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    This Is How Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram Is Transforming Georgia’s STEM Learning

    Benjamin Smith

    By Benjamin Smith - Jun 18, 2024 | Updated On: 18 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Benjamin Smith , 3 min read - Jun 18, 2024

    Updated On: 18 June, 2024

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • If wellness and innovation are correctly combined, we can inspire many new generations in science and technology. Take Georgia native Anikitia Abram, for example; she proved that a simple idea can profoundly impact society.

    Best known as ‘Pretty Lux founder Anikitia Abram,’ her company is Middle Georgia’s first African-American woman-owned candle studio. So, how is Abram helping to build the bridge between creativity and education?

    Anikitia has skillfully blended her passion for crafting luxury candles with a mission to inspire next-generation African-American women in science, technology, engineering, and math.

  • Where did she grow up? Know Abram’s Educational Background

    Born and raised in Kathleen, Georgia, Anikitia’s father was from Jamaica. She often posts pictures of her demised father on social media, mentioning how he inspired her. Meanwhile, her mother, Patricia Lawson, played an important role in her daughter’s upbringing.

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram. Image Credit: Facebook.

    Anikitia graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the Stetson School of Business and Economics at Mercer University. Afterward, she earned an MBA from the same university.

    After completing her studies, Abram paved her path as an entrepreneur, inspiring young African-American girls.

    Women like Abram, Rachel Romer Carlson, Jasmine Anteunis, and Ruth Porat are some of the inspiring female leaders in science and tech.

  • Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram

    Abram is the first African-American woman to own a candle studio in Middle Georgia. She founded “Pretty Lux Co.” in July 2023. It isn’t only a business that earns but an evolution towards the vision of industrialists and business owners.

    The Georgia native is responsible for crafting innovative business strategies that promote growth and community engagement.

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram. Image Credit: Facebook.

    Pretty Lux’s innovative educational initiative, The CandleSTEM Collective, is Macon’s first educational program integrating STEM learning.

    Abram says her business is about providing a great learning environment to young girls who will utilize science and education to enhance their personal growth.

  • Pretty Lux Co. offers candles, skincare, and hair products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and with minimal ingredients. While producing such items, Abram and her team use locally sourced materials and are environmentally conscious.

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    Using Science and Integrating STEM Into the Art

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram has incorporated practical arts and crafts into her collective program. So people of all ages can easily access, enjoy, and learn.

    The Mercer University alum handles all the aspects of Pretty Lux co’s operations, from business development and product marketing to the management of production processes.

  • Anikitia’s company provides a unique space where creativity meets education. She also hosts STEM workshops and events in partnership with nearby schools and community centers. Her only aim is to inspire the next generation of African-American women in STEM.

    Juggling Family And Business Life Along With A Communal Initiative

    Anikitia and her husband, Terrelle Abram, have a unique story. The couple became parents of five children who were in foster care. They adopted those kids and provided a well-being environment.

    Abram adopted five kids: Meghan Abram, Naomi Abram, Ryland Abram, Savannah Abram, and Giselle Abram.

    Anikitia and her spouse welcomed their first biological child, a son named Gavin Abram, in September 2022.

  • Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram

    Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram. Image Credit: Facebook.

    From 2014 until early 2024, Abram operated CURluxe Naturals, a company focused on hair care products. However, she decided to pause the company’s operations for the good of her family.

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    Abram’s Role As An Entrepreneur

    Anikitia teaches 75+ students daily by planning, preparing, and delivering engaging lessons with instructional materials to facilitate active learning and boost performance. What else?

    The former hair-care owner also develops assessments to evaluate students’ performance by leveraging technology to allow sound decisions regarding learning strategies to be made.

  • Abram maintains a record of students using exceptional organizational skills, protecting confidentiality while reducing errors by 90%. Likewise, she communicates with students, colleagues, parents, and professionals. She builds strong connections and bonds with a positive attitude and consistency.

    Known by many as ‘Pretty Lux Founder Anikitia Abram,’ her unique leadership style and creative and professional endeavors contribute to her community and beyond.

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