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    HubSpot CRM Merits, Pricing, Comparison

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Mar 28, 2024 | Updated On: 24 June, 2024 | 5 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 5 min read - Mar 28, 2024

    Updated On: 24 June, 2024

    HubSpot CRM Merits. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • HubSpot is one of the best software for your business to maintain good customer relationships. Whether you own a small business or a big one, HubSpot is something you need to consider to take your business to the next level.

    Talking about HubSpot CRM merits, their software has a ton of features and is designed for sales, marketing, and customer support.

    HubSpot’s services mainly focus on marketing, sales, customer service, content management, operation, and commerce. All of HubSpot’s software is connected to the same CRM database, which will give you the perfect view of your customers’ journeys in your business.

  • Be familiar with HubSpot CRM Merits

    Business owners will be able to get real-time data on their sales pipeline on the dashboard and access detailed reports of sales, productivity, and individual performance.

    This is a game changer for leaders looking for opportunities for growth and will help in improving sales and teamwork.

    HubSpot CRM will learn all the contracts that are added to your database and remind you of important deadlines.

    HubSpot CRM Merits also include it keeping track of your Emails, meetings, and notes, which will save a lot of time and make you more productive.

  • HubSpot CRM Merits

    HubSpot CRM Merits. Image Credit: Social Media.

    With HubSpot’s free ad management tools, you will attract more visitors, you can also turn your site visitors into leads, which will later make your sales better.

    You will be able to convert visitors into customers with their live chat. Among the several CRM software such as Zendesk Sell, FreshSales, Creatio, etc, HubSpot is great for the customer service team.

    Their customer management software supports ticketing and live chat, which is perfect for your business.

    Key Features of HubSpot CRM

    Features Types
    Features for Customer Service Team Help Desk

  • Conversation inbox

    Live chat

    Team E-Mail

    HubSpot CRM Merits for Sales Leaders Email template builder

    Live chat software

  • Ai email writer

    Meeting scheduler

    Features for Salespeople Contact Management

    Email tracking

    Company insights

  • Pipeline management

    HubSpot CRM Merits for Marketers Form Builder

    Ad management

    Lead generation

    Landing page builder

    HubSpot Features for Operations Managers Data Sync

  • Sales automation


    Data quality tools

    HubSpot CRM Merits for Business owners Lead management & tracking

    Document tracking

  • Pipeline management


    Table Source: HubSpot

    HubSpot is one of the most versatile software, and it is built for various professionals and businesses. The above table shows HubSpot CRM’s Merits and features.

    Pricing details of the HubSpot CRM

    Marketing Hub Professional

  • Enterprise





    Sales Hub Starter

  • Professional





    CMS Hub Professional

  • Enterprise





    Operations Hub Starter

  • Professional





    Service Hub Starter

  • Professional





    Free CRM Free Tools

  • Starter





  • $1,080/mo


    Table Source: HubSpot

    These are the pricing details of HubSport for professionals, businesses, and starters.

    Hubspot Services and Software

    Marketing hub

    This marketing software will make sure to drive more revenue for your business and save you time and resources. Marketing Hub also does a great job measuring and optimizing your investments.

  • With Marketing Hub, you will be able to generate and connect with leads through email, landing pages, forms, or any other sources.

    HubSpot CRM Merits

    HubSpot CRM Merits. Image Credit: Social Media.

    All of your contacts will be managed, and you will not have to worry about it since the marketing hub will manage your campaigns with automation tools.

    Marketing hub also does an excellent job at reporting and giving details about your campaigns and creating a flawless CRM database.

    Best Features of Marketing Hub 

    • Lead generation
    • Marketing automation
    • Analytics

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    Sales hub

    Hubspot’s Sales Hub is one of the most easy-to-use software programs, and it is perfect if you want to enhance your productivity, maintain better customer connections, and increase sales.

    Sales hub has features that every salesperson and with tools like sales engagement tools, deal management function, and reporting features.

    HubSpot CRM Merits

    HubSpot CRM Merits. Image Credit: Social Media.

    you don’t have to worry about missing or getting late on any deadlines with these features in your hands. Sales Hub has CPQ capabilities and coaching tools that will ensure you don’t slow down.

  • With all of these features, you can expect to upgrade your work life and sales numbers with Sales Hub.

    Best Features of Sales Hub

    • Advanced CRM
    • Meeting scheduling
    • Quotes

    Customer Service Software

    Customer service software is a very versatile software, especially designed for you to make long-lasting relationships with your customers.

    It is very easy to use, and you can connect with your team to make your business more productive.

  • HubSpot CRM Merits

    HubSpot CRM Merits. Image Credit: Social Media.

    With conversational tools, shared inbox, help desk automation, knowledge base, and customer feedback, you can rest assured about your customer service.

    Customer service software will also make custom surveys and reporting easier. Powered by AI Smart CRM, this software will make sure everything runs smoothly in every customer interaction.

    Key Features of Customer Service Software

    • Customer Portal
    • Live chat
    • Inbound Call
    • Knowledge base
    • Fully integrated CRM
    • Conversations APIs (Public Beta)
    • Help desk and ticketing

    HubSpot CRM Merits: CMS Hub

    Content management software is another part of their lineup, which is perfect for giving your customers a personalized and secure experience.

  • With AI content assistance, SEO recommendations, and personalization membership, your business will have an awesome digital presence.

    With Content Hub, you will be able to give customers the seamless digital experience of your business.

    Key Features of CMS Hub 

    • Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
    • Content assistant
    • Many themes to choose from
    • Blog maker
    • Dynamic content
    • A/B Testing
    • Contact attribution

    Operation Hub

    The operation software part of the operation hub is perfect for curating customer data and automating your work.

  • With Operations Hub, powered by HubSpot’s CRM platform, you can use automated business processes. Operation Hub will make your business and customer service efficient and aligned.

    With its powerful features like data sync, data quality automation, and data quality command center, this is a very essential software for business.

    Key Features of Operation Hub

    • Programmable Automation
    • Workflow extensions
    • team management and permissions
    • Snowflake data share

    HubSpot CRM Merits: Pros and Cons


    • Provides solutions and enhances sales, marketing, and support
    • Powerful and programmable automation features
    • Integrated CMS
    • Scalable software for all business
    • Easy to Use
    • Free CRM tools


    • Expensive, especially for larger teams
    • Template customization is not beginner-friendly
    • Lower packages don’t offer split testing
    • A lot of advanced features are hard to use, and you might need people who are already experienced.
    • Technical and onboarding service is expensive
    • Limited Features in Free Plan
    • software focus more on inbound marketing

    The Competition: What are the Alternatives?

    Although HubSpot CRM Merits has a ton of amazing features, It is not the only one in the CRM space, and there are popular options and alternatives you might want to consider,


    Salesforce offers a complete CRM with all the features and more customization options. However, compared to HubSpot, it is much more expensive, and the software is not beginner-friendly.

    Zoho CRM

    Suppose you love all the features of HubSpot, but it is too expensive for you. Zoho CRM is the perfect option for you, as it has a free plan and a ton of features.

  • If you have just started a business or a startup, Zoho would be a good option for you to try out before purchasing expensive software.

    Freshworks CRM

    Unlike Salesforce and HubSpot, Freshworks CRM is very user-friendly and easy to use.

    if your business has a strong focus on building strong customer relationships and prioritizes customer service, Freshworks is a must to consider.

    Is HubSpot CRM Right for You?

    HubSpot CRM is an excellent option, mainly for startups or small-sized teams. However, the free trial of HubSpot CRM has a lot of limitations, and plans for larger teams can get quite expensive.

  • Although its packed with features and is good for business, you should consider your need, budget, and what kind of features you want before making a purchase.

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