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    Avye Couloute Story: Paving A Path For Girls Into Coding


    By Rayan - Jul 5, 2024 | Updated On: 05 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Rayan , 4 min read - Jul 5, 2024

    Updated On: 05 July, 2024

    Avye Couloute Story. Image Credit: Social Media

  • Kids’ minds are often filled with curiosity, which leads them to ask many questions. But Avye Couloute jumped into action and found the answers to her questions herself.

    Now a teenager, Avye Couloute story as a coder began when she was only 7. Her only aim is to fill the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

    Couloutte’s background and determination demonstrate that age is merely a number, and what truly matters is ability. If you want to know more about her story, stay with us until the end.

  • Who Is Avye Couloute? For Starters, She is a Tech Prodigy

    Teen coding and robotics expert Avye Couloute is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Girls Into Coding. But the Merton, Wimbledon native has an extra few introductions to her name.

    Avye is a multi-award-winning tech maker, female tech advocate, and workshop leader. She has impacted thousands of young girls across 16 countries in STEM and is still working more to inspire them.

    Motivated by her passion, Avye started running local workshops and coding events. She is also interested in sports and painting.

    So, how did she become interested in coding, computers, robots, and all that fancy stuff? Scroll down to know.

  • Who are Couloute’s Parents?

    Avye Couloute story shows how she broke stereotypes and opened doors for young women in technology. Her journey is nothing short of an amazing passion for empowering others in tech.

    However, we must also mention Avye’s most loving and supportive parents. Her mom, Helene Virolan, and her father played vital roles in shaping Avye’s interest in technology. Helene serves as the co-founder of Girls Into Coding.

    Avye Couloute Story

    Avye Couloute Story. Image Credit: Facebook.

    The mother-daughter duo is working together to help young girls explore an interest in STEM.

    Now, Avye leads workshops at Kingston University’s CoderDojo and champions girls’ involvement in technology through her advocacy and leadership. When Avye is not working at her organization, she can be spotted spending some quality time with her family.

  • Avye Couloute Story: When did she start coding?

    Most kids under 10 do typical children’s activities, such as playing with toys. However, Avye wasn’t your typical 7-year-old. She started her adventure into technology and coding at such a young age.

    At 7, Avye started attending CoderDojo workshops, where she was introduced to Microbit, electronic components such as Raspberry Pi, and basic languages like Scratch.

    Avye Couloute Story

    Avye Couloute Story. Image Credit: Social Media.

    These encounters sparked Coloute’s love of technology and coding, demonstrating her ability to use code to operate real-world and virtual gadgets.

    But one thing troubled Avye: most of the workshop room was filled with few girls. So, she planned to create a space where girls would feel comfortable learning and exploring their passions.

  • Empowering Young Girls Through ‘Girls into Coding’

    The most significant part of Avye Couloute story is the time she thought of building an organization.

    Couloute founded “Girls Into Coding” in 2018 from her bedroom with the help of her mom. She acknowledged the significance of promoting greater female involvement in technology at an early age.

    The teen tech genius established the program to offer girls ages 10-14 opportunities to investigate coding, physical computing, robotics, and 3D printing.

    Girls Into Coding provides free seminars to bring STEM closer to young girls who might not have had the opportunity to interact with such technologies.

  • Avye Couloute Story

    Avye Couloute Story. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Avye Couloute, with the support of her mother, also reaches out to women and girls who are making significant contributions to STEM, inviting them to give lightning talks at the events.

    This not only exposes the girls to role models in the field but also inspires them by showcasing the diverse opportunities available in tech. Her project has significantly impacted the promotion of interest and excitement for technology.

    During COVID-19, Avye and her mom successfully ran the virtual version of Girls Into Coding. This success opened the door to organizing robotics workshops online for passionate young girls.

    Similarly, you can also read about Meet Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald.

  • An Impressive Portfolio Of Awards And Recognition

    One thing that makes Avye Couloute story more praiseworthy is the countless awards she has received. And why not? At such a young age, she has created opportunities for young girls to engage in STEM.

    Couloute has been celebrated in the TechWomen100 Awards, which acknowledged her as a leading young woman making significant technological strides. Here are a few of her achievements.

    2019The Diana Legacy Award
    2020Women In Tech Aspiring Teen Award
    2022UK Young Engineer of the Year
    2022National Lottery Young Hero of the Year award
    2023Winner of the Royal Academy Of Engineering Excellence Awards

    Table Source: deloitte

    Couloute has been winning numerous awards since she started in tech. In 2018, her balloon-waving robot won first place in the best working device category of the Microbit first birthday challenge.

  • Afterward, Avye entered the Coolest Project UK in 2019 and won the title with her voice command robot. Also, have we mentioned that in 2022, Avye was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 for her outstanding social impact work?

    We have another question for you: What do today’s young generations grow up with? Were you thinking of toys?

    Most of them grow up with advanced smartphones and laptops for entertainment. But there are people like Avye who are working hard to create and shape an environment for other young girls to do some innovation.


  • Q: Who is Avye Couloute?

    A: She is a teenager passionate about filling the gender gap in STEM.

    Q: When did Avye founded Girls Into Coding?

    A: She established Girls Into Coding with her mom, Helene, in 2018.

  • Q: What is Avye Couloyte doing now?

    A: Since January 2024, Avye has been working at Kruger Cowne.

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