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    Meet GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin: Working Towards A Carbon Free Society

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jun 9, 2024 | Updated On: 14 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - Jun 9, 2024

    Updated On: 14 June, 2024

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Patrick Sherwin is an entrepreneur and inventor who is dedicated to environmental change and the advancement of clean, eco-friendly technology.

    Many of us don’t know, but GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin has worked on many solar and wind energy projects. Like GoSun, the Swedish company Exeger is dedicated to nature preservation.

    Sherwin is passionate and committed to changing people’s lives by creating a healthy and environment-friendly future in the world.

  • GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin: An Entrepreneur Environmentalist

    Success comes with luck. Does it?

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin has always been interested in entrepreneurship. Looking back to his early days, Sherwin was a passionate kid. At a young age, he started a small business under a tree selling clay pots and herbal remedies to his neighborhood.

    Later, as Patrick grew up, he also started a lawn mowing business and other ventures. But how exactly did he become so concerned for the environment?

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Sherwin was not even a teenager when he first realized the human impact on nature. One day, when he and his team were cleaning a backyard creek (a natural stream of water), a neighborhood kid directly dumped his automobile oil in the creek.

  • The creek meant a lot to Patrick, who then made a mission to conserve the environment with innovative ideas. Therefore, his love for nature directed him to his current career path as an entrepreneur environmentalist.

    Talking about Patrick’s education, he joined Virginia Tech University to study Mechanical Engineering in 1996. But, he opted out of the program to study Environmental Biology at Ohio University. Sherwin graduated in 2001.

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    Start of Patrick’s career

    After completing his education and being motivated to bring change to the environment, Patrick started his career in Dovetail Solar and Wind in 2002. Then he switched to Independent Energy Solutions – Solar Engineering & Construction.

  • GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Later, after working in environment solutions for 3 years, Patrick decided to practice his engineering and became a professor at Hocking College. Additionally, he worked at RBI Solar Inc. before founding his own company, GoSun.

    GoSun Inc: Commitment to Sustainability

    Patrick started GoSun to make outdoor cooking easier, cleaner, and more convenient. They raised over $1.6 million on StartEngine’s Equity Crowdfunding platform while starting the company.

    Currently, GoSun has a ton of environmentally friendly products. They sell accessories and essentials related to boats, campers, water, power, color, and ovens. Their product does not harm the environment and does not emit any smoke.

    Since starting GoSun in 2013, Patrick has made the company reach heights he never imagined.

  • In 2020, GoSun Inc. accumulated $4 million in sales. They sold over 100,000 solar products. Similarly, their customers reached over 250,000 across the globe.

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Patrick was taking the company in the right direction, which didn’t go unnoticed. GoSun won the Climate Change Innovation Award in 2019. GoSun managed to win the Innovation Honoree Award for their product in 2020.

    However, Patrick will not stop; he is trying to bring new innovations and inventions to make their products more environmentally friendly. Sherwin said in an interview that he is charged up and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

    “With all the climate change and turmoil in our world, we have an uphill battle to validate the power of solar energy in our lives, but cooking without burning is a great place to start.”

  • “Moving forward and upward, GoSun promises to help you Use More Sun to keep your meals hot.”

    Empowering Others Through Solar Business

    Since GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin is already in the solar business, he volunteers and collaborates with nonprofits worldwide. One of their most recent volunteers, Patrick, was in Haiti and Latin America, where he worked to reduce the lack of energy in that area.

    Patrick has been spending years trying to find a way to make life easier and cheaper for people living in these areas. Additionally, Patrick has made huge donations to the Global Empowerment Mission, Direct Relief, International Medical Corp, International Rescue Committee, and Unicef.

    GoSun also outsources a lot of its work to refugees in Ukraine to help those who have been affected by war.

  • Working Towards A Carbon Free Society

    Patrick has made a huge contribution to lessen carbon emissions. His company makes products in many genres, which will help people go eco-friendly. They have also made a solar-powered living trailer like the Living Vehicle company’s electric CyberTrailer.

    GoSun CEO Patrick Sherwin aims to transform people’s lifestyles through his sustainable innovations.

    Originally starting with solar cookers, Patrick’s company has diversified into other eco-friendly appliances such as coolers, water purification systems, and power banks.

    Since GoSun has already been successful from the company’s beginning, it will be fun to see the legacy Patrick will build

  • FAQ’s 

    Who is the CEO of GoSun?

    Patrick Sherwin is the CEO of the GoSun Solar company.

    When was GoSun founded?

  • GoSun was founded in 2012.

    Where is GoSun located?

    GoSun is located in Cincinnati, OH

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