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    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery: World’s 1st LFP Battery With 1,000 Km In Range

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jun 16, 2024 | Updated On: 17 June, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - Jun 16, 2024

    Updated On: 17 June, 2024

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) has introduced the world’s best lithium ferrophosphate battery, which provides a driving range of more than 1000 kilometers.

    This latest groundbreaking tech, CATL official Shenxing PLUS battery, was revealed in Auto China 2024. With 4c superfast charging and more than a thousand kilometers on a single charge, CATL is going to lead the new era of superfast charging EV cars with their new breakthrough.

    So let’s learn about this CATL official Shenxing PLUS battery.

  • Unprecedented Range and Superfast Charging

    The Shenxing PLUS completely destroys the performance chart of other batteries, and this is one of the most powerful batteries ever built, with an energy density of 205 Wh/Kg.

    This innovation will allow electric vehicles to travel much more than traditional cars without needing to recharge.

    They doubled down on this claim by stating,

    The Shenxing PLUS battery provides users with a super-long range driving experience, exceeding 1,000 kilometers, which means a trip from Beijing to Nanjing without recharging on the road.

  • CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery. Image Credit: Social Media.

    CATL claims that this battery will be able to bring freedom like never before and will be perfect for commuting and remote areas.

    How were they able to achieve this? CATL’s engineers made it possible with innovation and structural design. The cathode uses granular gradation technology, which optimizes the positioning of particles in the batter for maximum energy density.

    Also, their single piece of case has internal space utilization and module-free CTP 3.0 technology, which makes the battery packed with power.

    They have added proprietary 3d honeycomb-shaped material to the anode to boost and control the energy density while the batter is running and during discharge cycles.

  • CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Additionally, it’s not just powerful; the CATL official Shenxing PLUS battery is also supposed to be safer than ever before.

    The lithium-ion conductive coating is an expanded overcurrent area that is perfect for avoiding batter overheating and running smoothly.

    The CATL also has AI-powered polarization, which will maintain the battery in real time and while charging, so you don’t have to worry about safety at all.

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery:  600 km on 10-minute Charge

    Although it has a long-range capacity, some people might doubt its charging time. Surprisingly, the CATL official Shenxing PLUS battery will be able to give you 600 km worth of power in just 10 minutes of charge. This is possible due to its fast lithium ion conductive coating.

  • Additionally, the battery also has transition metal elements and new and updated nanometer encapsulation.  This will ensure that the rendering of the cathode and anode is smoother and more efficient.

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery. Image Credit: Social Media.

    As mentioned before, the battery has amazing cooling due to its AI polarization, which ensures it is optimized for charging and driving.

    This battery has passed almost every battery in the market, making the dream of superfast charging and long-range battery possible.

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  • Superfast Charging Battery, Network, Platform, and Services

    The reveal of this CATL official Shenxing PLUS battery was definitely amazing, but CATL already has a vision to make this battery an industry standard.

    CATL is planning to build China’s largest superfast charging service platform for this battery.

    CATL has also mentioned that they will partner with industry-leading partners like Star Charge, YKC, and Shudao New Energy to ensure this tech is spread out and available to all.

    Not only will this idea and collaboration make this tech more available to the public, but it will also allow CATL to make the battery more cost-effective and make sure customers have amazing experiences with their product.

  • CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery

    CATL Official Shenxing PLUS Battery. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Additionally, CATL is also planning to launch the industry’s first Shenxing Superfast charging vehicle owners club, which will have over 600 service outlets,

    This will cover over 270 prefecture-level cities and 31 provincial-level regions. This means it will nearly cover most of the chinas, and there will be no problem with servicing when this project is finished.

    They also mentioned that with this expansion, users like us could get roadside rescue, batter inspection, and maintenance wherever we are.

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  • The Future of Electric Vehicles

    This tech, CATL Official Shenxing PLUS battery, is one of the most exciting and hopeful breakthroughs in a while, and this has made a lot of hype in the EV community.

    With this tech, we will make sure there are more convenient and compelling options for users.

    Once this tech is implemented in EVs, it will definitely surpass any current electric or gasoline vehicle.

    This innovation will hopefully be able to create a future where electric vehicles will give us environmental benefits while giving us practicality, which surpasses traditional cars.

  • FAQ’s 

    What is the Shenxing battery technology?

    Shenxing battery technology includes fast lithium-ion conductive coating, the addition of transition metal elements, and new nanometer encapsulation.

    What is the latest battery in the CATL?

  • CATL Official Shenxing PLUS battery is their latest battery, which was announced in Auto China 2024.

    Which country is CATL battery?

    CATL company is based in China, and its headquarters is located in Ningde, which is China’s Fujian province.

    What is the energy density of Shenxing Plus?

  • The density of the Shenxing Plus battery is 205 Wh/kg, and it will have over 1000 km of range on a full charge.

    Who is the owner of the CATL battery?

    Chinese billionaire Robin Zeng Yuqun owns and founded Contemporary Amperex Technology.

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