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    Meet The Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders

    William Jones

    By William Jones - Jul 3, 2024 | Updated On: 10 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By William Jones , 4 min read - Jul 3, 2024

    Updated On: 10 July, 2024

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Have you ever wondered what Apiday does? Apiday is an AI and cloud-based ESG data platform that enables users to access and manage ESG data. It offers request-based data collection, ESG documents, AI-powered automatic responses, ESG scores, and collaboration tools.

    Discover the innovative Paris based startup Apiday founders Edouard Audi and Charles Moury, who help others build more sustainable organizations. They believe team sustainability is crucial for creating positive environmental and social impact within organizations.

  • How Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders started?

    They believe that Sustainability in teams plays a critical role in driving positive environmental and social impact within the organizations. Most people still rely on spreadsheets, spending hours manually pulling, updating, and distributing data.

    Do you know what is hard to maintain? Error-prone and time-consuming data to handle and make it efficient to build a growing nature for the organization.

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Paris based startup Apiday founders say spreadsheets aren’t meant for sustainability management. They create data and people silos, hindering teamwork toward common goals. Managing sustainability should be effortless and engaging for all stakeholders involved.

    They felt it was time to serve sustainability professionals with the tools they deserve to achieve their ambitious goals, so they started Apiday, founded in 2021 with funding of $3.11M.

  • The Man behind Apidays Mission “Edouard Audi”

    One of the Paris based startup Apiday founders, Edouard, has been good at academics from the beginning. He attended Saint Louis de Gonzague-Franklin (2000-2005), then joined BSc Mathematics at Imperial College London in 2005 and graduated with First Class Honors in 2008.

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Audi did well at masters, too, by achieving distinction in MSc, Mechanical Engineering in 2009 after he joined in 2008. However, he started working in 2006 as a Research Assistant at Goldman Sachs but worked only for two months.

    After years of dedication, he seemed to be working for seven months in 2010 as a Technical Sales Engineer at Rondol Technologies. The same year, he joined Schlumberger as a Drilling and Measurement Field Engineer but was Promoted to cell manager after only seven months because of outstanding performance.

    Edouard became committed and co-founded LeCab in February 2012. He worked as COO at Lecab for seven years before leaving in May 2019. Finally, in 2021, he realized what he was supposed to be doing, founded Apiday, and joined as CEO with Charles Moury.

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    How’s Audi Running The Company?

    Edouard Audi got engaged with Elon Musk‘s criticism about ESG ratings and agreed with some points. However, At Apiday, his primary objective is to harness the power of ESG to drive value creation, going beyond mere compliance.

    With clients in 23 countries and 60% of sales outside France, the company plans to expand in Europe by opening offices in Germany and the U.K. The team is expected to grow from 40 to 70 employees in the next 12 months.

    The company raised €10 million in a Series A funding round to accelerate growth among competitors like AlphaSense, Dataminr, Sesamm, and FactSet-owned Truvalue Labs. Audi hopes that Apiday’s latest funding will enhance its reputation among asset management firms.

  • Meet The Man Himself, “Charles Moury.”

    A leading Paris based startup Apiday founders, Charles Moury, has an impressive and unique background, and his experiences are wonders. Let’s see what he did in the previous years before co-founding Apiday.

    In the years 2010-2012, he went to Lycee Saintee-Genevieve. Then, in 2012, he joined Telecom Paris for

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders

    Paris Based Startup Apiday Founders. Image Credit: Social Media.

    After all the hassle again, he joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to earn a Master of Science- MS, Financial Engineering in 2016, which he accomplished in 2017. But for your information, he started working since 2015.

  • Actual Career Start Of The Charles

    Charles can have a “less than a year” title as he worked less than a year in many places until he found a really good field to work in. Let’s count his less than a year works:

    1. Quantitative Trading Strategist at Capula Investment Management LLP (2015-2015)
    2. Strategy Consultant at Roland Berger (2016-2016)
    3. Investment Analyst at Advent International (2017-2017)

    After years of investment in his career, he finally worked for two years and three months as an Investment Professional at Park Square Capital (January 2018-March 2020) in London, United Kingdom.

    In April 2021, he co-founded Apiday with Edouard and joined as COO of the company. He has worked for three years and four months now. Since they are doing better together, one doesn’t leave without another concern.

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  • How Does Apiday work?

    Today, we will learn how briefly Apiday works and what points to consider before hopping with them. The game changers believe in sustainability. Let’s see:

    Paris based startup Apiday founders want to spearhead this new generation of software, so they are building upon three distinct innovations. Do you wonder what?

     Automation replacing Manual Entries:

    • Apiday uses machine learning and in-house consultants to collect and extract sustainability data, relieving the burden on the user.
    • They prioritize a user-friendly document-based interface over traditional sustainability software’s manual data entry fields.
    • It creates the largest sustainability KPI database to speed up sustainability reporting.

    Collaboration Replacing Endless Emails:

    • Apiday enables unlimited URL link sharing for document upload requests, allowing all team members to contribute relevant data to the company’s sustainability database directly.
    • They rely on a web app infrastructure that allows anyone to connect and participate from anywhere without needing to install software or use a powerful computer.
    • It combines project management and commenting to enable seamless interaction with Apiday’s team of experts and meet deadlines.

    Open Knowledge Replacing External Help:

    • Apiday’s AI-powered action plan builder identifies priority actions based on a maturity assessment across key sustainability topics for continuous impact improvement.
    • They help users create their sustainability policies and toolkits without needing expensive external lawyers or consultants, guiding them every step of the way like a virtual companion.
    • It offers instant, unlimited access to sustainability experts, empowering users to become more self-sufficient in their daily sustainability efforts.

    The above-mentioned points explain how Apiday’s operation and the involvement of its Paris based startup Apiday founders work.


  • Q: What is ESG and examples?

    A: ESG is a practice where investors consider a company’s environmental, social, and corporate governance impact when making investment decisions.

    Q: What is the concept of ESG?

    A: ESG encompasses all the non-financial risks and opportunities integral to a company’s daily activities.

  • Q: Who are the founders of Apiday? 

    A: Apiday founders are Edouard Audi and Charles Moury.

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