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    7 Interesting Facts About VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - May 26, 2024 | Updated On: 07 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - May 26, 2024

    Updated On: 07 June, 2024

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Sean Macnew is best known as the Chief Financial Officer of Washington mass media company, Vox Media Inc. He plays an essential role in Vox’s journey to shape the future of digital journalism.

    Let’s look at seven interesting facts about the VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew.

    Sean has impressive financial knowledge, and his strategic thinking is why he has come so far in his career. What else do we know about this interesting person?

  • 7. Early Education

    Born in the United States, Macnew spent most of his early life in Andover, MA, and went to Phillips Academy for his early education.

    After completing his high school, Sean moved to New Hampshire and attended Dartmouth College.

    Macnew studied computer science at Dartmouth and completed his degree in June 1995.

    6. Beginning of Sean’s Career

    Once completing his degree, Sean started to work as an analyst at ‘Alex. Brown & Sons.’ Then, Macnew switched to work as a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs.

  • VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Alex also worked as a Business Development Manager in Epinions for a year. Afterward, he began working as a category manager for eBay.

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    5. Stanford University Graduate School of Business

    While working at eBay, Sean decided to pursue an MBA at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

    Later, in his final year at Stanford University, Macnew started to work for Symantec as Senior Manager.

  • Once completing his MBA, Macnew quickly rose in rank and became the company’s director.

    4. Career Breakthrough

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew finally got into his elements around 2019, when he had a career breakthrough.

    Macnew got to work as a Chief Financial Officer for Group Nine Media and later found out that he was destined to work in media.

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew. Image Credit: Social Media.

    After working for Group Nine Media, Macnew joined VOX Media in 2022 and became its Chief Financial Officer.

  • Sean, although having a critical position in VOX Media, also decided to step up as Treasurer & Board Member for MMA Global.

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    3. Driving Growth at VOX Media

    After joining VOX Media as its CFO, Sean made the company more successful.

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew has optimized financial operations and made VOX Media’s expansion possible.

  • VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Under Sean’s Leadership, VOX Media acquired New York Magazine, Vulture, and The Cut under them.

    Macnew’s two decades of financial experience have helped VOX to be at the top of the media.

    2. VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew: Data-Driven Decisions

    Sean is very good at leveraging analytic tools to keep up with trends, and his 25 years of experience help him make better business decisions.

    Macnew’s data-driven approach is why VOX Media is always ahead of market changes and adapts swiftly with its consumers.

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    1. Supporting Creativity and Journalism

    Sean knows the value of creativity in journalism and thinks beyond numbers.

    Sean always works closely with the Editorial team to ensure they will release impactful stories and relate with audiences worldwide.

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  • Balance of Artistic Expression and Financial Management

    Sean’s background in economics and love for storytelling has brought him far in his career.

    VOX Media CFO Sean Macnew perfectly balances artistic expression and financial management, which has helped VOX Media grow so much.

    From his experience in many important companies to working as a CFO at VOX Media. Sean is the embodiment of data-driven decision-making, artistic endeavors, and the spirit of innovation.

    Sean has managed to keep VOX growing in today’s changing media, and everyone will be in awe to see the legacy he will build in the media industry.

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