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    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review, Specs And Price

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Apr 2, 2024 | Updated On: 02 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - Apr 2, 2024

    Updated On: 02 April, 2024

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Samsung 85-inch Class Crystal UHD Du80000 is one of the best TVs for cinematics. This massive TV has a 4k display and tons of features that will enhance your viewing experience.

    Let’s dive into 85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review and look into the specs, price, and overall performance so you can find out if this is for you or not.

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review

    At first glance, this TV definitely makes an impression and looks very modern. It’s also very slim and sleek, which will blend into your wall.

  • Samsung has gone for a minimalist and modern look with DU8000. While this might not be the best TV for small living spaces, this TV is perfect if you want to turn your house into a theater.

    Crystal Clear Picture Quality

    The DU8000 has 4k UHD resolution powered by Crystal Processor 4K, which is great at enhancing colors and delivers a very vibrant viewing experience.

    Samsung also claims that it can show about one billion shades of color, which will definitely give you real-like quality.

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The display also has Mega Contrast, which will adjust brightness automatically so you can see the difference between light and dark.

  • There are not many drawbacks in the quality of the DU8000, but compared to the OLED panel, it will definitely lack in some areas like brightness and black.

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    HDR:  Decent Performance

    The DU8000 supports HDR10 and HLG, which can definitely have a wider range of colors and highlights, but it’s not top-tier.

    DU8000 doesn’t have good brightness, so no wonder HDR performance lags behind. Taking all into consideration, there is still an impressive spectrum of colors and fine details.

  • 85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    With 4k upscaling and HDR10, you will surely be able to enjoy very detailed and vibrant visuals on this screen.

    A Smart TV Powered By Tizen

    DU8000 has Samsung Tizen OS built in, which is user-friendly and offers a lot of popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, YouTube, and many more.

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review

    85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    It also supports voice control, which will definitely make navigation and searching easier.

    Motion Enhancement And Gaming Features

    DU8000 also has a Motion Xcelerator that reduces blur and lag to make your content smooth. This is good when watching fast-paced scenes or gaming.

  • It also has an auto game mode, which optimizes your picture settings for a good gaming experience.

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    Pros And Cons


    • Slim and Sleek
    • 4K Upscaling
    • Motion Xcelerator
    • 3D surround sound


    • Decent HDR Performance
    • Slightly Expensive
    • Not suitable for small living spaces
    • Brightness is decent

    Specifications of 85″ Class Crystal UHD DU8000

    Design Design

    Stand Type

    Bezel Type



  • 3 Bezel-less

    Screen Size




    Dynamic Crystal Color

  • Mega Contrast

    Audio Sound Output (RMS)

    Speaker Type

    Object Tracking Sound



  • OTS Lite

    Weight Package Weight

    Set Weight without Stand

    Set Weight with Stand

    Stand Weight


  • 91.5



    Table Source: Samsung 

    As you can see with the all of the specifications above, this is a great TV for a great viewing experience.

  • Who will enjoy the Samsung Crystal UHD DU800?

    Movie Enthusiast

    Movie Enthusiast or cinematic finatics who want theater experience in comfort from their own room will definitely love this TV.

    DU8000 is good for movies, TV shows, and casual gaming.

    Big Living Space Owners

  • People who have big living space will definitely consider DU8000 since it is beautiful and will elevate your home with its massive 85 inch display.

    It is also AirSlim, so it will easily blend into your wall.

    Samsung EcoSystem

    This will elevate your Samsung experience if you are already in their ecosystem. It is very easy to use and will go along well with your other Samsung devices.

  • The Verdict: Big Screen Value for Budget-Conscious Viewers

    The Samsung Crystal UHD Du8000 is one of the top contenders for an amazing screen on a budget. You will get a good quality, user-friendly system, and decent HDR for just $1,699.99.

    However, those who want top-tier HDR and deep blacks might need to look into some OLED Displays that will suit you better.

    This concludes our 85 Inch Class Crystal UHD DU8000 Review.

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