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    5 Must Know Facts About Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen


    By Rayan - May 14, 2024 | Updated On: 14 May, 2024 | 2 min read

    By Rayan , 2 min read - May 14, 2024

    Updated On: 14 May, 2024

    Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The mobile application Brightwheel is known for helping pre-K teachers and care providers manage their business while sending parents updates on their kids throughout the school day.

    If you have not heard about the Brightwheel startup or Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen, this is the right time to know about them.

    5. Graduated With Distinction And Honors

    Dave Vasen graduated from Stanford University, majoring in BA in Science, Technology & Society, and International Relations with distinction and honors.

  • Vasen also attended The Wharton School, where he graduated with honors and an MBA degree in Entrepreneurial Management.

    4. Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen

    Brightwheel is a high-quality early education for children founded by Dave Vasen in 2014. The idea for Brightwheel came from Vasen’s personal experiences as a parent.

    Dave realized the need for a technology solution to improve and streamline operations and communications in early education settings. He recognized the need for more effective communication channels and the administrative burden on educators.

    Vasen explored how technology could improve the early education industry. He created a team of experienced professionals with technology, education, and design backgrounds.

  • Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen

    Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen. Image Credit: Social Media.

    In 2014, Brightwheel secured funding to kickstart the development with financing support, and the team began building and designing the initial version.

    However 2015, Brightwheel started its platform, offering features designed to improve and streamline operations and communication in early education settings.

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    3. Worked In Various Companies

    Dave has worked as a quality assurance at Electronic Arts for less than a year. He has also worked at Morgan Stanley in private wealth management and international operations at Cisco Systems.

  • Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen joined Bain & Company in 2004 as a senior associate consultant. He worked there for three years. Moreover, he also worked as a strategy & operations at Teach For America for one year.

    At Amazon, Dave worked as a product manager in sports & outdoors for less than one year. Later, I joined as Head of K-12 Education, Kindle Amazon, and later worked as Head of Product and Business Development, Kindle Accessories.

    Vasen also worked as an advisor at LookFlow for less than a year and at Tempo AI for two years.

    2. Volunteering As President Of The Robert Vasen Foundation

    The Robert Vasen Foundation (RVF) is a fully accredited nonprofit organization that has decided to continue its spirit, activities, and values.

  • Robert Vasen has been volunteering as the President at the Robert Vasen Foundation for 17 years and five months since January 2007.

    Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen

    Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen. Image Credit: Social Media.

    RVF is partnering with local nonprofit organizations to create programs that provide psychological, physical, and emotional support. Every program is established to serve critical and existing within the community.

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    1. Brightwheel Raised $600k On Shark Tank

    Dave started a business, risking leaving his comfortable job when his wife was on unpaid maternity leave, and her daughter was just six months old.

  • Vasen left an executive position at AltSchool to found KidCasa, which later became Bightwheel, a preschool management service.

    In June 2015, Vasen raised $2.2. million seed round after a year of development and the branding relaunch led by Eniac and RRE Ventures.

    The Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen saw Shark Tank a few weeks later having tryouts down the street from his office. He was called back for filming, and his appearance was broadcast in the latest episode of the show’s seventh episode.

    Later, it was revealed that Dave successfully raised another $600,000 from investors Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca, the billionaire investor. Vasen said, “I’ll never forget hugging them after the deal; I have such admiration for them.”

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