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    UBTech Walker Robot Specs, Features, And Pros!

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - May 9, 2024 | Updated On: 09 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - May 9, 2024

    Updated On: 09 May, 2024

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • UBTech has been involved in the creation of robots for a long time. Its products are one of a kind and consistently exceed the audience’s expectations. Again, they are back with Walker Robot.

    Therefore, today, we will look at UBTech Walker Robot specs, features, and many more. We will also divulge information regarding its performance and merits.

    UBTech Walker Robot – A New Era of Humanoid Service Robots

    Brace yourselves for the new creation of UBTech. With the new Walker robot, UBTech has tremendously stepped forward in its mission to provide robots to every household.

  • Apart from Boston Dynamics Atlas V2 and Tesla Optimus, Israeli Menteebot and Brett Adcock‘s Figure are some of the latest humanoid robots designed to simplify human lives.

    Ubtech’s walker robot has high-performance servo joints and a full range of sensory systems. The sensory systems include force, hearing, vision, and spatial awareness.

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The servo joints offer smooth and fast walking along with precise handling. Also, it can move and serve freely in office and housing scenarios. Isn’t it amazing?

    By planning and controlling his gait, Walker can achieve stable walking on various terrains. The powerful motion control algorithms enable it to walk bipedally and steadily.

  • The Robot boasts extraordinary flexibility and motion control, allowing it to conduct delicate and flexible movements while maintaining stability through balance.

    Chinese billionaire Zhou Jian is the founder and CEO of Ubtech Robotics. An AI and humanoid robot developer, Hiroshi Ishiguro is also famous for his look-alike robot figure.

    Other Features of The Robot

    Before marching into UBTech Walker Robot specs, let’s find out what the robot is capable of. It has seven degrees of freedom on each arm. This allows for bigger arm manipulation space, obstacle avoidance, and flexibility.

    Similarly, the Robot can move its arms after visual observation. In doing so, it can gently pick up and place small things effortlessly.

  • Walker has full-body flexibility and control when talking about body flexibility. This feature makes it safer when communicating with humans. Amazingly, the flexible arms can imitate agile human movements.

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    UBTech’s new Robot has built-in visual navigation, which allows it to gather more detailed environmental information, such as contours, colors, and depths in the surrounding environment.

    This improves the capacity to avoid interference from moving objects, allowing for more efficient and stable autonomous navigation in dynamic environments.

    Moreover, facial, object, and scene recognition with multimodal interaction make Walker a fantastic humanoid service robot in robotics.

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    UBTech Walker Robot Specs

    As we have repeatedly discussed, people are only interested in spending time on a product if it boasts impressive specifications. Is it true for Walker? Let’s find out.

    Specifications Type Info
    Height 145cm
    Weight 77kg
    Body Neck


  • Ankle




  • Hand





  • 3DoFx2




  • 1DoFx2

    Degrees of Freedom Legs





  • 7×2



    Operation Load

    Arm Span

    Single Arm 1.5 kg (ext)

  • Single Arm 540mm

    Connectivity Wi-Fi




    802.11 a/b/n 5G/2.4 GHz dual-band

  • Gigabit RJ45 interface

    High-speed real-time bus

    High-speed 3.0 port

    Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate

    Charging Time

  • Usage Time




    Processor Intel i& 8665U

    NVIDIA GT1030 graphics

    Frequency 1.9 Ghz*2

  • 384 cores

    Software Systems Software Framework

    Operating System

    Simulation Platform


    Ubuntu+Linux RT+Preempt+Andorid

  • Webots

    Table Soure: Ubtrobot

    The above table summarizes all the primary specifications of the Walker robot.

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    Is the Robot Useful?

    Have you watched James Cameroon’s Terminator? Walker Robot can be compared with the protector of John Conor but just less muscular and human.

  • According to multiple sources, Walker can be your next best friend inside the house or office. It features an open and user-friendly smart home interface that allows users to manage lights, appliances, plugs, and other home equipment individually based on their use cases.

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs

    UBTech Walker Robot Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Since humans can interact with the robot through text, voice, vision, movement, and environment, it is one of the most useful robots in the market.

    Therefore, as far as UBTech Walker Robot specs are concerned, they are top-notch. See for yourself if you are thinking about making a new mechanical friend.

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