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    Top Facts About Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan: His Ventures, Net Worth, Personal Life

    William Jones

    By William Jones - Jun 30, 2024 | Updated On: 30 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By William Jones , 3 min read - Jun 30, 2024

    Updated On: 30 June, 2024

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Lior Susan is a seasoned leader in the fields of manufacturing and investment. His dedication is evident in his commitment to implementing a comprehensive approach to legacy industries and creating digital connections to the physical world.

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership as a co-founder of Bright Machines since 2018 and the launch of Eclipse Ventures as a managing partner.

    Before these ventures, he was the founder and General Partner at LabIX, the hardware investment platform of Flex, where he led investments in various technology companies. Now, let’s move to the most exciting facts.

  • 6. Lior Susan Was The Part Of Industry Veterans

    Did you know that Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan was part of the group of industry veterans? He eventually led the company to become Bright Machines and has since been its lead investor and an active board member.

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Earlier in his career, Susan saw how outdated infrastructure in essential industries like manufacturing left the world vulnerable to significant disruptions. Lior believed that the online revolution’s innovations could reinvent critical physical industries.

    Susan had the vision of the upcoming generation with the technology and how it should be for the range they want as an organization, even before years of investment.

    5. From RES Of An Elite Special Force To Successful Entrepreneur

    Susan was in a military environment and learned that the body can endure more than the mind suggests. Entrepreneurship follows the same principle: you bump your head against the wall five or ten times daily.

  • Lior believes those who don’t give up and believe in their mission can succeed in this market. Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan says it’s about not giving up, even when it gets tricky and it will get complicated.

    The skills and discipline acquired in the military have been valuable in guiding him through both his professional and personal life. So, it’s no wonder he became so successful in almost every aspect of his life.

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    4. Lior Susan Handles Both As A Bright Machines CEO And Founding Partner at Eclipse

    Bright Machines is very advanced in making high-tech robotics and automation tech for manufacturing. With nearly $300 million in funding, they have been able to operate in the US, Mexico, and Israel.

  • Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Eclipse, co-founded by Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan, is a vital funder of the company. It is a pioneering firm in physical industry transformation, managing over $4B and partnering with 70+ companies.

    Lior sits on both sides of the table and offers a uniquely deep perspective on how our world is being reshaped.

    3. What Titles Does He Hold?

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan has experience in various positions. He has always been an important figure in the tech industries and has contributed a lot to the development of technology in many fields.

    These are numerous responsibilities and positions Susan held:

    • Chairman of the Board of VulcanForms Inc.
    • Board Member of Ursa Major Technologies
    • Board Member of Cerebras Systems
    • Co-founder and board member of Datorios
    • Member Board Of Directors of Lucira Health
    • Co-founder and board member of Bright Machines
    • CEO and Co-Founder of Bright Machines
    • Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Bright Machines
    • Member Board Of Directors of Augury
    • Founder & Partner of Eclipse Ventures

    All these titles belong to Susan, as he has contributed significantly to the growth and expansion of an innovative world that supports manufacturers. We as have so much to learn from people like Susan.

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    2. Lior Susan’s Net worth~$60 Million

    2021 was Lior’s most active year for acquiring shares, totaling seven transactions. His most active month for acquiring stocks was January. In 2021, with five transactions, Susan was most active in selling shares.

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan

    Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan. Image Credit: Social Media.

    In 2021, Susan’s company sold 6,223,795 shares for $0; in 2023, they bought 74,224,280 shares for $20,200,000.

  • Lior Susan’s estimated net worth is $60.3 million, based on reported shares in companies such as Owlet, Inc. and Lucira Health, Inc.

    1. Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan Takeaway-Over 5 Years

    Susan carries a much broader range of responsibilities than we might initially assume. Lior Susan also owns three companies, including Lucira Health Inc., Owlet Inc., and Sandbridge Acquisition Corp. He also shares what he has planned as takeaways over five years:

    1. Software commands will control manufacturing processes
    2. Each factory will have a digital brain simulation
    3. Hard tech will attract many of the best founders

    We know about Bright Machines CEO Lior Susan, and the takeaways he believes he would accomplish would be unique. Please stay connected with us to be updated about his upcoming accomplishments.


  • Q: How many employees does Bright Machines have?

    A: Bright Machines, headquartered in San Francisco, California, has more than 200 employees worldwide.

    Q: What do Bright Machines do?

    A: Bright Machines is a leading software and robotics company that offers a comprehensive automation solution for the manufacturing industry.

  • Q: Are Bright Machines public?

    A: Bright Machines is a privately held company that is not publicly traded on major exchanges like NASDAQ or NYSE.

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