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    Meet Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan: A Leading Voice, Active AI Enthusiast, And More!

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jun 26, 2024 | Updated On: 26 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Peter Ray , 4 min read - Jun 26, 2024

    Updated On: 26 June, 2024

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N'Guessan. Image Credit: Instagram

  • A deep passion for technology and community service led Charlette N’Guessan to build something extraordinary. So, she chose Artificial Intelligence.

    Meet a vibrant young tech entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan, one of the pioneers of the African AI shift. At 26, she was recognized by the Royal Academy of Engineering, which made her the first African woman to receive the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

    Charlette is the former CEO and co-founder of BACE Groups, where she built API solutions for remote identity verification. To learn more interesting facts about her, read the article until the end.

  • Meet the African Tech Entrepreneur

    Charlette N’Guessan Desiree is a tech entrepreneur and product and innovation specialist. Born in Ivory Coast, West Africa, she became interested in technology due to her passion and her parents’ inspiration.

    Always Passionate about the use of technology, her father, a mathematics professor, urged her to pursue science and technology.

    Charlette was academically inclined in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas and proceeded to university to undertake software engineering.

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N'Guessan

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan. Image Credit: Instagram.

    N’Guessan is one of the leading personalities in the AI world, like Technovation CEO Tara Chklovski, AI expert Lee Tiedrich, and Capgemini’s AI projects leader Karine Brunet.

  • Charlette is an AI consultant for the African Union High-Level Panel on Emerging Technologies. Furthermore, she co-authored “The AI Book,” published by Wifey & Fintech Circle in 2020.

    Working On BACE Group

    Tech entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan established BACE Group and created the BACE API in 2018. It is a facial recognition tool to prevent online identity fraud and enhance African digital identity.

    Such work soon brought her an international recognition.

    The African Prize for Engineering award came with £25,000 cash (about $33,000) for her work on the BACE API, which was given to N’Guessan and her team.

  • Since September 2023, Charlette has been working as the Data Solutions & Ecosystem Lead at Amini, a data infrastructure aimed to transform the African ecosystem through data.

    Journey Towards AI

    Charlette N’Guessan has an engineering background; she has always been inclined to use technology to help society.

    Thus, in 2017, this passion made her move to Ghana to understand the anglophone market and embark on the tech entrepreneurial spirit.

    BACE co-founder recognized that one of the problems in the financial industry is identity fraud in the online sphere. So, she created a facial recognition and AI-based software solution.

  • Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N'Guessan

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan. Image Credit: Instagram.

    It would allow financial institutions to onboard unbanked populations and facilitate online trust by using data more relevant to the African market. It was her first attempt to join the AI industry.

    Although she faced some problems in 2023, which made her stop commercializing products, it only encouraged her to continue working in AI even more.

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    Proud Moment Of Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan

    As the technological industry increases globally, few women are involved in startups, as only 22% are run by at least one woman. However, in Africa, this proportion is a mere 9%.

  • N’Guessan is happy to be a deep tech entrepreneur, and she shared her story. It is not easy to start an AI-driven startup in Africa; those undertaking this endeavor are doing something remarkable.

    This has been a significant turning point in her career; she has faced many challenges and enjoyed many opportunities while at it.

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N'Guessan

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Today, Tech entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan is happy with what she does at Amini (Data Solutions & Ecosystem Lead), tackling Africa’s data deficit.

    N’Guessan is glad to work with many talented people who solve such problems these days since she was a founder once.

  • Charlette N’Guessan has created a data architecture employing space sciences and artificial intelligence, making data available and understandable. They are a game changer because they are opening the doors for organizations to develop more data products in the African market.

    License And Certification Gained By Charlette

    Tech entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan completed courses such as Applied Data Science and Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis at WorldQuant University, where she learned Python & SQL fluently.

    N’Guessan also received an AWS Machine Learning Foundations certification from Udacity and Data Analysis with Python from Cognitive Class.


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    Charlette also attained professional experience in Agile mechanisms from LinkedIn’s Agile Product Owner Role course.

  • The EF SET Certificate that belongs to Charlette is an English proficiency letter. It is a platform for cooperation and influence worldwide while emphasizing her prospects for future breakthroughs in the rapidly growing areas of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and product development.

    Community Service Done By N’Guessan

    Since December 2017, Tech entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan has been the co-founder of Digital Grassroots, for which she managed the campaign on society awareness about the Internet and its availability to youths between the age of 14- 29 years.

    Charlette worked as the Communication and Public Relations Manager of ISOC Ivory Coast between November 2018 and October 2021.

    During that time, she volunteered to speak on behalf of internet development in her country. ISOC Ivory Coast, which operates under the Internet Society Organization, works to provide information about policies and spread knowledge on Internet issues.

  • Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N'Guessan

    Tech Entrepreneur Charlette N’Guessan. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Furthermore, as the co-manager of Women Techmakers GDG Abidjan, she spearheads the local communities of developers and women in STEM through Google programs.

    Moreover, N’Guessan worked as a Community Engagement Manager at The Women & ICT Ivory Coast, aiming to increase awareness of the importance of ICT learning and encourage women to engage in technology.

    The tech entrepreneur worked as Team Lead Manager for Frogans Community in Ivory Coast, where she actively spread Frogans technology to advance internet content security and differentiate creativity.

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  • Awards And Achievements

    Charlette N’Guessan had achieved much impact, especially when, in 2022, she received the Excellence Award in Disruptive Technologies issued by CISO.

    Further, the Tech entrepreneur was ranked among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans in 2020 and Africa’s 20 Women AI Leaders in 2021.

    Such accomplishments showcase the Amini employee’s efforts toward the development of technology and her role in charting the course for the future of Africa.


  • Q: What is Charlette N’Guessan’s age?

    A: She is thirty years old as of June 2024.

    Q: What did she study?

    A: She obtained a BTS in electronics and computer science in 2014 and a software engineering degree in 2018.

  • Q: Where does Charlette N’Guessan reside?

    A: N’Guessan resides in Nairobi County, Kenya.

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