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    The Must Know Success Story Of Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jun 26, 2024 | Updated On: 27 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 4 min read - Jun 26, 2024

    Updated On: 27 June, 2024

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Babatope Awotona, the founder and CEO of Calendly, isn’t just a typical tech CEO who just happens to reach the top.

    Tope Awotona was just a teenager when he immigrated to the United States. Currently, he is one of the most successful and wealthiest immigrants due to Tope Awotona billion dollar business, Calendly.

    The journey was difficult for Tope, and he had his fair share of struggles. From selling garden tools, he somehow managed to make a very good career in sales and later did terrific in the tech industry.

  • Chasing The American Dream

    Awotona was originally from Nigeria and was born in Lagos. He spent most of his life in Nigeria until his teenage years. Tope belongs to a middle-class family; his father was a microbiologist, and his mother worked in a bank.

    When Tope was 12, his father was shot and killed in a carjacking.  Babatope shared his grief in an interview, stating,

    There was a part of me, from a very early age, that wanted to redeem him.

    When Babatope was 15, he finally decided to chase the American dream and moved to Atlanta in 1998. Since Tope loved coding, he decided to study computer science at the University of Georgia.

  • Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business. Image Credit: Social Media.

    During Awonta’s time at the University of Georgia, he went from door to door to sell alarms, which is when he realized his passion for sales. Later, Tope was bored with coding and switched to studying business and management information.

    Awotona said he loved coding but was too extroverted to be a coder, which eventually led to Tope Awotona billion dollar business.

    Starting A Career In Sales

    Once Awotona completed his undergraduate, he quickly stepped up as a Sales Rep for IBM in 2006.

    Although the CEO of Calendly only worked for two years, he was able to impress everyone and be recognized with the First Line Manager Award in 2007. During the same time, Tope was also the top performer of Tivoli Top Gun Training.

  • After this, the billionaire switched to work for Perceptive Software as an Account Executive. Tope was responsible for maintaining the sales goals, managing content, and streamlining every process in the company.

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business. Image Credit: Social Media.

    After leaving Perceptive, Awotona landed a big role as National Account Manager in Vertafore, and he worked in this company for more than two years.

    This was the longest time Tope ever stayed in a company, and he definitely achieved a lot in Vertafore. Awotona achieved 121% in Quota attainment, and he won the Quota Achievement Award.

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  • Story Behind Calendly: Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business

    Tope worked as an Account manager for EMC from 2012 to 2014. During his years of experience in sales, he was frustrated with emails.

    This is the exact time when the inspiration from Calendly was formed in his mind. The endless back-and-forth emails for meetings were just too annoying, and Awotona founded Calendly to make a better way.

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business. Image Credit: Soial Media.

    Tope Awotona billion dollar business Calendly is a scheduling software that streamlines the process of booking meetings and appointments. This is the perfect tool for nearly anyone who is working a job or leading a company.

    The CEO of Calendly also made sure they had a very user-friendly interface and the features were practical. This recipe worked, and his business grew rapidly with millions of loyal users.

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    Struggles In Starting Calendly

    While reading about Calendly, everything looks easy. But Tope Awotona billion dollar business was one of the hardest projects in his life.

    For years, Tope bootstrapped the company on his own, and he spent all of his life savings worth $200,000 for the company. This definitely made him very frugal and resourceful during Calendly’s early life.

    Awotona maxed out all of his credit cards and spent over 400,000 to fund this project. Tope Awotona billion dollar business was launched from Atlanta Tech Village, and for programming, he took help from the Ukrainian firm Railsware.

  • Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business

    Tope Awotona Billion Dollar Business. Image Credit: Social Media.

    In 2013, although Calendly was complete and reliable, Tope was out of cash until investors saved him.

    Awotana’s dedication definitely paid off, and he decided to take on a $350 million investment. This made Calendly worth nearly $3 billion.

    People’s Person

    The CEO of Calendly is a visionary leader and an amazing co-worker, and this has been confirmed by a lot of people who have worked with him. One of his main talents is in sales, which involves effective planning and implementation.

    Tope has been known to be a leader who will be responsible for making companies stand out in the competition with his qualifications.

  • Not only is the CEO focused on the big projects in the company, but his whole sales strategy comes from customer acquisitions, revenue growth, and doing everything in his power.

    One of his co-workers (M E.) also said that Tope has outstanding communication, negotiation, and customer relations skills. M E. also praised Tope by stating,

    Tope develops new strategies, tactics, and plans for future growth of the company’s customer base. Tope meets the sales target set within the given deadline and is 100% dependable.

    Additionally, Tope is said to be a consummate sales professional with an infectious and charming personality. His charm, combined with superior sales skills, definitely made him a high-performing businessman.

  • Nora S, Tope’s previous co-worker, praised him by stating,

    Babatope is extremely intelligent and is both liked and respected in his field. He quickly builds strong, trust-based relationships and is a pleasure to work with.

    From Spending Life Savings To Being A Billionaire

    Awotona’s story is one filled with struggles spanning from his childhood to his adult years.  Although faced with so many issues in his life, Tope faced every issue by creating an elegant solution.

    Currently, Awotona is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a role model for young entrepreneurs. From selling alarm jobs from door to door to being worth nearly 1.4 billion USD, Awotona’s story is about perseverance.

  • But the story has not ended; Calendly continues to grow further, and Tope Awotona billion dollar business will reach heights we never imagined.


    Who is the richest Nigerian in America?

    Tope Awotona is one of the wealthiest immigrants who was born and raised in Nigeria.

  • How much did Calendly sell for?

    Calendly was sold for $3 Billion.

    What is the story behind Calendly?

    Calendly was founded by Tope in 2013 because, as a salesman, he was tired of scheduling meetings and emails.


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