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    Digital APP Eternalized AI Lets You Memorialize Your Loved Ones

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Apr 22, 2024 | Updated On: 22 April, 2024 | 2 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 2 min read - Apr 22, 2024

    Updated On: 22 April, 2024

    Digital APP Eternalized AI. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The horizons of outcomes introduced by AI are revolutionary and world-changing, such as the Digital APP Eternalized AI, which enables you to have intimate interactions with deceased individuals.

    What is this new technology, to be precise? Let’s get a glance!

    Digital APP Eternalized AI: Bringing Non-existence To Life

    Eternalized is a revolutionary artificial intelligence like Google Gemini designed to generate realistic visual representations, incorporating a close resemblance to the widely terraced hologram concept.

  • Jason Appleton, the man behind eternalized AI, exclaims his platonic motivation behind this AI is his wish to be a visual existence for his grandchildren in the future after his death.

    Digital APP Eternalized AI

    Digital APP Eternalized AI. Image Credit: mikemacmarketing.

    Eternalized is among the current troop of “digital immortality” conceptualizing agencies destined to memorialize loved ones who have gone to the heavenly abode.

    Most of these companies are not tech giants but rather promising startups seeking success.

    What Exactly Is The App Eternalized?

    Eternalized is an “afterlife technology” bridging the gap between deceased mortals and living humans, replicating the personalities of individuals.

  • The Digital APP Eternalized AI adapts machine learning to mimic the representation of individuals who have signed up to be featured as the app/website hasn’t expanded to the deemed potential.

    As of date, “Eternals” on the website are mostly YouTubers in the cryptocurrency space.

    Logging in to the website leads to an array of “Eternal selections” with which to interact, and according to Appleton, voice integration is done.

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  • Human Sentiments Are Reserved And Touched?

    What happens if you get to see a deceased loved one? Overflow of emotions, is it? Digital APP Eternalized AI does precisely that!

    Author Sally Baker claims that such digital immortality programs yield benefits in exchanging words with the AI replica of darlings alive no more.

    Digital APP Eternalized AI

    Digital APP Eternalized AI. Image Credit: Flickr

    The voice, holographical representation, and detail of every muscle expression could trigger emotions of either happiness or difficulty moving on from grief.

    Considerations For Developers Developing Digital Immortality

    Specific guidelines will be agreed upon in skating to generate AI, focusing on the concept of digital immortality.

    • Consumers are informed as to how their data will be utilized
    • Users aren’t presented as radically different from the bot they initially signed up for
    • Data personally owned by the user should only be employed

    Digital APP Eternalized AI is undoubtedly a thoughtful invention and an impactful move. Signing off on this note!

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