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    8 Surprising Facts About Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic


    By Rayan - May 14, 2024 | Updated On: 14 May, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Rayan , 3 min read - May 14, 2024

    Updated On: 14 May, 2024

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic. Image Credit: LinkedIn.

  • The world is filled with people with significant and brilliant ideas, and bringing them to life is what CAKE.com does.

    Today, let’s look at some surprising and interesting facts about Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic.

    CAKE.com Inc. helps businesses worldwide organize and run their businesses with a suite of products with Plaky, Pumble, and Clockify.

  • 8. Nenad Milanovic Was Born In Croatia

    Nenad Milanovic was born in Croatia, but when he was five, he moved to Serbia. However, the times he grew up in were uncertain.

    The Croatian native witnessed conflicts, poverty, inflation, and overall confusion growing up, powerfully shaping Nenad’s view on business and life.

    After Nenad quickly realized that he needed to get really smart about how and where he should invest his energy.

    Many renowned tech individuals spend their youth outside the US, such as Mira Murati ( OpenAI CTO), Hanneke Faber (Logitech CEO), and Cecile Brosset (Sonio CEO).

  • 7. Degree In Computer Engineering

    Milanovic joined the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad in 2005, where he studied Computer Engineering and later graduated with a degree in 2009.

    However, studying informative technology was like getting into uncharted waters. Nobody knew if it would benefit in the end.

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic. Image Credit: Social Media.

    From 2009 to 2010, Nenad joined his master’s at the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad in Computer Engineering.

    6. Built A Radio Signal Transmission

    In Serbia, there were specific changes to radio broadcasting regulations. Radio stations needed a solution that would allow them to broadcast their signal and comply with the new regulations.

  • At just 15, Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic and his friends jumped with their first product ever, where they built a device for radio signal transmission and sold it to many radio stations.

    The device worked perfectly but was only limited to a targeted market. The device never needed any upgrades ot fixing, and they were at a finish line once they sold it to every radio station that needed the product.

    However, the project was a valuable lesson that taught them to focus on keeping their business sustainable.

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  • 5. Started A Consulting Company

    Nenad’s deeply rooted passion for developing technology kept him going. He went to the US for a while to work in web engineering.

    Meanwhile, in 2009, Milanovic started a consulting company. Although he knew his purpose lies in building products, he also knew he had to take his time.

    Nenad never gave up on the consulting business and spent almost a decade going back and forth between building products and watching them fall to pieces.

    4. CEO Of CAKE.com

    CAKE.com, formerly known as COING, is a product-based software company that provides solutions to modern business teams.

  • CAKE.com was founded in February 2009 by Nenad Milanovic, and the company started developing products for others. The company has been running successfully for 15 years and four months.

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The company’s mission is to support people to be more creative, innovative, efficient, and productive by helping them in their work lives.

    Similarly, you might also be interested in checking out Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn.

    3. Plaky, Pumble, And Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic

    CAKE.com has more precisely three products: Clockify, pumble and plaky.

  • While Clockify is a time tracker and timesheet app launched in 2017, Pumble lets you communicate with the team. Likewise, Plaky is a project management app launched in 2022.

    In 2019, Clockify honored its 1,000,000 registered users. Pumble, a powerful Slack choice for helping remote and hybrid teams communicate easily, was projected in 2020.

    Plaky was launched in 2021, and it is a project and task management platform to make it easy to track projects and access all task information in one place.

    Nenad Milanovic is the founder of all three products.

  • 2. Worked At Google As An Accelerator Mentor

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic worked at Google for three years and ten months. He worked as a Mentor of product and business at Google from March of 2018 to January of 2021.

    From February 2021, Milanovic worked as an ‘Accelerator Mentor’ until December 2021. Nenad worked under Google CMO Lorraine Twohill and Google CMO Philipp Schindler.

    1. Future Of CAKE.com

    The company has exciting things stored, with the first being the launch of the CAKE.com marketplace. At the same time, allowing developers to sell their software add-on solutions for their products.

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic

    Clockify CEO Nenad Milanovic. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Moreover, the company will introduce the CAKE.com account to act as a unified system for easier integration while accessing different parts of the ecosystem of CAKE.com.

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