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    8 Interesting Facts About Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen


    By Rayan - Apr 30, 2024 | Updated On: 02 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Rayan , 3 min read - Apr 30, 2024

    Updated On: 02 May, 2024

    Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • The actress Rebecca Hanssen is blooming in the field of voice roleplay. She started her career as an actress and is now famous for her voice in video games.

    Let’s grab eight interesting facts about Stellar Blade voice artist Rebecca Hanssen without any further ado.

    Born To An Italian-Irish Mother And Norweigian Father

    Rebecca Hanssen was born in Stavanger, Norway, to her parents; her mother is Italian Irish, and her father is Norwegian.

  • At age 4, Rebecca’s family moved to Scotland, and she grew up in Glasgow. She graduated from the Glasgow University.

    Rebecca Hanssen also participated in Glasgow’s Dazzling Beauty 2012. Later, Hanssen moved to London to further her acting career on her own.

    First Professional Role In The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton

    Rebecca became an actor and started her first professional role in the feature film The Drowning of Arthur Braxton in 2021.

    Before the feature film, Hanssen also played minor roles in various short films, including Two in 2020, Unstable Bitches in 2020, Run Rabbit in 2017, and Lies and Laudanum in 2017.

  • Rebecca Hanssen Is An Actress

    Rebecca Hanssen is a London-based Scottish actor. However, after starting her professional career, the actress was seen in various TV series and did voice roleplay.

    Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen

    Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Hanssen also played a role in the TV mini-series Hammer and Bolter in 2022, Blacktalon in 2023, and Blackshore in 2024.

    The actress did an English version of voice play in the video game Wolfstride in 2021.

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  • Founding Member Of Pro-Life Group

    While participating in the Glasgows Dazzling Beauty 2012, the actress was asked if she had any experience raising money for charity or was involved in youth or charity work.

    The actress said she was the founding member of the Pro-Life group at her school. She organized a coffee morning and sponsored an annual walk for four years to raise money for layettes.

    Rebecca also ran the radio show and a book review show, and they invited numerous teens to discuss their views from the community.

    Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen

    Lending one’s voice for video games is surely entertaining, and several artists prefer to do that. Just like Hanssen, a London-based voice actor, Isla Campbell voiced Valorant Agent 25 Clove.

  • Stellar Blade is a video game launched on April 26, 2024, as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and Eve is the main protagonist and character.

    South Korean developer and Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim created the video game with a wide appraisal from both critics and audiences. Likewise, Rebecca Hanssen is Eve’s English voice actor, while Ri-Na Park voices Eve in South Korean.

    Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen

    Stellar Blade Voice Artist Rebecca Hanssen. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Eve initially appears in the 2024 video game Stellar Blade when she and her team are dispatched from the Colony to combat Naytiba monsters that have overrun Earth and driven most of mankind away.

    She Played Queen Meve of Lyria In The Witcher

    Rebecca appeared as ‘Queen Meve of Lyria’ in the second season of the Netflix fantasy drama TV series The Witcher. She appeared in the two episodes of Henry Cavill‘s starter hit show.

  • Married To Her Best Friend

    Stellar Blade voice artist Rebecca Hanssen is married to her best friend, a director and writer, Luke Cutforth.

    The couple is often seen sharing photos of each other on Instagram, and the couple got married in September 2021.

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    Mother Of A Beautiful Daughter

    Luke and Rebecca recently welcomed their first child. However, the couple already did the gender reveal, and a baby girl was coming their way.

  • The baby girl, Bonnie Anne Cutforth, is finally here. They welcomed their first baby in April of 2024. However, they did not reveal her face.


    Q. Who did Rebecca Hanssen play in The Witcher?

    A. She played the role of Queen Meve of Lyria.

  • Q. Who plays Alfira?

    A. Rebecca Hanssen plays Alfira in Baldur’s Gate III.

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