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    7 Interesting Facts About Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms


    By Rayan - May 27, 2024 | Updated On: 07 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Rayan , 3 min read - May 27, 2024

    Updated On: 07 June, 2024

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms. Image Credit: LinkedIn.

  • Christopher Harms led Forescout through IPO and acquisition by private equity. With successfully guiding PSS Systems, Transitive & Counterpane, he has years of experience in the finance industry.

    Today, let’s find some interesting facts about Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms without further ado and learn more about his successful professional career.

    7. Graduated From The University Of California, Berkeley

    Christopher Harms resides in Los Gatos, California, US. He attended the University of California, Berkeley just like Gemini Experiences GM Sissie Hsiao, where he graduated with a BS degree in accounting & finance.

  • Harms joined the Haas School of Business at Berkeley for further studies in 1993 and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in 1996.

    6. Work Experience Of More Than 3 Decades

    Christopher has more than three decades of finance experience. He started working in 1988 as an auditor at EY for four years.

    Later, Harms also worked at HP as a Financial Analyst and Senior Financial Analyst, joining in 1992. Later, he joined Apptitude in 1996 as a Controller.

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Christopher worked as director of Finance & Controller at Sentient Networks, Venture-Backed Companies, and as Chief Financial Officer at Transitive, PSS Systems, and Socialware.

  • Harms also worked as a program director at IBM, Software Group, Industry Software Solutions Group, and Market Strategy & Development.

    Like Harms, other CFOs have experience in different fields, including Sean Macnew, Dennis Cinelli, and Colette M Kress.

    5. Worked At Counterpane Internet Security

    Harms joined at Counterpane Internet Security as the Chief Financial Officer in April 2003 and strategically influenced the company.

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms expanded the service offering by providing the proverbial “whole product solution.” He also extended services beyond core monitoring services, including device management, ancillary scanning, and professional services.

  • Christopher had responsibilities, including managing all aspects of accounting, finance, legal functions, and human resources.

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    4. Former CFO Of Forescout Technologies Inc.

    Christopher joined as the Chief Financial Officer at Forescout Technologies Inc. in March 2013 and worked until September 2020.

    Forescout offers a holistic platform that continuously segments, identifies, and enforces compliance with every connected thing as the Enterprise of Things security leader.

  • While Christopher worked at the company, the revenue of Forescout increased from $30 million to almost $400 million. Meanwhile, the headcount increased to over 1,200 from just over 100 employees.

    Harms was also a finalist in Silicon Valley’s CFO of the Year in 2016 and 2017 in the private company category. After working at Forescout, he worked as a Board Member and Audit Committee Chair at Slice.

    Before joining Amplitude, the former CFP of Forescout worked at WorkBoard Inc. on the Advisory Board for several years, joining in 2014 and working as a Board Member.

    3. Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms

    Harms was announced as the Chief Finance Officer in February of 2023 and is still working for the company full-time.

  • Amplitude is a digital analytics platform that helps firms uncover the potential of their products. Over 2,700 customers, including NBCUniversal, Atlassian, Under Armour, and Jersey Mike’s, rely on Amplitire for their self-service visibility gain.

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The company guides other companies every step of the way as they seize data they can trust, take faster action, and uncover clear insights about the customer’s behavior.

    2. Net Worth In Millions

    A CFO’s compensation in the United States is $420,000, with a range of $319,000 to $537,000. Similarly, Gurufocus estimates Christopher Harms’ net worth at $10 million or more.

    Amplitude CFO Christopher Harms owns about 227,572 shares worth over $7 million from ForeScout Technologies Inc (FSCT) stock.

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    1. Skilled In Different Backgrounds

    With more than three decades of experience, Christopher has also gained many skills throughout his career.

    With experience gained, Harms has also gained skills in strategic Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Forecasting, Business Planning, Finance, and many more.

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