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    Meet Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald: One Of The Top 25 SheEO

    William Jones

    By William Jones - Jun 26, 2024 | Updated On: 26 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By William Jones , 4 min read - Jun 26, 2024

    Updated On: 26 June, 2024

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald. Image Credit: Linkedin.

  • Those who have an active military member know the hassles, right? Considering that two females created Instant Teams, a platform to empower military spouses.

    Meet Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald. She has successfully created a platform where customer experience talent specializes in military spouse talent. She’s a software engineer and a four-time entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience.

    Liza runs her own company and has built multimillion-dollar enterprise software for the government and healthcare industry. That enables a superior customer experience, such as 24/7 coverage with U.S. support staff since military spouses are everywhere.

  • What’s Incredible About Instant Teams?

    Instant Teams go beyond a freelance talent marketplace. They use a freelance model to revolutionize a core business model of customer experience.

    Instant platform works by the grace of two great founders, Liza and Erica McMannes. Liza and Erica could have created a self-service talent marketplace to match military spouses with employers, but they realized that this model wouldn’t work in this case.

    The Instant Teams uses proprietary technology to deploy assistance when your business needs it most. They provide outsourced customer service, operational, sales, and tech support. Instant teams fulfill your needs in a modern way.

    Early Life Of Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald

    Liza grew up in Missouri as a young girl; her parents were successful business owners. Her parents told her a life mantra, “See a need, fill a need.” that significantly impacted her.

  • Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald. Image Credit: Facebook.

    The Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald, started her journey by working as a Software engineer/ project manager. Her leading role at ACO information services was building and supporting applications that interface with multiple government entities.

    Then, the ACO project manager joined NASAA as a senior project manager and led a team of industry experts, writing a detailed requirement specification document to present to potential vendors for proposals. After working there for two years, she founded LMS Software and joined as a CTO.

    Rodewald worked at LMS Software for almost 13 years. She specialized in implementing NET and SQL servers. While working there, she developed and implemented projects nationally with over 20 state government agencies.

    After that, in 2019, she joined YEC as a member and worked for 2.2 years. Then, in November 2020, she joined as an activator at SheEO.

  • Education of CEO Liza Rodewald

    The LMS software CTO graduated from the University of South Alabama with a B.S. in Computer Science and Information Technology.

    The mentoring and professional development that Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald received at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences significantly contributed to her success in the corporate environment.

    The professors were dedicated to their students and aimed to build lasting mentoring relationships. Only four years after graduating, she started her own successful consulting company, thanks to the experience and exposure to various technologies during the program she got.

    Rodewald has also been certified by the Founder Institute as 3% of graduates. She’s one of the most qualified ladies you would probably know through this article.

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    What is Liza Currently Engaged in?

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald has vast work experience; she is versatilely engaged in many organizations and activities. She has been working as a council member in Nationswell since March 2022 till now.

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald. Image Credit: Facebook.

    Has she been the Chief Executive Officer of  Twelve Million Plus from February 2023 till today? Twelve Million Plus is a digital home for 12M+ military spouses.

    Finally, she established a secure platform for military spouses by founding Instant Teams in October 2016. She’s focused on continuously growing the company for 7.9 years, and her dedication to providing others at ease is impressive and should inspire us.

  • The beginning of her journey with Instant Teams Innovation was by her own experiences as a wife of a military person. The difficulties she faced at work and in her personal life relate to what Instant Teams is today.

    What Are The Achievements of  Liza Rodewald?

    Liza has been a successful businesswoman since she was engaged with her military spouse’s well-being. She has raised over $15M in venture capital. Alumni of the Blue Startups Accelerator named her one of the top 25 SheEO and a published Forbes author.

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald is also known as the top 3% of graduates from The Founder Institute. She is also a member of YPO and Nationswell.

    Rodewald previously ran the first military hackathon in 2017 and has served as a mentor for Operation Code for the largest community of military veterans, service members, and spouses committed to becoming Software developers.

  • The CEO serves as a mentor for female founders and also encourages military spouses. Her ultimate achievement is that she has empowered the lives of over 68,000 military spouses with the help of her platform.

    During The COVID-19 Pandemic, Liza And Her Work

    As a software engineer running her company, she built remote teams to fulfill contracts with the Secretary of State’s office. She met her husband, Justin Robert, during the pandemic. Then, his return to active duty led her into the military community, where she discovered the need for remote work options.

    That led her to build Instant Teams on the technology side. When she moved to Virginia, she met Erica, the co-founder of Instant Teams, for the first time.

    After that, their thinking started to align. Erica had an idea on the workforce side, and Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald had an idea on the technology side. They both had experienced both sides of the problem.

  • Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald. Image Credit: Facebook.

    They wanted to address the problem first. They could develop it into a tech platform if they could assist spouses and companies.

    Before COVID-19,  they made a flexible policy for remote work that included childcare expectations. When the pandemic hit, she had to prioritize and make tough choices as a working parent of four children.

    She relieved herself from homeschooling her youngest and focused on balancing the demands while staying sane. So, they decided to prioritize self-care within the team and culture, especially given the heightened need due to COVID-19.

    That’s all that happened while the pandemic was going on, as the organization never got loose but better.

  • Liza’s Commitment To The Military Community

    Instant Teams launched Twelve Million Plus in 2023, the first and only verified digital community designed for over twelve million military spouses worldwide.

    Twelve Million Plus opened a free co-working space in Southern Pines, NC. The kid-friendly community space gives local military spouses a place to connect, co-work, and upskill.

    Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald is committed to reducing military spouse unemployment through remote work, career support, and upskilling opportunities.

    In 2023, Liza was invited to attend the Executive Order Signing for Military Spouse Employment at Fort Liberty, joining President Biden and other military leaders to celebrate an essential step in improving military spouse employment.

  • FAQs

    Q: Who are Instant Teams co-founders?

    A: Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes are the founders of Instant Teams.

    Q: Who is Liza Rodewald’s husband?

  • A: Liza Rodewald’s husband is Justin Robert. They share four kids.

    Q: What is Liza Rodewald’s net worth?

    A: Unfortunately, no exact information on Rodewald’s fortune is available.

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