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    10 Interesting Facts About Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - May 5, 2024 | Updated On: 05 May, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 4 min read - May 5, 2024

    Updated On: 05 May, 2024

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Bugcrowd is a revolutionary vision destined to overpower the realms in bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure as one of the biggest companies in its area of expertise, having served giants like Amazon.

    Speaking of Bugcrowd, we are pleased to disclose 10 Interesting Facts About Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis, undeniably Bugcword’s indispensable leader, for your convenience.

    Let’s dive into the discussion podium!

  • 10. Founder and Chief Strategy Officer At Bugcrowd

    Founded in 2012, Bugcrowd is the child of parent and founder Casey Ellis, who has nurtured the company into a multi-million dollar bounty company.

    As the founder of Casey’s Journey, in his own vocab, he has integrated the vision of pioneering a billion-dollar industry, and the modern shift has idolized strategic direction in innovation, public policy, and community.

    As a founder and CSO, Ellis exclaims that Bugcrowd excels in building a voice for encompassing hackers, defenders, CISOs, and cybersecurity practitioners with similar visions to Sanaz Yashar.

    9. Humble Beginning And The Upgrade Of Skill In Earlier Career Stages: Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis has been a passionate hacker since their teenage and did schooling at Caringbah High School.

  • Ellis’s method of sharpening skills is an interesting fact about him as he was all about finding and building out mentorship while amassing skills on being a mentee.

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis. Image Credit: Social Media.

    As expressed in an interview, identifying people with the same passion helped the hacker grow.

    Upleveling mentors and looking for new mentors after progressing past what he has achieved are things Casey has held on to since his early days, such as building and finding more networks.

    8. Casey’s Other Aspirational And Crucial Areas Of Expertise

    The Bugcrowd guy has been an active advisory committee member since April of 2023 in the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law in the Washington DC-Baltimore Area.

  • Similarly, since the spring of March 2022, Casey has shown up as a voracious member of the CTI league, the first Open Global Volunteer Emergency Response Center thriving in the medical sector for amassing hassle-free cyber-space.

    For Startmate, one of the most ambitious operators in Narnia of iconic Australian and Kiwi startups, Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis suited up as a brilliant mentor and investor, swinging back to January 2016.

    7. 2 Years In Australia Running Bugcrowd Experience!

    During Casey Ellis’s time operating and running Bugcrowd in Australia, he mentioned that the team grew well, being able to work with the likes of Michael Skeleton, Vortex, and other individuals.

    Ellis has prioritized all these names as excellent in the offensive security team for Bugcrowd while feeling that more real-time stuff was done in Australia than in the USA.

  • Also, the owner of the bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure company felt some benefits due to the timezone.

    6. Bugcrowd And Casey’s Notable Client Base

    As per reports in 2020, Bugcrowd has worked with 65 industries across 29 countries, boasting major clients are Tesla, Atlassian, Fitbit, Square, Mastercard, Amazon, and eBay.

    Did you know that Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis’s first partner in the financial industry was Western Union in 2015? Well, you know it now!

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  • 5. Other High Bounty Collaborations

    It is an eminent and historical fact that Samsung has worked with Bugcrowd, placing a table of over $2 million bounty for individuals who identified bugs in Samsung’s security.

    Similarly, Job platform Seek has been operating Bugcrowd since 2019, with the greatest reward levied from the Bugcountry program being $10,000.

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis. Image Credit: Instagram.

    In the recent year 2019, ExpressVPN opened its arms in partnership with Bugcrowd, remunerating $100 to $250o dollars depending upon the extremities of flaws addressed, quoting 21 total paramount findings.

    Casey was also the finalist in RSAC Innovation Sandbox Bugcrowd, being selected as a Top 10 finalist out of over 2,500 applications, and got the opportunity to pitch to a packed room of 3,000 at RSAC 2015, representing Bugcrowd.

  • 4. Other Project Engagements

    In 2018, Bugcrowd and Cipherlaw’s Framework drafted, together with the #LegalBugBounty project, gave birth to the open-source disclose.io.

    This wonder-creation aims to develop an open-source standard for bug bounties and vulnerability disclosure to aid hackers in choreographing together and platter the internet as a shielded solace.

    Casey Ellis also runs Bugcrowd University, a schooling cosmos that provides educational amenities for anyone and everyone to learn the ecstasy of coding, find bugs, and patch them promptly.

    3. Casey Ellis’s Dive Into The Pacific Region

    A teenage hacker in youth and a learned expert now, Ellis had previously chosen his area of growth with the company as Silicon Valley before realizing the treasure of opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region.

  • The APAC region became a more suitable area due to the high engagement in the hacker community compared to the European and North American zones, which led to Ellis’s APAC move.

    2. Let’s Know About Ellis’s Patent Under Bugcrowd’s Name

    The patented technology detects vulnerabilities in IT assets by utilizing crowdsourcing techniques.

    This invention discloses systems and methods for detecting vulnerabilities in IT assets by opting for crowdsourcing decisions as the pivotal move.

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  • 1. For The Company, To What Extent Of Funding Was Ellis Capable OF Raising?

    Under the leadership of Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis, the company raised a total of $78.8 million dollars in funding, seeded over a 6-round marathon.

    Their seed funding was inaugurated in 2013, led by Rally Ventures, successfully booking a 1.6 million dollar outlay.

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis

    Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Series A funding round raised $1.6 million, led by Ralley Ventures in 2015, and $ 15 million in Series B funding, led by Blackbird Ventures in 2018.

    The Series C pocket win for Ellis was $26 million dollars worth, with the 2020 30 million dollar seeding being Series D, skyrocketing the business’s overall value to where it stands now!

  • These were some of the achievement-oriented facts on Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis and how his elite supervision has proven quintessential to Bugcrowd.

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