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    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera: Specs, Price and More!

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - Mar 20, 2024 | Updated On: 24 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - Mar 20, 2024

    Updated On: 24 May, 2024

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera. Image Credit: Henry Soderlund.

  • Nikon released its new high-end full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z8, on May 26, 2023. It garnered worldwide attention and fame thanks to its epic specifications and features.

    So, let’s find out more about the 2024 AP award-winning Nikon Z8 camera. We will do a full-depth review and reveal all the essential features it has to offer. Photographers, follow this article until the end for every minor detail.

    A Brief Overview About the Z8

    At the end of 2021, Nikon impressed us with its Z9 camera, which combined fast shooting and superb quality in a substantial professional-grade body. With the Z8, the company has squeezed the same vital components and feature set into a much smaller, less expensive model.

  • With an outstanding combination of quality, speed, and cutting-edge focusing, the camera can handle any task. It is the seventh full-frame Z-mount body and the tenth Z-mount camera body.

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

    While the Z8 is still not inexpensive, it appears to be quite a deal when compared to its primary competitors. This camera can capture 45.7MP raw files at 20 frames per second while detecting and tracking focus on specified subjects.

    If you need to go quicker, the Nikon Z8 can capture full-resolution JPEGs at 30fps or 11MP JPEGs at 120fps. It can also record 8K video at 30 fps. You might have heard about Nikon entering a Space Act Agreement with Nasa.

    Nikon Z8 Camera Specifications – Body Type, Sensor, And Image Sensor

    The top cameras, lenses, and accessories were unveiled after extensive testing at the 2024 AP Awards. Typically, there is a close battle between several good contenders in all gear categories for Product of the Year.

  • However, this time around, one of the best Nikon mirrorless cameras available today, the Nikon Z8, wowed everyone and was a clear winner. It won both Product of the Year and Premium Camera of the Year at the AP Awards, which were held on February 29.

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Talking about its body type, the device is an SLR-styled mirrorless camera with a max resolution of 8256 x 5504. Similarly, the effective pixels, sensor photo detectors, and sensor size are 46 megapixels, 52 megapixels, and a full frame of 65.9 x 23.9 mm.

    It will be interesting to see it compete with Fujifilm X-T50, Blackmagic PYXIS, and Lomography Lomomatic.

    Similarly, the product’s image sensor also reflects perfection. With a CMOS type sensor and a full-frame/FX format, it also has an image sensor cleaning.

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    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera: Full Specifications, Features, And Price

    The 2024 AP award-winning Nikon Z8 camera has multiple features, making it the top contender at the award ceremony. So, Let’s take a look at them.

    PriceMSRP$3999 (body only)
    ImageBoosted ISO

    White Balance Presets

  • Custom White Balance

    Image Stabilization

    Image Stabilization Notes

    CIPA Image Stabilizatoin Rating

  • Uncompressed Format

    32 (minimum), 102400 (maximum)


    Six slots


  • Synchro VR with select lenses

    6 stops(s)



    Optics And FocusAutofocus

  • Manual Focus

    Number of focus points

    Lens mount



  • 493

    Nikon Z

    Photography featuresMinimum Shutter Speed

    Maximum Shutter Speed

    Shutter Priority

  • Aperture Priority

    Manual Exposure Mode

    Built-in Flash

    External Flash

  • Flash Modes


    Continuous Drive


  • Metering Modes

    900 seconds

    1/32000 seconds



  • Yes



    Front-curtain sync, red-eye reduction, rear-curtain sync

  • 30 fps


    Multi, center-weighted, highlight-weighted, spot, and spot AF-area

    Screen/ViewfinderArticulated LCD

    Screen Size

  • Screen Dots

    Touch Screen

    Live View

    Viewfinder Type

  • Viewfinder Coverage

    Viewfinder Magnification

    Viewfinder Resolution



  • 20088960




  • 100%



    Videography FeaturesFormat


  • Speaker

    H.264, H.265



    PhysicalEnvironmentally Sealed


  • Battery Description

    Battery Life (CIPA)




  • Battery Pack

    EN-EL 15c


    910 grams

  • 144 x 119 x 83 mm


    USB Charging


    Microphone Port

  • Headphone Port


    Wireless Notes

    Remote Control

    USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5 GBit/sec)

  • Yes




  • Built-in

    2.4, 5Ghz

    Yes (Via app)

    Other FeaturesOrientation Sensor

    Timelapse Recording

  • GPS





    Table Source: DPReview

  • The above table shows each feature of the Nikon Z8. You can probably see why it is one of the most sought-after cameras in the world today.

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    Won Product of the Year Award: How Good Is Z8?

    Pros and Cons are two wheels of the same chariot. Without one, another is incomplete. As the saying goes, ‘Nothing is Perfect,’ Nikon Z8, too, has some merits and demerits like Lomography Lomomatic 110.

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera

    2024 AP Award-Winning Nikon Z8 Camera. Image Credit: Social Media.

    • Improved Ergonomics
    • Exceptional Autofocus
    • Sensor Shield
    • Versatile Video Capabilities
    • More Creative Freedom
    • High-Speed Shooting
    • Natural Mirrorless Experience
    • Synchro VR
    • Dual USB-C Ports
    • Rapid Storage Consumption
    • Limited Card Slots
    • VPG400 Certified / Specialized CFExpress Cards
    • Lack of Integrated GPS
    • Delayed Firmware Updates
    • Customization Constraints
    • Overheating Concerns
    • Battery Life

    This concludes our review of the 2024 AP award-winning Nikon Z8 camera. We will be back with another article soon. Until then, stay tuned.

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