’s a hardcore rival to Tarkov.

    Let’s find out everything in this Striden gameplay review. This is a fast-paced game in which survival is a must. Gamers will only survive if they can loot, shoot, and make a proper strategy.

    You can also share the fun of looting and first-person shooting in a five-man squad. So what else is new, and is this new mixed-genre game really worth it?

  • Points, Loot, and Escape

    Basically, the main point of the game is to loot, build, and plunder to send radio signals for freedom. You will have to work together in your squad to go against three other squads to collect points. The first to activate the radio transmitter will finally be able to win.

    STRIDEN Gameplay Review

    Striden Gameplay Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Earning points is totally up to the squad’s ability to do everything they can get their hands on. The game is a sweet combination of games like PUBG, XDefiant S, and Battlefield.  You will have to loot everything from guns and armor to materials that you can use to build your own defense.

    This might sound boring and easy, but there will also be a shrinking safe zone, so you will constantly have to move to the center of the map and have an advantage to win against other teams.

    High-Stakes Teamwork

    Another main thing that makes the Striden gameplay review amazing is the importance of cooperation.

  • Striden is totally about teamwork and coordination with your team; if your team is able to get good resources and make a good defense, you will surely have an edge over the other teams.

    STRIDEN Gameplay Review

    Striden Gameplay Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The thrill part of the game is definitely its safe zone, which will make everything very intense. Also, since the game is so fast-paced, you must make sure everything is on point, from loot, teamwork, communication, and your skills.

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    Is Striden Right for You?

    If you enjoy shooter games, you will definitely love this fast-paced one. The sandbox environment adds to the fun, and the gameplay will definitely get your heart pumping.

  • The bonus point is that you get to share this with your squad. Better graphics, first-person shooter and sandbox elements, and squad gameplay will surely make this game a hit.

    STRIDEN Gameplay Review

    Striden Gameplay Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Striden’s gameplay review is pretty good, but the game is still in the early access stage. You can request access to join the playtest version.

    Overall, gamers who love the focus of competition will love this thrilling game, and you should definitely add it to your wishlist.

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  • Striden Gameplay Review: An Adrenaline Boosting Experience Like No Other

    Striden gameplay review looks amazing in both visuals and gameplay. Gamers will have to overcome the steep learning curve, better team coordination, and game mechanics to truly be good at the game.

    Since gamers love this kind of things, this game will definitely be one of the best additions in the shooter looter genre. All of the gameplay so far looks very promising.

    Since the game is still in early access, gamers have high expectations of all of its new changes and additions. When this game is released, it will be fun to enjoy the full experience.


  • When is the Striden release date? 

    The Striden game is yet to be announced and is still in the early access version.

    What category is Striden? 

    STRIDE is a Looter Shooter genre game with a mix of sandbox elements.

  • How to play Striden? 

    Gamers can request access to the early version and join a playtest to play the game.

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