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    An Inspiring Journey Of Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Apr 16, 2024 | Updated On: 16 April, 2024 | 2 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 2 min read - Apr 16, 2024

    Updated On: 16 April, 2024

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Ruth Porat is one of the most powerful women in the fintech industry.  She has shown exceptional decision-making and financial strategies as a leader through several economic crises.

    From advising the US Treasury to becoming Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat, let us know her incredible life journey and career.

    Parents, Education And Qualifications

    Ruth Porat was born in 1957 in Sale, Cheshire, England, UK, to parents Frieda Porat and Dr. Dan. Her mother (born in Palestine) and father were both Jewish.

  • Ruth’s mother is Frieda Porat, and her father, Dr. Dan, was a researcher at Havard University. Ruth completed her Bachelor in arts at Stanford University and earned her MBA at Wharton School.

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Porat also enlisted in the British army and took part in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.

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    A Wall Street Titan

    Ruth began her career at Morgan Stanley, where she proved her leadership and skills, which made her managing director later on.

  • Ruth was always known for her intelligence, adaptability, and ease in navigating complex financial landscapes.

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Ruth got a chance to shine brighter when she joined Google in 2015, where she went even further in her career.

    Transforming Google’s Finances

    Google is one of the best innovative cultures, but its financial discipline could have been better back then.

    Ruth faced a significant issue with Google since Google is a company that puts innovation over profit.

  • While working for Google, Ruth made stricter financial controls, streamlined operations, and renegotiated contracts.

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Ruth managed to do all of this while maintaining a culture of innovative thinking. Without a doubt, the result Ruth brought was impressive.

    Under Ruth’s leadership, google finally improved their finances, and their profit increased. This made the investors happy, and Google got more fuel to boost their projects and innovation.

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  • More Than Just Numbers

    Ruth’s influence on Google was beyond the balance sheet. Ruth had made a diverse and inclusive initiative.

    Porat also fostered a culture of data-driven decision-making and played a key role in creating a complex corporate structure for Alphabet.

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat

    Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat. Image Credit: Social Media.

    With her years of dedication and work, Ruth brought financial transparency to Google’s core business and its future.

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  • Alphabet Ex-CFO Ruth Porat Notable Achievements

    Institutional Investor: Porat’s financial genius was recognized by Institutional Investor magazine, and she was named the Best Financial Institutions CFO in 2014.

    Ruth later won the Best Internet CFO.

    Featured in Management Study: Ruth had worked for Morgan Stanley, so that was enough for her to appear in the McKinsey and Company study article, How Remarkable Women Lead.

    This shows Ruth’s fantastic leadership skills and intelligence.

  • Fortune and Forbes: Portat’s work and intelligence definitely made her income go through the roof; she was ranked 16th on the Forbes list of most powerful women.

    She was also the 7th most powerful woman on the Forbes list.

    Eisenhower Global Innovation Award: Porat was honored with the Eisenhower Global Innovation Award in 2022.

    This award shows Ruth’s commitment to leadership and innovation for Google.

  • A Legacy of Leadership

    In 2020, Ruth unfortunately stepped down as CFO, but she is still president of Google’s core businesses.

    Ruth has built a reputation of trust and respect in Google and made a legacy in financial leadership.

    Porat’s journey inspires everyone who wants to lead a business, technology, or finances. Her life continues to motivate people in different industries and leaders.

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