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    Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review, Specs, Price And More

    Sav Anderson

    By Sav Anderson - Apr 2, 2024 | Updated On: 31 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Sav Anderson , 3 min read - Apr 2, 2024

    Updated On: 31 May, 2024

    Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Would a top-over beach view snapped at 4k resolution render the perfect holiday decorum in your adventure-time fantasies? Which drone would help capture those smooth videos?

    Well, we got you! Presenting an outright “Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review”, screaming flawlessness for the job at a rate you won’t hesitate to pay Potensic a few bucks for.

    Let’s zipline through “Potensic Atom 3 Axis” analysis for all you tech junkies, along with in-depth information from built to performance and from specifications to specialties!

  • Underlining A Brief Synopsis: Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review!

    Potensic Atom 3-Axis is a 2023 Potensic product equipped with a staggering 4k resolution, an unparalleled 3-axis Gimbal, 6km of Video Transmission, and Visual Tracking.

    This technology easily outcasts other drones on the market, precisely speaking of the Gimbal USP, allowing for stable videos without motion blurriness canceling shaky pixels, which many other drones fail to cater.

    This Potensic flying machine embodies an exciting and compelling controller design, right-fit antennae positioning, and a phone holder perfect for phones like Huawei Nova 12i.

    Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review

    Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review. Image Credit: Social Media

    Price-efficient assets could be Potensic Atom 3-Axis’s nickname. Consider it yourself, given the advanced features sourced, as the drone is available at prices worth drooling for.

  • The standard kit, which includes all essentials and one battery, costs $299 / £279, which should be enough to render world-class user experiences.

    The more comprehensive Fly More Bundle, which unboxes three batteries and other valuable accessories, costs just $399 / £379, unlike the Hasselblad DJI Mavic, arguably the best drone in the Mavic Series costing $1179.

    This 249gm drone levies precise GPS positioning and connection to GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou satellites for feasible tracking chores.

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  • Why You Should Buy Atom 3 Axis Over Other Common Drones!

    Atom provides subject-tracking functionality, the specialty briefed above, which is basically an automated flight pattern.

    The encoded commands follow a predefined moving subject or orbit it, depriving the video of motion blueness.

    If this doesn’t motivate you to order an Atom 3-Axis drone, we don’t know what will, but hear me out on this plethora of joy that since the drone is under 250 grams, no registration is needed before usage!

    The Atom boasts a slithering folding design that allows it to fold from a compact size of 3.5×5.6×2.3 in / 88x143x58 mm to 8.3×6.0x2.3 in / 210x152x58 mm unfolded.

  • Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review

    Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The flight times average around 25 minutes in a single go while charging the batteries can be achieved without an adapter since each battery has a USB-C socket in the back.

    Given the dynamics invested in birthing, such as this drone titan, this Potensic drone offers up to 5 wind resistance, up to 24 mph. Beach winds won’t be hassles anymore!

    Given Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review, features like Quickshots flight patterns, Upgraded GPS positioning, and Improved subject tracking intensify the overall appeal of this Gimbal King.

    Fishing insights on the camera, the drone captures 12MP photos in Raw and JPEG, given its 4k resolution at a price chapter to rival DJI’s Mini 2 SE, proficient at rendering just 2.7k resolution at best.

  • Summarizing for your convenience, Potensic Atom 3-Axis is undoubtedly the emperor of drones under $400 dollars, and close to none really challenge its entirety.

    Potensic Atom 3-Axis Drone Specifications

    This table is scripted to enable easy access. Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review dives into the different specifications that make Atom 3-Axis your best bet. Be sure to scan through all the specifics precisely for an even emulsified purchase decision!

    Specifications Details
    Weight 8.8 oz / 249 g
    Dimensions 3.5×5.6×2.3 in / 88x143x58 mm folded / 8.3×6.0x2.3 in / 210x152x58 mm unfolded
    Battery 2330 mAh / up to 32 minutes flight time
    Charger type USB-C cable / Mains powered Fast Charging Hub
    Modes Video, Normal, Sport
    Video transmission range 3.7 miles / 6 km
    Video resolution 4K, 2.7K, 1080p
    Frame rates 4K up to 30FPS, 2.7K up to 30 fps, 1080p up to 60FPS

    Table Source: Space.com 

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  • Pros And Cons

    Demonstrated below is a pros and cons division about Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone, exclusively for you:

    Pros Cons
    • 4K camera resolution and 3-axis gimbal stabilization
    • Refined app with responsive live-view
    • Sensibly-designed controller
    • Brilliant pricing tactic
    • Precise GPS
    • Rigid-focus camera during some instances
    • Somewhat tapered  field of view than DJI equivalents
    • No Collision Avoidance

    As the closing statement nears, a guided Potensic Atom 3 Axis Drone Review has indeed opened portals of new and vivid insights into this drone’s merit as a technological stake.

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