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    Meet Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff: The Digital Contractor Saving Small Businesses


    By Rayan - Jun 4, 2024 | Updated On: 14 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Rayan , 4 min read - Jun 4, 2024

    Updated On: 14 June, 2024

    Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • Tattoos, muscular frame, and rugged look! When you first look at Dakota Brokhoff, it’s almost surprising that this young man has saved hundreds of small businesses from being collapsed.

    Although his appearance might intimidate you, Xglobe founder Dakota Brokhoff is a fun-loving individual with years of experience in business consultation.

    Brokhoff, aka “The Digital Contractor,” is a promising figure in the digital transformation space. His expertise and business strategies rely on fusing technology with well-thought-out business solutions. So, let’s learn more about him.

  • Brokhoff’s Early Life, Education, and Family

    County of Onondaga native Dakota Nicholas Brokhoff was born in the United States. His family migrated to the U.S from Germany.

    At 14, Dakota was forced to drop out and start working in the construction industry. At 17, he landed his first million-dollar contract, sending container lumber containers to other countries.

    By 23, Dakota ranked #3 in a door-to-door sales competition nationwide. At 25, he built several businesses from the ground and spent all his time learning marketing tactics to scale businesses.

    At 28, he created The Digital Contractor and tripled revenue for over a dozen multimillion-dollar companies using his marketing and automation techniques.

  • Not only men like Dakota but some women have transformed the digital landscape. Gemini Experiences GM Sissie Hsiao and Seagate Global VP Rosalina Hiu are a few women who have significantly improved the current digital market.

    Dakota now has over 5 national companies in the software field, such as The Digital Contractors, Contractor Stack CRM, Dripchat, Royal Lions Inc., & Home Kids University & more.

    A Look At The Career Background: How It All Started?

    Dakota Brokhoff is the co-founder of XGlobe Corporation and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at The Digital Contractor. His journey started in the technical world with a passion for solving business challenges through the use of technology.

    After recognizing the potential digital solutions to streamline operations, Brokhoff started his journey as the business owner of Magnum Gutters, starting in 2017 in the Syracuse, New York area. He has worked for a few companies, such as MIG and Syracuse Seamless.

  • Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff

    Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff. Image Credit: Instagram.

    The Xglobe founder Dakota Brokhoff, also worked as a contract broker or consultant at Prime Time Marketing LLC. PTM Solar provides renters, homeowners, and businesses equal access to Solar Energy.

    Later, in 2019, Brokhoff started Magnum Shield. He founded Skyhook Business Solutions in Nov 2019 in Syracuse, New York, United States.

    Skyhook is the software for any industry module backed by full-stack enterprise consultants. The innovative approach and deep technical expertise have made waves across different industries, helping businesses scale and adapt to the digital age.

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  • Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff

    Before Xglobe Corporation, Dakota was the Chief Executive Officer since December 2019 and is still in the Syracuse, New York Area. The digital contractor provides advertising services.

    Recognizing the potential for digital solutions and enhancing business performance, Dakota founded Xglobe to streamline operations. His vision for creating a holistic ecosystem was clear.

    Offering everything from ERP software to cutting-edge hardware solutions. Xglobe, under Dekota’s leadership, has become a beacon of innovation and has grown into an enterprise solutions provider.

    The company’s flagship product, XCORE ERP, is to streamline business operations, increase efficiency, and provide real-time insights. It is adaptable, catering to the needs of various industries, and is backed by training and support through XCORE Academy.

  • Key Innovation In Digital Transformation

    Xglobe founder Dakota Brokhoff developed AI Equipped Office Pods (XPODS), intelligent workspaces that adapt to individual work preferences to maximize collaboration and productivity.

    Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff

    Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff. Image Credit: Social Media.

    AI-equipped pods are a testament to integrating and Dakota’s commitment to advancing technology into business operations.

    As an Author: Books And Thought Leadership

    Dakota’s book, “Digital Marketing & AI 2023,” is a well-received resource providing insights into the intersection of artificial intelligence and digital marketing.

    The book’s publication has helped various businesses understand and implement AI-driven marketing strategies. It has made significant contributions to the field.

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    Establishing Communities And Scaling Businesses

    Dakota Brokhoff has been instrumental in leveraging vast experience and innovative solutions and scaling several companies. His approach provides technology while fostering a community of businesses and professionals.

    Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff

    Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff. Image Credit: Instagram.

    With the initiatives of Project Guardian, the founder has provided the support and resources needed to achieve sustainable growth and navigate challenges.

    Online Influence

    With a significant online presence, the influence of Brokhoff extends beyond direct work with clients. His collaboration with other developers furthers his reputation as a thought leader.

  • Continuing to expand and innovate XGlobe’s offerings, he focuses on empowering businesses through technology and is dedicated to continuous improvement.

    Dakota Brokhoff Relationship Status: Is He Married?

    Looking at his social media, it seems Dakota was previously married to Heather Marie Gayne. Likewise, he also shared three children with his former wife, including two sons, Blake Brokhoff and Ashtyn Nicholas Brokhoff, and one daughter.

    Brokhoff is currently dating his girlfriend, Tilda Falconer, with whom he travels to exotic places. The couple shares pictures of their adventures on social media. Tilda lives in Sandpoint, Idaho, and works at Baronof Wilderness Lodge, Alaska.

    In conclusion, Xglobe Founder Dakota Brokhoff is a well-balanced individual. He prioritizes his personal life and professional career side by side.

  • FAQs

    Q. What is the name of the Xglobe founder book?

    A. Digital Marketing & AI 2023 is the name of the Xglobe founder’s book.

    Q. What is Dakota Brokhoff’s current relationship status?

  • A. He is currently in a relationship.

    Q. Is Dakota Brokhoff active on social media?

    A. He has quite a significant online presence.

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