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    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna: Former Olympians Turned Entrepreneurs

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Jul 7, 2024 | Updated On: 07 July, 2024 | 5 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 5 min read - Jul 7, 2024

    Updated On: 07 July, 2024

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna. Image Credit: Instagram.

  • They say the secret of a happy marriage is finding the right partner. Former Olympic athletes Samyr Laine and Ayanna Alexander Laine are more than a couple. They are business partners, companions, and proud parents.

    After retiring from their sports career, the couple has embarked on a new path. Meet Freedom Trail Capital founders Samyr and Ayanna. Their journey from being former Olympians to entrepreneurs is genuinely remarkable.

    In July 2024, Samyr and Ayanna made headlines for their goal of raising a $50 million investment fund. The husband-wife duo aims to work for founders who want to launch and scale their consumer brands.

  • Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna

    Successful people with solid track records often see a decline in relationships as their egos come in between. However, Freedom Trail Capital founders Samyr and Ayanna are a supportive couple with the common desire to conquer other entities outside of sports.

    Both Samyr and Ayanna Laine have smoothly transitioned from former Olympians to entrepreneurs. They previously competed in the triple jump events for Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago, but now, they have put all that energy into their newest brand.

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Ayanna and her husband, Samyr, have been together for over a decade. They exchanged their wedding vows on June 1, 2019, and are also the parents of two lovely children, daughter Asha Alexander and son (name not revealed).

    The couple is determined to work for founders who want to launch and scale consumer brands. One thing is sure: from ex-athletes to businesspeople, Samyr and Ayanna Laine know how to merge talent and business.

  • Track Champion Samyr Laine: From Newburgh To Harvard To Texas

    Samry Laine was born on July 17, 1984, in New York. His parents, Jacques and Evelyne migrated from Haiti to the United States in the 70s.

    Samry was an athlete at heart early on, starting middle-distance running in 7th grade. However, he didn’t make it as a high school rooster as a freshman at Newburgh Free Academy. In 1998, he was cut from the sprints team and played tennis for nearly three years.

    Since Laine was so passionate about track and field, he returned to compete in the triple jump events during his senior year. He competed in the New York Empire State Game and won several titles. Eventually, Samyr graduated from Newburgh in 2002.

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna. Image Credit: Facebook.

    As an elite high school champion, Laine was recruited by several colleges. However, he chose Harvard University for his undergraduate degree. Did you know that in his freshman year, Samyr was a dorm partner with Meta (formerly Facebook) founder Mark Zuckerberg?

  • Samyr graduated from Harvard with a political science degree in 2006. Meanwhile, he became an outdoor Ivy League record holder, an NCAA All-American, and Harvard’s track and field team captain.

    After Harvard, Laine attended the University of Texas and received a Master’s in Sports Management in 2007. He also obtained a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 2010 and passed the New York State Bar exam.

    Samry competed in triple jump professionally from 2007 to 2015, competing in World Championships almost yearly. He represented Haiti at the 2012 Olympic Games and holds the Haitian National record in the triple jump (17.39 meters).

    A Diverse Professional Portfolio: From Practicing Law To Working For Jay-Z

    After the 2012 London Olympics, Samyr started practicing corporate law in New York. Soon, he began working as a volunteer assistant coach at George Mason University and an assistant coach at the University of Maryland.

  • According to his LinkedIn profile, Samyr was an adjunct professor at Marymount University, teaching Sports Management from 2013 until 2016. During this time, he was also a Monumental Sports and Entertainment Counsel.

    Now, it was time for a smooth transition. Samyr wanted to explore more, and thus, in 2018, he entered the entertainment and brand-building profession at Roc Nation (Yes, it’s Jay-Z‘s company). There, he worked as a director of operations.

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Laine worked with Jay-Z to build and scale his brands, which include spirits, apparel, and a book publishing division. Likewise, he managed some platinum recording artists.

    The Harvard alum joined Westbrook, a media company founded by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. From there, he managed celebrity ventures. as Westbrook’s SVP of Operations and Strategy.

  • Finally, in 2023, Samyr and his wife, Ayanna, founded Freedom Trail Capital, a Los Angeles & London-based venture capital firm investing in consumer startups. Now, let’s be familiar with his other half.

    Ayanna Alexander-Laine: Trinbago Triple Jump Queen

    Don’t be fooled by this woman’s gorgeous appeal. She has an equally impressive track record in sports and business. Nevertheless, Ayanna Alexander-Laine is an individual who isn’t afraid to dream big.

    Ayanna competed in the 2012 Olympics in the triple jump event, and her dominance on the track is undeniable. She represented Trinidad and Tobago and participated in the Hampden Park Commonwealth Games Athletics 2014.

    However, Ayanna has also had a pretty good run in her education. She completed her undergraduate studies in sociology and psychology at Louisiana Tech University.

  • Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Later, Alexander also studied industrial psychology at the same university. Around 2015, Laine completed her Master’s in Human Resources Management from Marymount University.

    Freedom Trail Capital founders Samyr And Ayanna know the importance of education. While Samyr himself has a law degree, Ayanna also has a Ph.D. from the Hampton University JTG School of Business, where she pursued a business, management, and marketing degree.

    Founder of Alexander Enterprise LLC

    The journeys of Samyr and Ayanna’s professional careers are genuinely unique. Both are former Olympians who made the most of their successful sports careers.

    Ayanna has had a very good professional life, starting at Louisiana University, where she worked as a counselor. Laine spent more than a decade as an administrator at Kaiser Permanente.

  • Alexander became a board member of Jump for Haiti, which provides opportunities for young children in Haiti.

    With this, Laine realized her mission and founded Alexander Enterprise LLC, which entirely focuses on tracking athletes and providing opportunities to children worldwide.

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna. Image Credit: Instagram.

    Freedom Trail Capital founders Samyr and Ayanna are entrepreneurs, motivators, speakers, and philanthropists. With her leadership and positive mindset, Ayanna’s experience on track has made her a visionary entrepreneur.

    Alexander also mentioned that she will focus on healthcare finance and inequities moving forward. She is also the founder of Makeba Health, a culturally centered healthcare system.

  • Ayanna, with her husband in an interview, showed how confident they are in business by stating,

    I love people and connecting with people. We know how to merge talent and business and found that athletes are good in these spaces. We also have the stamina to conquer other things and other entities outside of sports.

    Since the ex-triple jumpers work together, the couple focuses on uplifting other businesses.

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  • Freedom Trail Capital: Empowering a New Generation of Brands

    With their incredible experience as Olympians, they started their business, Freedom Trail Capital, in 2023.

    Their unique perspective and business insight make them perfect for identifying brands with high growth potential.

    This is important since Freedom Trail Capital is trying to empower a new generation of businesses, which will bring innovations and positive changes to the community.

    Samyr’s athletic journey has taught him discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. By demonstrating these qualities in his business, the former athlete is bound to grow and reach new heights.

  • Goal To Raise $50 Million Funds

    Currently, Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr And Ayanna have the capacity to manage and scale billion-dollar businesses and brands.

    They also have relationships with some of the most well-known VCs and influential public figures, which helps them raise funds and launch businesses quickly.

    However, Freedom Trial Capital only works with fully functioning and well-operated businesses that have already proven their products to the market. They also favor brands with public figures involved so that they will have more cultural impact and good marketing.

    With this in mind, Samyr and Alexander have set a goal of raising more than $50 million. With passion and vision, both of them will most likely exceed their fundraising goal.

  • With an achievable goal and a lot of sucess ahead, Freedom Trial Capital will make a ton of impact by backing businesses with a massive cultural impact.

    Freedom Trail Capital Founders Samyr and Ayanna’s story inspires aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike, showing the power of combining passion and vision to achieve greatness.


    Q: When was Freedom Trial Capital founded?

  • A: Freedom Trail Capital was founded in 2023.

    Q: Who is Samyr Laine Freedom Trail Capital?

    A: Samyr Laine was a track athlete who competed in the Olympics. He is currently an entrepreneur.

    Q: Who is Samyr Laine’s Wife?

  • A: Ayanna Alexander-Laine is the wife of Samyr Laine, who also competed in the Olympics. She is also the founder of Alexander Enterprise LLC.

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