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    10 Must-Know Facts About Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jun 26, 2024 | Updated On: 26 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Peter Ray , 4 min read - Jun 26, 2024

    Updated On: 26 June, 2024

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O'Donnell. Image Credit: Social Media

  • “Leaders are learners; They can transform new ideas and have the ability to hear more than speak .”

    One such leader is Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell, who built a reputation for his extraordinary work ethic. With former HubSpot colleague Michael Pici, Chris launched and expanded what is now called Sales Hub and CRMs.

    For ten years, O’Donnell and Pici led HubSpot’s massive growth. But this time, the dynamic duo has come together with an AI-powered CRM called day.ai. They have even secured $4 million in funding from Sequoia. Stay with us to know more.

  • 10. Early Life: Passion for Music And Tech

    Christopher, a Canaan, New Hampshire native, has always been a tech enthusiast. His family provided a nurturing environment for him and always supported his decisions.

    O’Donnell studied at the Cardigan Mountain School from grades six through nine. Later, he completed his high school education at the Phillips Exeter Academy.

    From childhood, Chris has been passionate about music and has loved playing guitar. But he also had an urge to create software and develop personal relationships, which gravitated him towards marketing.

    9. Educational Status

    After completing high school from 1997 to 2000, Christopher continued his education in the same state. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Music from Brown University in 2004.

  • Christopher also had a chance to learn one of the most exciting languages, Brazilian Portuguese, and spend a semester in one of the most exciting cities in the world – Rio de Janeiro.

    In addition to Portuguese, Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell is proficient in Italian and Spanish.

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    8. He is a co-founder of a Rock band called The Providers

    O’Donnell’s love for music is undeniable. If you don’t know, he has a recording studio in Winchester, Virginia. He is also one of the co-founders of a rock band called “The Providers.”

  • Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O'Donnell

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Chris and veteran Boston musician Brad Hallen are one hell of a musician-duo. Their online music videos have raked in millions of views on YouTube. Hallen is a bass player who has worked for a long time around Boston’s music scene in the late 1970s.

    O’Donnell met Hallen in 2004 while running a New Hampshire recording studio. One interesting fact: Their music is really popular in Brazil.

    7. O’Donnel’s Career is both Inspiring and Thrilling

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell’s first job was at Transparent Language, where he served as the Director of Product Management and User Experience for over two years (Sep 2008- Nov 2010).

    Over the time there, he created more than 60 technologies for US government customers, including the Department of Defense.

  • Next, Christopher joined Performable as Director of Product Development. He was responsible for leading the design and development of the Performable Analytics and Engage products. However, in June 2011, HubSpot bought the company.

    Similarly, in 2009, O’Donnell co-founded Firetower, a revolutionary javascript error tracking app, which was acquired by Crashlytics, Inc. in 2012 and then purchased by Twitter and later Google.

    In 2009, Chris co-founded ProfitWell and programmed the web application for nearly three years. He sold the company to Paddle for $299M, which was funded through a bootstrapping process. He remained as the company’s board member until 2022.

    Chris also worked as the chief product officer at Thrive from September 2021 to April 2023.

  • 6. Contribution At HubSpot

    Christopher joined HubSpot as the Director of Product Management. Then, he became the vice president of sales products. He founded the HubSpot Sales Hub team, which was responsible for creating and developing the product division that resulted in Sidekick, Sidekick for Business, and HubSpot CRM, later renamed Sales Hub.

    Subsequently, O’Donnell was the VP of Product for one year and seven months, during which time he was the head of Product Management and Design/UX at HubSpot.

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O'Donnell

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell. Image Credit: Social media

    After that, as SVP of Product from December 2017 to February 2020, he created a team of curious, creative, and highly technical product people and assisted engineering in providing the maximum value to the customers.

    Lastly, as a recruiter, O’Donnell ensured that people in the company were diverse, inclusive, collaborative, open, and kind when he took the role of Chief Product Officer.

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    5. Notable Projects, Milestones, Awards And Recognition

    Under Christopher’s guidance in Transparent Language, the company led an award-winning product management and product design team. Similarly, Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell’s Transparent Language Blogs have over 2 million readers and fans.

    In 2011, O’Donnell was named a leader on the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange’s 2011 Future Leaders Group. He also worked on the first Portuguese-language social app, Orkut, which reached about 1 million installs.

    The Brown University alum has developed applications and widgets for sharing posts on social networks, start pages, and other tools to measure and increase traffic to the blog and reporting systems.

  • 3. Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell Launched Day.ai

    Less than two years after leaving HubSpot, both Christopher and his colleague Michael Pici came back together to form a company. They decided to build an AI-powered CRM called “day.ai.”

    Day.ai is a CRM built on generative AI technology, and the idea behind it is simple yet revolutionary. It eliminates the need for data entry because it automatically compiles all the information you will likely require about a specific person.

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O'Donnell

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell. Image Credit: Social Media

    On June 24, 2024, the company announced the closing of its $4 million seed funding round led by Sequoia, which is quite significant in the startup world.

    Day’s CRM is currently only accessible under invite-only beta testing, but O’Donnell and his partner, Pici, have their sights set higher. They are designed to replace old-school CRMs with intelligent, efficient tools. 

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    2. Total Asset And Financial Achievements

    When Christopher O’Donnell was in HubSpot, he led the company so properly that company revenue went to $ 883 million in 2024.

    Hubspot revenue from 2015 to 2020, when Christopher was a chief product officer, goes as follows:

    Year Revenue
    2015 $182 million
    2016 $271 million
    2017 $376 million
    2018 $513 million
    2019 $675 million
    2020 $883 million

    Table Source: Macrotrends

  • According to different online sources, the senior chief product officer’s estimated salary is $216k-$301k annually for HubSpot. 

    1. Low-key personal life

    Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell has publicly talked about his family for a few moments. However, he prefers not to share their names or any additional information.

    It is known that he is a married man with a loving wife and children. But O’Donnell hasn’t shared any details about his personal life with the media or interviewees.

    However, the tech leader is open regarding questions about hobbies, experiences, and education, and he can tell intriguing stories and provide valuable information about these aspects of his life.

  • FAQs

    Q: What was Christopher O’Donnell’s role at HubSpot?

    A: O’Donnell led several positions, such as the director of product management and CPO.

    Q: What is Ex-HubSpot CPO Christopher O’Donnell net worth?

  • A: There isn’t exact information on O’Donnell’s fortune.

    Q: Is Christopher O’Donnell married?

    A: Yes, Chris O’Donnell is a married man and is a father.

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