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    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs, Price, And More!

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - May 20, 2024 | Updated On: 20 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - May 20, 2024

    Updated On: 20 May, 2024

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Fujifilm saw a positive response at X Summit Sydney 2024 on May 16, when it announced its upcoming digital cameras and lens kits. One particular product, the X-T50 mirrorless camera, is gaining much attention.

    Although most shutterbugs are comparing Fujifilm X-T50 mirrorless camera specs to that of Fujifilm X100VI, we will reveal what makes the T50 unique. Likewise, some people are even saying the X-T50 is better than the Nikon Z8 Camera.

    Furthermore, we will reveal X-T50’s photographic perspective features, purchasing price, and more. So stick with us till the end for every small detail.

  • A Short Info About Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera

    Fujifilm recently launched a mirrorless camera in May 2024. The X-T50 mirrorless camera has a style similar to the X100VI. Similarly, it has the flexibility of an interchangeable lens X Series camera.

    Moreover, the X-T50 includes a dedicated Film Simulation dial. The camera is the first in the Series to have this feature.

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The X-T50 is geared toward customers who want the perfect look out of the camera and photographs ready to share on social media rather than those who value super-fast shooting and grade-ready video.

    Furthermore, the X-T50 has a compact and lightweight form factor. Its weight is just under 440 grams, and it is the first in the series to have in-built stabilization.

  • Some Other Features of the Camera

    The X-T50 sports a 40-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor. It is appropriate for beginning and emerging photographers.

    One of the best things about Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs is that the product promises up to seven stops of shake correction. It has a more rounded body design and a broader, deeper front grip than the X-T30.

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Similarly, the mirrorless camera uses AI-powered autofocus. It also detects faces, eyes, and subjects. Subject detection can detect birds, animals, bicycles, and autos.

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs

    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The X-T50 offers some intriguing video features. Since it only has one UHS-II SD card slot, some video is allocated for external recording. Moreover, it offers native Camera to Cloud (C2C) and Frame.io functions.

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    Fujifilm X-T50 Mirrorless Camera Specs

    A product’s specialty and performance are measured by its specifications. Even if the product offers less money, the specifications set it apart.

    Key SpecsLens Mount

    Sensor Resolution

  • Image Sensor

    Image Stability


    Video I/O

  • Audio I/O

    Power I/O

    Other I/O


  • Display Type

    Battery Type


    Effective: 40.2 megapixel

    23.5 x 15.7 mm CMOS

  • Sensor-Shift, 5-Axis

    Micro-HDMI Output

    3.5 mm TRS Stereo Microphone Input

    USB-C Input

  • USB-C Data Output

    Wifi 5, Bluetooth 4.2

    Tilting Touchscreen LCD

    NP-W126S Rechargeable Lithium-ion

    ImagingSensor Crop

  • Built-in ND Filter

    Capture Type

    Crop Factor: 1.5x


    Stills & Video

    Exposure ControlShutter Type

  • Bulb/Time Mode

    ISO Sensitivity Range

    Metering Method

    Exposure Modes

  • Exposure Compensation

    Metering Range

    Interval Recording


    Mechanical Focal Plane and Electronic Rolling

  • Bulb Mode

    125 to 12800

    Average, Multi, Spot, Center-Weighed

    Aperture Priority, Auto, Manual

  • -5 to +5 EV

    5 to 5 EV


    2/10-Second Delay

    Still Image CaptureAspect Ratio

  • Image File Format

    Bit Depth

    4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1;1, 5:4



    Video CaptureFast/Slow Motion Support

  • Gamma Curve

    Recording Limit

    IP Streaming

    Built-in Microphone

  • Audio Recording

    Slow-Motion Only

    FUJIFILM F-Log (2)

    Not Specified


  • Stereo

    MOV: 24-bit 48 kHz LPCM Audio, MP4: AAC Audio

    InterfaceMobile App Compatible

    Global Positioning

    Android and iOS


    MonitorDisplay Size

  • Resolution

    Display Type

    3 inch

    1840000 Dot

    Tilting Touchscreen LCD


  • Size


    Eye Point


  • Magnification

    Diopter Adjustment


    0.39 inch

    2360000 Dot

  • 17.5 mm


    Approx. 0.62x

    -4 to +2


  • Mode

    Auto and Manual

    Continuous-Servo AF, Manual Focus, Single-Servo AF

    GeneralBattery Type

    Shoe Mount

    Tripod Mounting Thread

  • Dimensions



    Hot Shoe

    1/4″-20 Female

  • 4.87 x 3.3 x 1.92 inch

    0.9lb (Body Only)

    Table Source: bhphotovideo

    The above table summarizes Fujifilm X-T50 mirrorless camera specs. You can now decide whether to have this product in your camera collection.

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  • Release Date And Price

    The Fujifilm X-T50 can be pre-ordered in multiple colors, including silver, black, and charcoal silver. Similarly, the mirrorless camera will be available for purchase in June 2024.

    Furthermore, According to multiple sources, the starting price of the camera is $1400. Still, the price seems affordable, considering Fujifilm X-T50 mirrorless camera specs.

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