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    Is Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell The Best Engineering Executive?

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jul 1, 2024 | Updated On: 01 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Peter Ray , 4 min read - Jul 1, 2024

    Updated On: 01 July, 2024

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The manufacturing industry has advanced significantly, and one company, Carbon Robotics, stands out with its quick production cycles and flexibility, making all farmers proud of its achievements.

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell is an expert in multiple fields, which allows him to accelerate design, engineering, and innovation rapidly.

    Paul’s visionary leadership has led to the ingenious merger of laser technology with artificial intelligence, transforming agriculture as we know it.

  • Introduction To Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell

    Paul Mikesell, CEO of Carbon Robotics, holds an engineering degree in computer science from the University of Washington in 1996.

    Aside from engineering and innovation, the CEO is a licensed private pilot and a United Latino Students Association member.

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Paul Mikesell’s entrepreneurial achievements have significant impact on the community. His efforts were recognized in 2024 when he was named the Foster School of Business UW Entrepreneur of the Year. Paul was also honored with the UW Alumni Impact Award in 2023.

    Uncovering The Personal Life Of Paul Mikesell

    Paul prefers to keep a low profile in his personal life. His social media activity is rare; he says very little in interviews. That’s why people don’t know if he is married or has a girlfriend/partner.

  • As for us, we dug a little hard on his social media. Using eagle-eye focus, we found that the pictures from 2010 up to 2023 had something to do with Mikesell’s personal life.

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell. Image Credit: Facebook.

    During that time, Paul Mikesell is seen in constant company with a lady named Jessa Bridges. Are they married or just a couple? Well, we can see that they are a couple. However, they haven’t shared if they have exchanged their wedding vows.

    But are Paul and Jessa still dating? The details are too meager, and Paul is the last person to reveal them to the public.

    It’s a tale of intrigue and curiosity surrounding Paul Mikesell and Jessa Bridges. A story that continues to captivate our interest.

  • Co-founder Of Many companies

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell has extensive experience founding and building successful technology startups.

    Mikesell co-founded Isilon Systems in 2001, focusing on large-scale distributed storage systems. The company became a public limited company in 2006, which was a good experience, and was acquired by EMC for $2.5 billion in 2010.

    Paul Mikesell also co-founded Clustrix, a transaction database startup acquired by MariaDB in 2018.

    Paul was the director of infrastructure engineering at Uber Company, where he studied deep learning and computer vision.

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    A Tale On The Establishment Of Carbon Robotics

    After discussions with farmer friends, Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell learned the essence of delivering food security. Communicating with them, he understood that weed control is a big problem in agriculture today and is only becoming more prominent.

    Thus, after a conversation and understanding the industry requirements, Paul founded Carbon Robotics in 2018, an agricultural technology company.

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The company’s vision is to enhance farming through new weed control technologies and provide farmers with efficient and quality food production.

  • A Brief Overview About Carbon Robotics

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell manufactures agricultural products to help farmers and growers everywhere more effectively and efficiently deliver healthier food to their clients.

    The company’s first and core product is LaserWeeder. Paul says the company has helped eliminate 2.5 billion weeds.

    Laser-weeder machines are now operational in fields across the United States, with a company getting ready to ship orders to Europe and Australia this year.

    In 2024, Carbon Robotics earned a coveted spot on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list, a prestigious recognition for trailblazing companies transforming the industry landscape.

  • The Technology Company’s Winning Product: Laserweeder

    A laser weeder uses a combination of AI and high-powered lasers to kill weeds in farmer fields without requiring manual labor or herbicide spraying.

    The Weeder is designed to attach easily to the back of tractors, fitting precisely where farms already have infrastructure. LaserWeeder scans, spots, and zaps weeds at the meristem, the growth point.

    The machine is 20 feet wide and has 30 high-power CO2 lasers across three 80-inch rows. It will work wonderfully with all vegetables and specialty crops.

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell

    Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell. Image Credit: Social Media

    Depending on weed density, size, and soil conditions, this impressive implement can cover up to 2 acres per hour, removing up to 200,000 weeds. The patented lighting system also allows the LaserWeeder to operate during the day or at night, giving operators flexibility.

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    Funding of Carbon Robotics

    Here is a list of some investors and the amount invested in carbon robotics to continue growing the organization and increasing manufacturing capacity to service new agricultural and geographic markets.

    Date of Funding Funding Amount Round Name Investors
    May 07, 2024 $85M Series C NVentures
    Dec 06, 2023 $8M Series C
    Mar 27, 2023 $50M Series C Sozo Ventures, Anthos Capital, and four more
    Sep 01, 2021 $27.4M Series B Liquid 2 Ventures, Voyager Capital, and four more
    Jun 01, 2019 $8.4M Series A

    Table Source: tracxn

    Altogether, the Company raised $179M with ten institutional investors. $85M was one of the most significant round. Meanwhile, Nvidia also announced a venture investment in Carbon Robotics in May 2024.

  • Carbon Robotics CEO Paul Mikesell is a mastermind and an innovator in the agricultural world for this generation. His career and performance show his main passion is creating positive change in agriculture.


    Q: Who is Paul Mikesell?

    A: Paul Mikesell is the founder and CEO of Carbon Robotics.

  • Q: What does carbon robotics do?

    A: delineate between individual weeds and crops to eliminate only the weeds in real-time at tractor speeds of 1-2 mph (2-4 acres per hour).

    Q: How to invest in Carbon Robotics?

    A: you need to be an accredited investor to invest in a company.

  • Q: Is Carbon Robotics a public company?

    A: Carbon is a private company and has not had an IPO.

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